The Devil’s Kratom Vendor Review

The Devil’s Kratom is a Gulf Coast kratom brand that has come under fire in recent years. Nevertheless, its name is well-known and its popularity on the domestic smoke shop circuit bears mentioning. This brand’s high prices and delayed shipping has attracted some negative reviews. However, Devil’s Kratom receives many four-star ratings from industry bloggers.

Although it has been embraced by some in the kratom business, the Devil’s Kratom may be every bit as nasty as its name would suggest. There is a lot that the head shops aren’t telling you. We will fill you in on all of the pros and cons in our comprehensive Devil’s Kratom Review.

What You Need to Know

The Devil’s Kratom is something of a copycat. Rumor has it that the name Devil’s Kratom was chosen not because of its kratom origins, but because it would attract customers searching for Red Devil Kratom. The latter is the name of a long-standing New York-based kratom vendor. For those who don’t believe the rumor, we would point them toward blogger reviews, wherein the two brands are confused with one another.

This confusion is, perhaps, unsurprising given the retail supplier MT Brands has carried both of these names in their catalog. Regardless, the confusion remains and there is no telling how many consumers have been hoodwinked by the Devil’s Kratom.

image of the devil kratom

Back in May of 2021, U.S. Marshals seized over two hundred seven thousand units of adulterated kratom products, including thirty-four thousand kilos of bulk kratom powder. The Devil’s Kratom was among the brands that were seized as part of this operation. All of the products in the seizure were manufactured by Atofil, LLC, the Florida-based company behind Devil’s Kratom.

Devil’s Kratom was blamed for at least one degenerate user engaging in lewd and lascivious activities on Reddit, though it is unclear whether this post was intended to be taken seriously. Aside from this questionable comment the brand does not appear to have any consumer recognition.

Atofil, LLC, the company behind Devil’s Kratom, was founded in 2017. Billed as a merchant wholesaler on business websites, Atofil has referred to itself as a white labeling supplement and capsule company on Linkedin. Yet, there is nothing about this company that suggests white hat business practices.

Atofil, LLC, is located in Fort Myers, FL, where more than forty shops carry kratom products. There are several kratom vendors operating out of the Sunshine State, many of whom eschew the traditional and sustainable method of sourcing kratom from Southeast Asia in favor of growing inferior kratom strains in their own backyard. It is unclear whether Atofil or its manufacturing team are among this group of vendors who grow their own. That is part of the problem.

As any seasoned kratom enthusiast can tell you, kratom origins are vital to understanding what it is you are about to purchase. When shopping for kratom, you should always ask about the region in which it grew, the conditions under which it was cultivated/harvested, the means of production, and the methods by which kratom powder has been tested. If a vendor doesn’t disclose third-party lab results on its website, reach out by email or phone to inquire about viewing such results.

In the case of the Devil’s Kratom, no lab results have been forthcoming despite MT Brands’ insistence in a court filing with the Department of Justice that Atofil, LLC, has sufficient evidence of its products being “unadulterated.”

On the bright side, the Devil’s Kratom specializes in horned leaf kratom, which is arguably the most ancient mutation of the Mitragyna speciosa family. Maeng Da was the original example of this kratom variant, which bears horn-shaped leaves and higher concentrations of key alkaloids. Horned leaf is said to be more potent and longer-lasting than your typical plain leaf kratom cultivar.

What It Costs & How It Compares

image of the devil kratom products

The Devil’s Kratom comes in a variety of four unique kratom strains – Green Horned Sumatran, Horned Thai Maeng Da, Red Horned Bentuangie, and White Horned Indo. Each is widely available online and in person, with suppliers like Ark Smoke Shop and Kratom Roots selling Devil’s Kratom capsules and kratom powders.

Kratom Roots offers a sixty-count bottle of Devil’s Kratom capsules for $24.99, which compares favorably to what competitors charge. For instance, Choice Kratom charges $39.99 for a sixty-count, while Mother Natures Remedy charges $38.00.

You can get one hundred twenty-five Devil’s Kratom capsules for $45.99 or one thousand caps for $174.99. Both of these price points are relatively competitive when you consider the mark-up charged for encapsulated kratom here in the U.S. For example, Nu Wave Botanicals charges $169 for one thousand caps, while Choice Kratom charges $239.99 for the same.

You can get sixty grams of Devil’s Kratom powder for $34.99, one hunded twenty-five grams for $49.99, or a kratom kilo for $129.99. The former is far too expensive for such a small amount, but the bulk kratom pricing is fairly acceptable by marketplace standards. The average price of one thousand grams hovers somewhere between $99 and $120 at this moment.

The Devil’s Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

There are no kratom coupons for this brand, nor is the manufacturer known for its discounts. The Atofil website lacks any reference to kratom, as does the site of its associates at MT Brands. The latter lacks so much as a passing reference to loyalty rewards or an affiliate program.

The Devil’s Kratom Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, the only reference to Devil’s Kratom at online kratom forums has been a fishy post about a perverted user. In said post, the user blames his aberrant behavior on kratom usage, though he does not show photographic proof that he is in possession of Devil’s Kratom, leading us to question whether or not this post was meant to smear the brand.

Is It Lab-Tested?

picture of lab test

Atofil’s website makes no mention of kratom or laboratory testing, though its affiliates at MT Brands have. This Cape Coral company claims to be lab-tested and GMP-certified, which seems unlikely since MT Brands is not listed on the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s website.

No certificates of analysis appear on any of MT Brands’ web pages; the site promise professionalism and quality, but no information is provided that could corroborate these claims. Its Quality Assurance page consists of a single paragraph of detail, all of which is written in broad and evasive terms.

Is Devil’s Kratom Legit?

Probably not. Our research indicates that the Devil’s Kratom is a shady brand with little to recommend it. Reviews are inconclusive, lab results are not forthcoming, and company background is less than reassuring.

Given the legal problems and less-than-stellar reception that have ensnared this brand we are not inclined to qualify it as a legitimate kratom product. We cannot in good conscience suggest this brand or its kratom powders to our readers.

American Kratom Association

Contrary to what MT Brands has to say about the matter, Devil’s Kratom and its manufacturers are not listed as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) participants on the AKA’s website. This would suggest that Devil’s Kratom is not GMP-compliant.

The GMP program was established to safeguard the public against the potential threats and false truths of the kratom industry. GMP guidelines extend from the manufacturing and labeling of kratom products to the marketing, verification, distribution, and sale of said products. These requirements include a voluntary third-party audit.

Without proof of participation in this program or at least some evidence of third-party testing there is no easy way to determine the veracity of claims regarding Devil’s Kratom and its supposed purity. What’s more, without testing for alkaloid content there is no way of knowing if Devil’s Kratom contains an acceptable percentage of Mitragynine or 7-OH.

Closing Thoughts

image of kratom leaves

To sum it all up, the Devil’s Kratom is a dubious name on the head shop kratom scene. Its high prices, low score, legal history, and middling reviews lead us to believe it is far from trustworthy. Before you plunk down money on a brand you don’t trust, you should always do your homework.

You can compare products, pricing, payment options, and policies by shopping around online. Always look for a GMP seal of approval or proof of third-party labs. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to see a full rundown of the brands available today.

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