Smoky Mountain Organics : Should You Buy From This Tennessee Kratom Vendor?

smoky mountain organics : should you buy from this tennessee kratom vendor?

Visiting Smoky Mountain Organics’ quaint Lil herb shop is something of a pastime for residents of Pigeon Forge. Over the last four years, folks have flocked to this Tennessee hemp company for its rustic brick-and-mortar setting and its many all-natural products. But is this as good as it gets?

Smoky Mountain Organics Kratom Review

Lovingly assembled to marry the minimalist layout of an upmarket dispensary with the rustic vibe of a hippie headshop, Smokey’s is the kind of place plenty of heads would be happy to call their home away from home. Many have, leaving dozens of rave reviews online. The problem is, knowing what to believe.

This Volunteer State kratom brand has earned four-star ratings and a wealth of return business from residents. It has also become one of the most recognized regional kratom vendors among nationwide kratom connoisseurs. Thanks to its online store, anyone can check it out.

The Smoky Mountain Organics Gatlinburg location makes it a no-brainer for Sevier County citizens in need of some speciosa. But its online store is where it’s really at for folks outside of the state. There you’ll find a Smoky Mountain Organics Tincture, Smoky Mountain Moon Rocks, and much more.

For all of its nationwide name recognition and positive online write-ups, Smokey Mountain Organics is a vendor that could go either way. Small-town kratom vendors are frequently among the least responsible and most dangerous. On the other hand, they can possess a degree of integrity that’s as rare as the steak at a Texas Roadhouse.

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In Smoky Mountain Organics’ case, the shop lacks industry oversight but professes an authentic knowledge and passion for the all-natural. This passionate knowledge is reflected in the goods it carries and the messages it shares with clients. However, you’ll be unhappy if you come expecting industry credentials.

As more of an herb shop than a traditional e-commerce manufacturer, Smoky Mountain Organics does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, and it has not expressed any interest in the Botanical Education Alliance. Likewise, there is no information about lab testing on its website.

Usually, this lack of third-party laboratory testing would raise a red flag for us, but it’s different in this vendor’s case. It’s important to note that Smoky Mountain Organics carries a kratom brand called Nuwati Herbals. Its kratom capsules masquerade as teas with clever names but no discernible QR codes.

What It Has to Offer?

This vendor carries a seemingly endless cavalcade of cool merch, including Smoky Mountain CBD Delta 8, Smoky Mountain soaps, and Smoky Mountain essential oils. Still, it’s the brand’s curious stock of Nuwati Herbs capsules that has piqued our interest. Each bottle of capsules bears a fun name and a simple design.

This vendor offers old-school speciosa strains in variations of green, red, and white veins. Examples include Bear in the Woods, Calming the Storm, Storyteller Tea, Toxaway Tea, and Warrior Blend. Bottles come in two sizes, somewhat limiting compared to this seller’s many competitors.

What Does It Cost and How Does It Compare?

You can get three ounces of Nuwati Herbals for $13.99 or six ounces for $22.99. These prices not only conform to current industry lows but also beat them by leaps and bounds. For comparison, My Brave Botanicals charges anywhere from $15 to $20 for a single ounce.

For further evidence of its ultra-low prices, we can look to an industry giant like Kraken Kratom. It’s one of the oldest brands on the market, but it still charges $33.60 for just 112 grams of kratom powder.

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Smoky Mountain Organics Coupon Code and Discounts?

You can score a Smoky Mountain Organics coupon by visiting its homepage and signing up for its email newsletter. Once you’ve punched in your addy, SMO will send you exclusive offers, promo codes, and news of the latest products. You’ll get 15% off your first time out.

Those who sign up for its email newsletter are also eligible for kratom giveaways, such as free kratom samples and raffle entries. There is also the matter of kratom news, which is essential for the community. All consumers should be aware of up-to-the-minute developments in kratom legality.

Smokey Mountain Customer Reviews

Reviews have been all but unanimous in their support for Smoky Mountain. One Google reviewer said, “I couldn’t have been happier to find this shop. Very informative and well-educated on the subject…Got me exactly what I needed. This will be my store of choice for hereon.”

Another reviewer said, “Tell Mike I sent you, and if you are heading to Gatlinburg, he can help you there as well…if you need it delivered, they will ship to your home. Smoky Mountain Organics is awesome!” Still, another said, “Great place, the staff knew what they were talking about and very helpful.”

Top Smoky Mountain Organics Alternatives


If you’d like the five-star experience customers have come to expect of Smoky Mountain, with the added benefit of GMP certification and industry approval, we would highly recommend MIT45 Kratom. Like the guys from Gatlinburg, MIT45 carries a kratom tincture, but this one is strongest than most.

This infamous nationwide manufacturer has been showered with praise for pioneering liquid kratom shots and other inimitable items of exceptional potency. Its latest, MIT GO Black Extra Strength, is a honey-based kratom gel that’s the tastiest thing to happen to kratom thus far. It’s also a steal at $11.95 for a two-serving squeezable pouch.

New Dawn Kratom

Another GMP-certified vendor with a history of customer satisfaction, New Dawn Kratom is Colorado’s finest. This Little London brand has found favor among fans of plain leaf kratom. Its fresh, robust kratom strains are straightforward and available in split kilos.

In addition to kratom free shipping and consumer incentives, New Dawn Kratom keeps things consistent with its killer prices. Kratom kilos start as low as $79.99, with two-way splits for $80 and four-way splits for $85.00.

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Bottom Line

Whether you take the leap and go with Ole Smoky or opt for a national brand, you’ll always be in good shape if you do your homework. It pays to know what a vendor has in store for you. For additional options, check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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