Texas Family Harvest Review – Should You Buy From Them?

Texas Family Harvest is unlike any other kratom vendor in the United States. Where most online sellers brag about offering the greatest deals or the easiest access for casual consumers, this Lone Star State supplier takes things in a different and decidedly more elitist direction. Texas Family Harvest’s official slogan is, “By Connoisseurs, For Connoisseurs.” This may sound promising, but it is more than a little bombastic. The message this slogan sends is that Texas Family Harvest thinks of itself as the authority on quality kratom products.

This seems to fly in the face of their business model, which restricts access to its products by requiring a membership password in order to access its online store. We think you’ll agree that folks who are truly excellent at something usually want to share it with everyone who will pay attention. By contrast, Texas Family Harvest hide their excellence away from the prying eyes of the general public.

Find out what this vendor’s story is and how they rank compared to other regional kratom vendors. We will tell you everything you need to know about these so-called connoisseurs of connoisseurs in our comprehensive kratom vendor review.

Texas Family Harvest Product Review

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Texas Family Harvest (TFH) is a homegrown business specializing in smal-batch kratom, including so-called “Wild Premium Bali” Owned and operated by husband and wife, TFH is a down-home business with a down-home approach. It might not seem particularly down-home considering the seemingly elitist member’s only platform, but Texas Family Harvest is an authentic DIY business with a real devotion to quality.

Its customers have attested to how meticulous the company is where quality control is concerned. As a matter of fact, some of its finest kratom strains are left to dry on clothing lines, while others are indoor-dried using the latest industry equipment. This is the sort of humble, spartan approach one would expect from a down-home brand. But why, then, does it present itself in such a superior light?

As it turns out, Texas Family Harvest limits access to those with membership log-ins so that it can control the number of people ordering any given strain. By limiting its ranks to those who have won membership raffles at online kratom forums, TFH is able to keep a closer eye on what works and what doesn’t. The company regularly solicits surveys from its customers by sending them free kratom samples and asking them to send word of their thoughts on the properties of that sample.

In this way, it is able to weed out the weaker or less desirable kratom batches in an effort to maintain the utmost quality. This vendor has the sort of integrity you only ever hear about, the kind that is largely lost in the world of bespoke businesses of the 2020s. After completing its assessment of a strain, Texas Family Harvest keeps that strain in its rotation, but it doesn’t raise the price due to popularity or quality. Rather, all quality strains are treated with equal reverence and provided at a fixed cost. As a result, TFH frequently stocks some of the most exotic and elusive strains on the worldwide market. It’s versatile product line features all of the following and more: green, red, white, yellow, and gold kratom strains.

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Their green vein kratom includes Deep Jungle Green, Deep Jungle Sula Green, Emerald Elephant, Get ‘Er Done Green, Green Dayak, Green Elephant, Jade Hulu, Old School Green Horn, Putussibau Prime Green Reserve, Super Green Sunda, Thirty-Year Wild Green Selimbau, Top-Shelf Green MD, Wild Crafted Green, Wild Green JongKong, Wild Green Vietnam, Wild Harvest Magic Maeng Da, Wild Harvest Green PMD, and Wild Harvested Green Bunut.

Texas Family Harvest’s line of red vein kratom powder includes Baik Bawan Baru Red, Baik Hutan Maeng Da, Classic Chocolate Bent, Deep Jungle Red PMD, Great Bali Fire, Jungle Red Hulu, Lazier Sundae V2 (Lazy’s Slower Cousin), Old School Red Horn, Red Elephant Kali, Red Hangat Indo, Red Ryder Riau, Red Sambas Royal, Red Sumatra, Slow It Down Suma, Traditional Wild Red Indo, Top-Shelf Red MD (Special Stock), Wild Crafted Rocket Red, Wild Harvest Red PMD, Wild Red Kampung, and Wild Red Hulu Kapuas.

