Sol Botanicals Kratom : What It Costs and Why You Should Care


Sol Botanicals is the Gulf Coast kratom vendor everyone’s been buzzing about. But little is known about this brand outside of its name. Reviewers have only scratched the surface, noting the broad generalizations without informing you about what matters.

There is much you need to know before buying this seller’s products. See what we mean in today’s complete kratom review.

What is Sol Botanicals?

Sol Botanicals is a green kratom vendor with offices in Doral, FL. Its owners have been touring the expo circuit for three years, bringing its kratom powder and capsules to UFC fights, boxing events, and more. This has resulted in a small but significant following on social media.

According to Florida’s Division of Corporations, Sol Botanicals has only been a registered business for the last four months. This conflicts with what we’ve seen on Facebook and heard from colleagues. By all accounts, Sol Botanicals has been in the industry for at least three years.

Blog reviews have been unanimous in their support for this enigmatic company. They have also been misleading, with one referring to Sol Kratom as a Miami vendor. While it is technically located in Miami-Dade County, it is more than 30 minutes from Miami proper.

It isn’t just the reviewers that knowingly mislead consumers. The company itself has done so on social media. Sol Botanicals does not appear on the AKA’s list of GMP vendors, but that has yet to stop it from billing itself as a GMP-certified brand.

This supplier has two websites, neither of which is fully functional. First, there is solbotanicals.com. Then, there is solbotanicalskratom.com. The latter is a seemingly simple affair whose homepage refers to the company as “herbal salvation.”

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For those who don’t know, Herbal Salvation is one of America’s most successful family-owned kratom manufacturers. Sol Botanicals appears to be trading on its name to attract customers.

Speculation aside, this vendor has its share of consumer recognition, with patrons leaving four-star reviews on Google. Its brick-and-mortar location gives you the option of curbside pickup or delivery.

Sol Botanicals supposedly provides access to third-party lab results. However, clicking on the Lab page of its website prompts a warning screen, suggesting that one’s connection is no longer private and that black hats may be attempting to steal one’s personal information, including credit card numbers.

You won’t get the satisfaction guarantee typical of quality online vendors. Instead, Sol Botanicals’ online store strictly focuses on products, labs, and a loyalty program. None of these pages are accessible to the privacy-conscious. If you’re thinking about visiting, we strongly recommend a VPN.

What It Has to Offer

Sol Botanicals’ product line includes Green Borneo, Green Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Royal Red Thai, White Borneo, and Yellow Submarine. These strains are offered in both powder and capsule form. If you need to know what strain you prefer, you can purchase a variety pack.

This seller makes some strange claims about its kratom strains, claims that should be addressed. According to information provided by Sol Botanicals on I Love Kratom, it sets itself apart from other brands with its “Seed to Shelf” process. If this is true, then its products are likely grown in Florida.

This bears mentioning because buying Florida-grown kratom is not the same as purchasing kratom from the Mitragyna speciosa tree’s native land. The kratom herb requires a tropical climate with various weather and soil conditions, which the Sunshine State simply cannot provide.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start at $10.79 for an ounce of kratom powder, with three ounces for $27.89 and five ounces for $39.59. The base price for powder is slightly higher than the norm. For comparison, Mitragaia offers an ounce for five bucks.

A 150-count bottle of Sol Botanicals Kratom Capsules sells for $17.99. These prices compare favorably to the current industry average. For example, Amazing Botanicals charges $21.99 for a 150-count, while Earth Kratom charges $34.99.

We have yet to find any verifiable Sol Botanicals coupons. There is no SOL Kratom email newsletter. You’re probably wondering, “Where can I find legit coupon codes?” We recommend starting with the top three – RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, and Groupon – and working your way down the list.

Sol Botanicals Customer Reviews

Unsurprisingly, this vendor has received mixed reactions from consumers. However, most customers have given Sol Botanicals a four-star rating or higher.

One Google reviewer said, “These guys are the real deal. Excellent product. All strains are consistently amazing. Personalized service that crushes all others. Dare you to try- you won’t want or need any other vendor!”

“Company is a fraud,” another customer warned. “Placed an order over 2 weeks ago. Never shipped. Tried contacting several times. Just being ignored.  DO NOT order from them, or you will never get your order.

image of top sol botanicals alternatives

Top Sol Botanicals Alternatives


If you have hesitations about doing business with a brand whose background is unclear and whose claims are sketchy, we recommend starting with a guaranteed winner. MIT45 is a GMP-certified manufacturer with more than a decade of experience in the industry.

This Utah company’s reputation for shaking things up matches its reputation for fair market pricing. MIT45 gets its name from each kratom extract’s 45% mitragynine content. Its groundbreaking MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel comes in a two-serving pouch for just $11.95.

New Dawn Kratom

This Colorado brand has amassed as many exotic strains as it has admiring comments. Its collection includes Dragon Kratom, Horned Leaf, Hulu Kapuas, and Vietnam Kratom.

Unlike Sol Botanicals, which specializes in small-batch kratom, New Dawn leads the industry in bulk kratom options. You can get a kratom kilo for a cut-rate of $79.99, a two-way split kilo for $80, or a four-way split for $85.00.

Bottom Line

Whether you gamble on Sol Botanicals or go with a safer bet, you’ll want to compare policies and prices before adding items to your shopping cart. For an overview of the industry’s top brands, we recommend reading our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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