The Evergreen Tree Kratom Vendor Review

The Evergreen Tree is based out of Nevada. We’re a bit concerned about the company claiming to be part of the American Kratom Association’s GMP Program because they’re not listed. However, the GMP has been on pause since May 2021, so it’s possible they joined since then and haven’t had their logo posted.

The website for TET leaves a lot to be desired. There are words written that can’t even be read without really, really trying to. However, this vendor does say that they 100 percent guarantee that their products have been third-party tested. One thing we do like about their website is that they have all of their products listed in the dropdown menu.


The Evergreen Tree Kratom Product Line

If you’d like to find a lot of offerings, TET provides a good resource. Their product list includes:

  • Powder: Gold Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, Blend Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Indo, Red Borneo, Red Malay, Red Sulawesi, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Red Vietnam, Super Red, White Bali, White Borneo, White Malay, White Sumatra, White Vietnam, Super White, Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Sumatra, Green Vietnam, Dark Green, Elephant, Super Green, Bentuangie, Yellow Borneo, Hulu Kapuas, White Elephant, Supreme Kratom, Wild Harvested, & Crushed Leaf.
  • Capsules: Maeng Da Blend, White Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Gold Maeng Da, White Vietnam, White Sumatra, White Malay, White Borneo, White Bali, Red Vietnam, Red Thai, Red Sumatra, Red Malay, Red Indo, Red Borneo, Red Bali, Green Vietnam, Green Sumatra, Green Malay, Green Borneo, Green Bali, Super Green, Elephant, & Bentuangie.
  • Extracts: Green Sapphire, Gold Imperial, & Black Diamond Extract.
  • Tincture: Full Spectrum Pure, Black Diamond Liquid, & Maeng Da Gold.
  • Ultra Enhanced – UE Indo, Kratom Combo, Enhanced White Maeng Da, Enhanced Green Maeng Da, & Enhanced Red Maeng Da.

image of the evergreen tree kratom products

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Most of The Evergreen Tree’s products are available in three different styes: 1.5-1.7 percent alkaloid, 1.8-2 percent alkaloid, and 2.2-2.4 percent alkaloid. This is reflected in the prices below.


  • 100g – $29.95 – $59.50
  • 400g – $179 (2.2-2.4% Alkaloid)
  • 500g – $79.99 – $119.95
  • 1 Kilo – $135.99 – $339


  • 100 Caps – $29.99 – $59.50
  • 400 Caps – $79.95 – $179.95
  • 800 Caps – $135.99 – $329

Liquid extracts will cost you between $38.90 and $185. Extracts range from $42.90 to $349. Ultra Enhanced Kratom is priced at $39 to $449. Finally, enhanced Kratom costs $54.95 to $449.

The Evergreen Tree Kratom Coupon Code

It’s easy to get a promo code for TET. For your first purchase, enter code “firsttime15” for 15 percent off. Additionally, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll get another code for 15 percent off your order.

TET also offers some permanent discounts. Spend between $59 and $139 to receive a 10 percent discount. If you spend between $140 and $272 for a 15 percent discount. Spend more than $272, and your order will have 20 percent taken off. If you’re a returning customer, you’ll always get at least 10 percent off (“return10”). Also, if you use a bank transfer to pay for your order, you’ll receive 3 percent off your order.

The Evergreen Tree Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of the evergreen tree customer reviews

TET has mixed reviews. On their Facebook page, they’re doing great. On Reddit, opinions are split.

  • “First time customer! Great communication and extremely fast shipping. The price is just right.”
  • “These guys are the best. Free shipping. The product is quality and very affordable.”
  • “They are one of the top vendors as far as purity and quality go. They encourage samples with or without order and I just recently got some wmd from them, very clean stuff.”

On the other hand:

  • “I tried evergreen tree and their white maeng da at 1.4 was weaker than LLH’s white maeng da at 1.3”
  • “I would definitely be skeptical 2.3 mitra and .4 7ohm is suspiciously high. Ive never seen kratom that was more than 2% unless it contains extract.”

The Evergreen Tree Kratom Customer Service

We couldn’t find any reviews that speak directly about their customer service. We do know that they normally offer refunds within 30 days. Due to Covid, though, they’re currently offering a replacement of the same product.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves and capsules

It’s very tempting to buy Kratom from a company that offers such a wide range of alkaloid counts. According to most customers, they deliver the goods, too. Be sure to order samples first to ensure you like their Kratom.

Would you like to find a vendor that’s cheaper than The Evergreen Tree? Be sure to check out The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors!

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