Shamanic Joy Kratom Vendor Review

The Mile High City is home to more than 50 kratom vendors, including homegrown businesses, head shops, and apothecaries. Despite the abundance of sources for kratom powder, Shamanic Joy Kratom has emerged as a name to look out for in the Colorado area.  Specializing in wholesale herb sales, Shamanic Joy is the Rocky Mountains’ answer to Oasis Kratom.

With placement in five prominent stores across Colorado this vendor has already established itself as a brand on the rise.  This Centennial State kratom supplier can be found at: Shamanic Joy Botanicals. There you can explore its proprietary kratom powder and kratom capsules.

If you’re feeling a little iffy about giving this one a chance, you may want to consider the following information. Read on to learn all about the pros and cons of this brand in our comprehensive Shamanic Joy Kratom Vendor Review.

Shamanic Joy Kratom Product Review

Shamanic Joy Botanicals, AKA Shamanic Joy Kratom, was founded in 2017. This is the same year its e-commerce platform launched via GoDaddy. This Denver-based company boasts one of the coolest logos we have seen; the head of The Shamanic One bears a yin yang symbol, which suggests a harmony between wholesale and direct-to-consumer sales.

This yin yang head is surrounded by labyrinthine grids, levitating moons, and a pyramid-shaped crown, suggesting something of the mystic and the occult about this vendor’s practices. Let’s get one thing straight right out the gate: do not be fooled by the pictures displayed on Shamanic Joy Kratom’s website.

Images from its product pages would have you believe that you are getting kratom in secure and compact containers with screw-on lids, but this is not the case. Rather, Shamanic Joy Kratom sells kratom powder in small, generic brown pouches that can be as difficult to reseal as they are difficult to open without spillage. While the sticker/label featured on the front of each pouch is nothing if not professional, the overall presentation is not.

image of shamanicjoy kratom Product

This vendor could definitely do better price-wise; it appears to offer small batch kratom only, serving up thirty and sixty-gram pouches via its online store. Each of its small batch options are far from cheap and there are no bulk kratom buying options made available to general consumers—no half kilos, no kratom kilos, and no kratom bundles.

Although it is quite popular locally, Shamanic Joy Kratom has not gained much traction on the national scene. There has yet to be a single mention of this brand on any of the online kratom forums. While this is not at all unusual for a brand new company it is important to remember that Shamanic Joy has been around since well before the pandemic. What’s more, its Facebook page is bereft of any consumer reviews.

On a more positive note, Shamanic Joy Kratom’s shipping and payment options are convenient and complimentary, with free kratom same-day shipping on most orders. You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal.

Shamanic Joy Kratom’s quality is impossible to pin down, as its kratom powders are very obviously inconsistent. Any seasoned kratom enthusiast will tell you its prices are too cost-prohibitive to be worth the risk of buying bunk. This is a classic case of an untested brand launching wide with fancy graphics and little evidence to back up its supposed awesomeness.

While its website is easy enough to navigate its minimalist design leaves something to be desired. There is a scarcity of information here that would give any longtime user pause. For instance, Shamanic Joy Botanicals’ About Us section is merely a paragraph on its homepage, while its FAQ and Lab information is completely nonexistent. This vendor does not appear to offer refunds of any kind.

The Shamanic Joy Kratom line consists of the following strains:

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $20 for a 25-count container of kratom capsules, with thirty grams of kratom powder going for $25.00. You can pick up a 50-count jar of kratom caps for $30 or sixty grams of kratom powder for $35.00. None of these price points are particularly attractive in the current marketplace.

For starters, a 25-count of kratom capsules typically sells for under $20.00. For example, Club 13 Kratom often sells for $18.99, while Mount Kratom offers the same for just $12.99.

Shamanic Joy Kratom’s powder prices are not much better. At $30 for sixty grams, you will be paying more than double the industry average. For instance, smoke shops like Peace Novelty charge around $14.99 for a sixty-gram pouch, while online vendors like Klarity Kratom charge $20.00.

Shamanic Joy Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Whereas most online vendors tout their email newsletters and affiliate programs as ways to save beaucoup bucks, Shamanic Joy Botanicals doesn’t so much as bother with a few social media giveaways.

This seller seems uninterested in offering visitors any kind of discount or reward. Its Facebook page features nothing but pictures of its product, while its website is stripped to less than the bare essentials.

Shamanic Joy Kratom Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, this vendor has not received any attention on social media platforms, such as Reddit, Facebook or Double M Herbals. The brand has not been the subject of any reviews on TikTok or YouTube, nor has it been the subject of any starred reviews or ratings on Google.

Alternatively, this vendor has not received any negative feedback from consumers or bloggers. Its track record appears to be flawless if elusive; no formal complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau and no lawsuits have been filed against it.

Is It Lab-Tested?

image of shamanic joy kratom lab test

There is no evidence to suggest that Shamanic Joy Kratom submits its kratom products for third-party laboratory evaluation. The online store does not feature any certificates of analysis, nor does it carry a seal of approval from the AKA.

Is Shamanic Joy Kratom Legit?

All signs point to a big N-O where Shamanic Joy Botanicals’ legitimacy is concerned. This vendor’s appears to be decidedly vague and resolutely minimalist in its presentation of company information. We don’t get so much as a mailing address for the company on its e-commerce site; contact information is limited to an email address.

American Kratom Association

This supplier does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is further evidence of its lack of legitimacy. Shamanic Joy Kratom’s refusal to submit to a third-party audit suggests an unwillingness for consumers to find out the truth about its products.

On the other hand, many vendors may opt out of such programs as a means of preserving the integrity of their secrets. Several vendors have invested in in-house testing facilities, so that rivals would not steal their certification and Photoshop their own results.

The GMP program is important, however, because it holds kratom processors accountable, while ensuring the safety of the general public. This program sets forth a series of guidelines by which vendors must conduct their business practices. These guidelines extend from manufacturing and labeling to marketing, distribution, and verification.

Closing Thoughts

image of kratom leaves and capsules

In summary, Shamanic Joy Kratom may look like a groovy old school kratom supplier, but its failure to demonstrate transparency or legitimacy is a real bummer. With no lab results or refund guarantee, customers have little reason to take a gamble on this Denver enigma.

If you would like to find a viable alternative to Shamanic Joy Kratom, you can do so by shopping around online. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to compare products, pricing, loyalty rewards, and more.

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