Terra Kratom & the FDA Crackdown : What You Need to Know

Terra Kratom is a popular kratom brand that’s manufactured in Florida. Although it has a number of supporters, it has lost some of the prominent placement it once enjoyed. We’ll tell you all about the troubles Terra Kratom has faced in our comprehensive vendor review

What Happened to Terra Kratom?

If you’ve spent any time at online kratom forums, you’ve likely heard murmurs about Terra Kratom and the FDA. As most herbal enthusiasts already know, kratom is not FDA-approved. On the contrary, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has made repeated attempts to restrict kratom sales in the U.S.

Over the last decade, the government agency has issued import alerts, put the kibosh on regional kratom sales, and attempted in vain to institute a kratom ban. Though attempts to outlaw the herb have been met with a formidable degree of public outcry, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has remained steadfast in his belief that kratom needs to go.

While the national debate over kratom’s future continues to be waged across America, the FDA has targeted kratom vendors. In May of 2021, U.S. Marshals seized more than 37,000 kilograms of kratom products from Atofil LLC, a supplement packing and labeling company out of Fort Myers, FL.

The FDA’s Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs suggested that kratom posed a significant or unreasonable risk to public safety, echoing remarks Gottlieb himself had been making for quite some time. In 2017, Gottlieb issued a public health advisory about the purported risks of kratom use. At the time, he felt there were serious concerns to consider.

Over the next four years, the agency used this perceived public health threat – and the so-called “significant or unreasonable risk” associated with the herbal drug kratom – as the justification for multiple kratom seizures. It often used adulterated dietary supplements or potential Salmonella as the excuse it needed to seize bulk dietary ingredients.

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These seizures included a 2018 operation in which FDA inspectors recovered more than 28 tons of kratom products from a Myrtle Beach warehouse and the US Marshals paid a hazardous waste company $30,000 to incinerate it.

The 2021 Atofil LLC seizure was just the latest in a long line of FDA interventions. The items seized at this time included kratom capsules and kratom powders marketed under the brand names Boosted Kratom, Bio-Botanical, Devil’s Kratom, and Terra Kratom, among others. These kratom pills were the subject of a complaint filed by the DoJ with the District Court of the Middle District of Florida.

In October 2016, Middle District Judge Sheri Polster Chappell ordered the items in question to be condemned, which required the individuals responsible for their manufacture to destroy all of the seized kratom products under the supervision of FDA officials.

Much of this public health oversight strikes the kratom community as odd, particularly since Federal laws have yet to prohibit kratom sales. Although kratom is not FDA-approved, no regulations have been imposed against it by the Federal government. Serious concerns have been raised, but no legislation has passed.

What is Terra Kratom?

Terra Kratom is a line of premium kratom supplements manufactured and distributed by the people at brand names Boosted Kratom, Bio-Botanical, and MT Brands. These Cape Coral kratom vendors specialize in headshop kratom products, which include kratom powder, kratom capsules, and kratom extracts. Terra Kratom is one of several product lines in their collection.

Terra Kratom is presented as a cutting-edge brand of herbal supplements, even though kratom is not approved as a supplement of any kind. This is one possible reason why it would be targeted by public health officials. The labeling on its bottles is also problematic, as it lacks comprehensive warnings and instructions.

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What Does Terra Kratom Have to Offer?

This brand appears to be restricted to basic green, red, and white kratom strains. These strains are limited to Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da. Variety (or lack thereof) notwithstanding, Maeng Da kratom is widely regarded as the most powerful OG kratom strain on the planet.

Terra Kratom may be ideal for those who enjoy the robust aroma and protracted duration of Maeng Da. On the other hand, seasoned kratom connoisseurs will likely be turned off by the scarcity of the Terra Kratom collection.

Where to Buy Terra Kratom

Today, Terra Kratom lacks the prominence of other kratom brands. In all probability, you will not find this one alongside MIT45 and OPMS at your neighborhood smoke shop. While the brand is available in nationwide shops it isn’t as popular as its rivals. If it’s Terra Kratom you’re after, you would be better off buying online.

Casual consumers can give this brand a try by visiting townhousecigar.com. This retailer gives its patrons access to small-batch kratom at its online store. You can get as many bottles as you want, provided they are in stock.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Terra Kratom Capsules generally cost around $11.95 for 60 grams of kratom powder. This equates to 20 cents per gram, which is approximately double the average online price. That being said, it is more than reasonable when compared to the average smoke shop price.

To put this in perspective, we can look at the nationwide smoke shop chain Smoker’s Choice. This vendor charges around $45 for 100 grams of Choice Kratom Powder, which amounts to approximately 45 cents per gram. At these prices, there is no comparison. Terra Kratom is the fair market option.

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Bottom Line

In summary, brand names Boosted Kratom, Devil’s Kratom, and Terra Kratom are affordable headshop kratom brands that suffer from a bad track record with the FDA. Were it not for the seizure of 2021, we might be hearing more about this vendor at the moment. Fortunately, their Maeng Da kratom products remain widely accessible.

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