Sakti Botanicals Vendor Review

Sakti Botanicals is a North Carolina kratom supplier specializing in premium strains and split kilos. It is one of the South’s most celebrated kratom brands thanks to its awesome free samples and fair market pricing.

But is it everything it’s cracked up to be? Can you really believe the hype? Find out everything you need to know about Sakti Kratom and its company policies in our comprehensive Sakti Botanicals Vendor Review.

Sakti Botanicals Product Review

Sakti Botanicals may be the most reasonably priced vendor in North Carolina. There are countless kratom vendors who promise the lowest prices and the highest quality, but few make good on either of these pledges. Sakti seems to stand by its state motto – “To be, rather than to seem.”

This vendor’s signature packaging is unsurpassed, distinct from any other domestic supplier we have encountered. Each pouch has a secure and sturdy body; a smooth, shiny finish; an inimitable color; responsible pro labeling; and, most importantly, batch numbers and QR codes for verification.

Sakti Botanicals provides free shipping on orders of $75 or more, with all orders receiving kratom same-day shipping via USPS Priority Mail. The brand is known for throwing in bonus gifts, such as free samples and suckers. What’s more, you can get twenty percent off your total with Bitcoin.

Asheville North Carolina is home to more than fifty-five kratom shops and kratom vendors, including Elevated Kava Lounge, Heirloom Organic Botanicals, Herbiary AVL, and Mountain Kratom. However, Sakti Botanicals remains the number one choice in the Land of the Sky.

This vendor has received a five-star rating from area residents and international consumers alike. The western North Carolina botanist has even been reviewed by members of I Love Kratom, an increasingly laconic kratom community that is prone to mixed reactions.

Sakti Botanicals reviews have highlighted this vendor’s singular products, superlative quality, and unparalleled munificence. A Facebook reviewer talks about the amazing product and quality of its strains, while a Reddit post – one among many – addresses the generosity of its kratom samples.

image of sakti botanicals products

As Asheville North Carolina is to the South, Sakti Botanicals is to the world of Mitragyna speciosa; it is the Paris of kratom brands – fashionable, fun, marvelous, revolutionary, and seductive. Sakti Botanicals is wildly popular, easily accessible, incredibly convenient, and surprisingly well-organized.

The industry average alkaloid content of dried kratom leaves ranges from 0.5 to 1.5, but Sakti Botanicals batches consistently test as high as 1.75% for mitragynine content alone. This information is verifiable by scanning its QR codes. Some samples may even test higher.

Many online kratom suppliers focus their efforts on delivering the biggest collection possible, even going so far as to dream up flashy names for kratom strains or kratom blends. In stark contrast, Sakti Botanicals takes the kratom marketplace back to basics by focusing on quality over quantity.

Instead of a surfeit of diverse but all too similar “strains,” Sakti Kratom gives consumers traditional green vein, red vein, and white vein. There are only three powders to choose from—Premium Green Maeng Da, Premium Red Borneo, and Premium White Borneo, respectively.

Sakti Botanicals’ e-commerce website is ergonomic in design, offering visitors a wealth of hallmarks, including live chat and a ‘find a store’ feature. You can get a three-ounce kratom sample absolutely free! That is more than any other vendor is willing to part with, and it speaks to its confidence and goodwill.

What It Cost & How It Compares

Prices start at just five bucks for an ounce of kratom powder, with four ounces going for $15.00. You can score $28 for two hundred fifty grams, $50 for five hundred grams, or $89 for a full kratom kilo. These price points are some of the lowest you will find online at the moment.

For the sake of contrast, Soulful Herbals sells an ounce of kratom powder for $10, while Kratzilla charges $29.99 for the same. Fresh Leaf Botanicals offers kilos for $120, while Titan Kratom charges $160 per kilo for wholesale kratom kilos.

Sakti Botanicals also offers a split kilo for $90, which consists of all three branded strains. This is significantly cheaper than your average splits, such as Austin Organic Village, which charges $132 for a four-way split, and Soulful Herbals, which charges $200.00.

Sakti Botanicals Coupon Code & Discounts

image of sakti botanicals coupon code and discounts

You can get discounts, promotional offers, sales updates, and more by signing up for Sakti Botanicals’ email newsletter. Once you provide your address, this vendor will send a kratom coupon code to your inbox that’s redeemable for as much as twenty percent off your next order.

