Stan David Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Stan David Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Stan David Botanicals has been on the scene since 2016. They’re a Virginia-based seller that carries a wide variety of Kratom, along with several other similar products.

Stan David Botanicals Kratom Review

They may have been around for four+ years, but the About Us section of their website still has the “lorem ipsum” text. In other words, they haven’t paid very close attention to what their site says. Despite this, it at least has a decent appearance.

Stan David Botanicals Kratom Product Line

When it comes to selection, Stan David Botanicals definitely rules. They have several different strains available, including Extracts, Capsules, Blends, and Powder.

  • Extracts – 50x Green Maeng Da & 50x Red Maeng Da
  • Capsules – Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, & White Maeng Da
  • Powder – Bentuangie, Elephant, Enhanced Red Maeng Da, Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Crushed Leaf, Green Horn, Green Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, Green Super Duper, Green Thai, Green Vietnam, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Chocolate, Red Crushed Leaf, Red Horn, Red Kali, Red Malay, Red Maeng Da, Red Sudden, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Red X, White Bali, White Borneo, White Kali, White Kapuas, White Maeng Da, White Magic, White Premium, White Riau, White Silver Queen, White Sumatra, Yellow Borneo, Yellow Gold, Yellow Sundra, & Yellow Vietnam
  • Blends – Enhanced Fibro, Enhanced Golden Gate Bridge, Enhanced Green Shrek, Enhanced Pulse

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

When you buy Kratom from this vendor, you’ll get a good deal. This is especially true of the 1- ounce packs.

  • 1 ounce – $5
  • 8 ounces – $35
  • 16 ounces – $55
  • 1 kilo – $110
  • 40 capsules – $20
  • 150 capsules – $60
  • 50x 10g – $30
  • 50x 1 ounce – $65
  • Blends & Enhanced – $12 for 1 ounce

Stan David Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code

While Stan David Botanicals does appear to regularly publish coupon codes, none are available at the moment (mid-November 2020). Be sure to check for any new promo codes before you make a purchase.

Stan David Botanicals Kratom Consumer Reputation

There may not be a lot of commentary out there about Stan David, but what can be found is mostly stellar. Over on Double M Herbals, for instance, we learned that:

  • “I would HIGHLY recommend Stan David. His Yellow Vietnam and Yellow Gold are outstanding.”
  • “Well established, History in business, solid reputation. Reasonable prices. Variety of interesting strains and products.”
  • “Stan’s Yellow Vietnam is my favorite strain or any I’ve tried.”
  • “I’ve pulled out a few strains from Stan and they’ve all hit like a train.”
  • “Stan was one of my first couple vendors. I thought his product was the best ever.”

Occasionally, people have something different to share, though.

  • “Ordered a sampler and so far, I don’t think his stuff is any better than other vendors.”
  • “I got zero effects from SD.”

Stan David Botanicals Kratom Customer Service

Stan David has a mostly good reputation for the quality of his products. However, when it comes to customer service, a few people have been burned.

  • “Ordered once from him. Never again. Same thing…placed order, got no tracking, no responses to messages. Finally got ahold of admin thru fb group and I said nothing bad other than can I get my tracking? I got a snarky response and booted from their fb group!!”
  • “On Friday I placed an order and didn’t receive my invoice. I contacted him and he said he’d get right on it but no such luck. I received an order yesterday that was placed last Thursday and it’s not my order, and he is not responding to my emails or msgs left on his site or FB.”

Bottom Line

Kratom capsules

It seems like opinion are mixed (but mostly positive) about the quality of Stan David’s Kratom. On the downside, there have been a few people who placed an order and either never heard back or received the wrong product. Because they’re so cheap, we’d recommend sticking to an ounce or two with your first order to see what side of the fence you fall on.

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