TFH’s white vein line features Afterburner Bali, Classic White Bali, Deep Jungle White MD, NYG’s Blast Odd Bali V3, Old-Fashioned White River Harvest, Opai Indo, Slow White TFH, Super White Muna, Surging Suma V.S.O.P., Thirty-Year Wild White TFH, White Hulu Kapuas, Wild Crafted White TFH, White Dayak (Version 2), White Elephant Kali V2, White Horn, Wild Harvest White PMD, Wild White Bali, Wild White Kampung, White White Maeng Da 2, Wild White Samarinda, and Wild White Vietnam. Texas Family Harvest’s line of sun-dried and/or fermented kratom powders includes Blonde Borneo, Deep Jungle Maeng Da, Mellow Yellow Indo, Sunset Hulu, Wild Gold Hulu Kapuas, and Wild Gold TFH.

What really sets this seller’s strains apart from its competitors isn’t its fun names or funky blends but its obvious attention to detail and origin. Many of these strains are region-specific down to small, remote villages that are maintained by the Dayak people and similarly insular tribes. That this vendor has managed to develop a working relationship with them speaks to its business acumen and trustworthy nature.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Folks frequently search for Texas Family Harvest menu and pricing. Fortunately, their long and desperate search is not a fruitless one, as TFH’s product line sells for prices that are not only fair but competitive. You can get one hundred grams of powder for $18, two hundred fifty grams for $30, five hundred grams for $50, or a kratom kilo for $85.00. This vendor offers two, three, and four-way split kilos at no additional cost. Shipping is extra, although it’s fairly cheap at eight bucks for one or two kilograms and $19 for as many as four kilos. You can get discounted shipping on orders of eight kilos or more.

Texas Family Harvest Customer Reviews

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Consumers have been positively effusive in their love for this brand, with one reviewer writing, “I have met some amazing people while on my kratom adventures and TFH  is a company  full of integrity, implementing a unique business model with respectful methods  to keeping their kratom high quality.” Another user said, “I bought some off a trading post and I’m not gonna lie, it’s the best I ever had.” Yet another user echoed this sentiment, writing, “They vacuum seal their bags,” and displaying a photo of TFH’s next level packaging, replete with facts, servings, names, amounts, and more.

Texas Family Harvest Complaints

Based on our research, there is no reason to believe anyone has had a bad experience with this seller. No complaints appear to have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau, nor have any negative reviews been posted to Trustpilot. This user’s comment is about as close as one has come to a negative remark: “It’s good. It’s strong. It’s not earth shattering to me and there’s others I prefer. I’ve only had doses from friends who collect kratom. I haven’t bought personally because it’s more work than I want to do.”

Is It Lab-Tested?

No mention of third-party lab testing is made public on social media, although it is quite possible this information appears solely on pages accessible to members. Third-party independent analysis is very important, as it ensures that what you are buying is pure, unadulterated, safe, and potent. When purchasing kratom online, you should always wait to hit that Order button until after you’ve requested lab results from a vendor. If that vendor is not willing to provide lab results, you may want to shop around. In most cases, you’ll be able to place your order once you’ve received a certificate of analysis from a trusted vendor.

American Kratom Association

American Kratom Association

This vendor is not approved by the AKA (American Kratom Association), nor does it claim to have any fraternity for the famous nonprofit organization. Texas Family Harvest is not a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, but its internal inventory management system seems to be every bit as exacting as the AKA’s. Where the GMP program establishes standards by which vendors must conduct themselves during the manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and distribution of its items, TFH’s internal inventory management system checks for potency, freshness, and more. The company also follows up with customers about their experiences.

Is Texas Family Harvest Legit?

Yes. Although it lacks the AKA accreditation of others in the industry, Texas Family Harvest has cemented its reputation with generous packaging, free samples, awesome prices, and even better strains. Its catalog is diverse, impressive, long-lasting, and surprising. You won’t be disappointed when you try this one, just as we weren’t when a colleague hooked us up. Staff pick = Wild Green Selimbau.

Closing Thoughts

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Texas Family Harvest may seem like an ultra-exclusive club, but if you exhibit any kind of genuine passion about the Ayurvedic herb, this vendor will pick up on it and sign you up to its site. Follow it over at Double M Herbals or I Love Kratom, and see if you can’t join the ranks of the fortunate few.

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