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Sea Kratom is an international kratom wholesaler specializing in jumbo kratom capsules and proprietary blends. The Sea brand is best known for Sea Air, a line of disposable vape devices containing five percent nicotine and a host of unique flavors. These salt-based e-juices have found favor among users with a desire for a more satisfying pull.

This global vendor was first established in 2016 with the launch of its Sea Vape No. 1, which was followed in quick succession by Sea XXL and SEAair Plus. More recently, the SEA brand has crossed over into the ethnobotanical space with a selection of kratom strains and signature blends.

Before you decide to pick up some of Sea Kratom’s famed Tornado Kratom Blend, you’ll want to do your homework. Learn all about the pros and cons of this elusive wholesale brand in our comprehensive Sea Kratom Vendor Review.

Sea Kratom Product Review

In spite of its longevity, little is known about the Sea Brand or its staff. The company’s media kit is only available to wholesalers, which makes it impossible for casual consumers to educate themselves about this vendor and its background.

Here’s what we know for certain: Sea Kratom is a manufacturer of vape devices and kratom products. It does not offer direct-to-consumer sales, which all but guarantees a loftier MSRP for those who are looking to sample its wares. You have likely encountered this brand at your neighborhood head shop. If you haven’t then your purchasing options are limited.

Sea Kratom Capsules are only made available via e-commerce sites run by wholesale retailers. Examples include Paradisesmokers.com and safacbd.com. These websites charge a premium for third-party kratom strains.

If there is one thing Sea Kratom has going for it is its high-quality packaging; this vendor’s Mitragyna speciosa products come in shatter-proof containers with eye-popping labels that relay strain information and more. Each container of kratom powder is replete with a lid that screws on and off with ease.

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Additionally, Sea Kratom offers each of its kratom powders in capsule form. These Sea Kratom capsules come in vegetable-based caps for convenient dosing. Kratom capsules are the preferred method for many active M speciosa enthusiasts, especially working professionals and gym rats.

Sea Kratom is said to be scientifically tested and measured, but no details regarding the company’s scientific methods are provided. In fact, this vendor’s website lacks so much as an elementary About Us page. This is troubling for many reasons, not least of which is the message it sends to discerning consumers. There is a disturbing lack of transparency where this brand is concerned.

Although it has been in business for a number of years, the Sea Brand has a virtually non-existent consumer reputation. Where other vendors command attention, both negative and positive, from members of the online kratom forums, Sea Kratom has failed to generate any buzz whatsoever. More on this later.

As of this writing, Sea Kratom carries kratom in the following strains and blends: Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Tornado Blend, and White Maeng Da. It is worth noting that all of these strains are considered plain leaf kratom, with the exception its blend (a combination of all three). Despite this fact, Sea Kratom bills itself as an “herbal extract.”

This vendor’s shipping prices are kept under wraps unless you are a representative of a proprietorship. On a more positive note, theseabrand.com lists its return policy as a thirty-day window for requesting a store credit for unopened products. These unopened items may be eligible for a full credit, though retailers are expected to bear the cost of return shipping unless an item was sent in error.

We cannot determine how Sea Kratom’s quality compares to other vendors as no customer reviews have been posted online. This may be cause for alarm given the lack of consumer reputation surrounding this brand.

What It Costs & How It Compares

You can get fifty grams of kratom powder for $15.99 when you shop at paradisesmokers.com. Alternatively, you can buy fifty grams for $45.99. If you prefer to use capsules, you can pick up a 140-count of Sea Kratom caps for $26.99 or a 200-count for $36.99.

These prices are fairly standard in the current marketplace, with many e-commerce sites charging between $15 and $35 for fifty grams of raw powder. For example, Zen Life Naturals charges $15 for fifty grams, while Clover Kratom charges $34.99.

A 140-count of kratom capsules for $26.99 is also average by today’s standards and is something one would expect to find online or in person. For the sake of comparison, Shop Natural Life sells a 120-count of Whole Herbs kratom caps for $22.99, while a 250-count goes for $44.99.

Sea Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Paradisesmokers.com provides its patrons with a ten percent off coupon code on their initial visit. You can use the code ‘NOW10,’ which is redeemable at checkout. Additionally, you can follow @SmokersParadiseCLW on Instagram to learn about other promotions and sitewide deals.

Sea Kratom Customer Reviews

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As we mentioned earlier, there is a scarcity of consumer feedback regarding Sea Kratom. Based on our research, there have yet to be any significant posts about this brand at Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom, or Reddit.

Sea Kratom Tornado Blend reviews are surprisingly absent from internet search engines, which is strange considering the relative popularity of this blend. Many smoke shops regularly stock this blend, but consumers are reticent to discuss its quality (or lack thereof).

Sea Kratom Complaints

Thus far, no complaints have been lodged against the Sea Brand with the Better Business Bureau. Similarly, there are no negative comments about Sea Kratom listed on Trustpilot or Google. On the bright side, there are no lawsuits pending against the company behind Sea Kratom, nor has its products been the subject of any scrutiny.

Is It Lab-Tested?

Yes. Sea Kratom claims to test its kratom products, but the results of that testing are conspicuously missing from its website. You will not find any certificates of analysis among its pages, nor will you find an invitation from this vendor to inquire about the same.

This is troubling given the industry-wide move towards full transparency and accountability. Many big name vendors are making strides in this area, but Sea Kratom does not appear to be one of them. We strongly advise our readers to request third-party lab results prior to making any purchases with Sea Kratom.

Is Sea Kratom Legit?

Probably not. We hesitate to make any assumptions about the legitimacy of Sea Kratom. However, there is simply not enough evidence available to make a judgment call here. In light of this evidence it is impossible for us to speculate.

That being said, Sea Kratom does not demonstrate the sort of reliability or honesty typical of trustworthy kratom suppliers. For this reason, we urge customers to avoid Sea Kratom, as there is a strong probability that it is a disreputable brand.

American Kratom Association

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Sea Kratom does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This alone is not all that problematic. Many vendors have opted to keep their testing policies close to the vest in an effort to avoid attention from competitors. However, the GMP program is designed to keep the kratom marketplace safe.

The AKA’s GMP Standards program was conceived to establish a loftier level of responsibility among kratom processors. Those who participate volunteer to take part in a third-party audit of their products. Furthermore, these processors comply with the standards of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Sea Kratom is a long-established kratom wholesaler with a striking deficiency in consumer recognition. Its refusal to participate in the GMP Standards program coupled with its failure to disclose lab results suggests that it is less than creditable.

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