Discount codes can only be used once, but you won’t have to scrounge around for ten percent deals because Sakti Botanicals regularly provides kratom giveaways and savings opportunities to its return customers. First-time buyers will pay less on average than they would from most e-commerce sites.

Sakti Botanicals Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, Sakti Botanicals reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with members of online kratom forums giving it four and five-star write-ups. You can find dozens of reviews on Facebook, I Love Kratom, Reddit, and elsewhere. Perhaps the most illuminating are those on Reddit.

The popular social media aggregation website is notorious for its fickle forum ranks. Members are known to be as persnickety as they are protective. Many of these members have sung Sakti Botanicals’ praises, with one writing, “They have…good prices, lab results…fast shipping…They also don’t lie about strain bullshit.”

This same reviewer described their experience as gentle and pleasant, adding, “I can’t wait to try the GMD people rave about (1.93% for that!).” Another member echoed this sentiment, writing, “Very very fresh…I love the custom tape they use on their boxes as well.”

Elsewhere, a member related an exceptional customer support experience, writing, “I tried them once and they were phenomenal, I got green/red/white kilo batch…(and it’s a true sun-dried red, not a “red” that’s really green/white)…

“…I ordered from them again and waited. A few days later…I go out to check my mailbox and it’s not there. Immediately I know it’s either been stolen or misdelivered so I…reach out to their customer support. Customer support responds in 45 SECONDS and tells me it’s been delivered…

“…I send a picture with what was in the mail…Immediately, they send me an apology and a tracking number for a new shipment. That quick. The entire conversation was over in about 5 minutes. I’ve never dealt with ANY company with such great customer service, let alone a seller of kratom.”

Over at I Love Kratom’s community forum, infamous strain reviewer @madmaxnightrider said, “Sakti is a good overall vendor. Their strains seem to be on the mild side in terms of potency…just the right amount…Their strains are perfectly adequate. I can recommend Sakti as a Reliable Vendor.”

One Google reviewer said, “I’ve ordered a half dozen times now. 1) Sakti is much better quality and cheaper than smoke shops. 2) Sakti provides COD for the leaf instead of trying to market 69 different strains. 3) The people I’ve talked to from Sakti are very nice and helpful.”

image of sakti botanicals customer review

Sakti Botanicals Complaints

This vendor has a spotless record on Google, with a solid five-star rating among forty-five reviews. The same is true of social media platforms where Sakti Botanicals has received nothing but support. As such, we were unable to find any negative feedback regarding this brand.

The only somewhat negative comment seems to have come from a member of the Reddit community who mentioned a lack of aroma from one of its strains. However, this member was quick to place the blame on themselves, explaining that their kratom tolerance was likely the true culprit.

Sakti Botanicals has not been subjected to litigation of any kind, nor has it had any formal complaints levied against it. Though it lacks BBB accreditation no complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau. It would seem that Sakti Botanicals has a kratom connoisseur’s dream track record.

Is it Lab Tested?

Yes. Sakti Botanicals submits each batch of its kratom powder to an independent third-party laboratory for evaluation. This includes testing for potential adulteration and contamination. You can easily access its certificates of analysis by scanning the QR codes on its packaging.

image of sakti botanicals lab test

Is Sakti Botanicals Legit?

Our research indicates that Sakti Botanicals is a genuine article; the folks behind this North Carolina brand have a reputation for being kind, generous, and readily available. Most consumer inquiries receive a response in under an hour. It has also been embraced for its GMP compliance and low prices.

This vendor gives you a thirty-day money-back guarantee, which is always a good indication of a company’s legitimacy. Additionally, the brand’s variety of convenient payment methods suggests a company that operates free of risk and above reproach. Sakti accepts credit cards, crypto, and more.

American Kratom Association

Sakti Botanicals has not participated in the AKA’s GMP Standards Program. This may raise hackles among select consumers, but it really shouldn’t. We will explain why in a moment. First, let’s talk GMP.

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, which is something Sakti Botanicals is obviously all about. At the height of the pandemic, while other vendors were exploiting post office delays and preying on consumer desperation, Sakti Botanicals issued refunds and slashed its prices.

This is just one example of good manufacturing in action, another can be found in a manufacturer’s willingness to disclose strain origins, provide accurate information on its website, and deliver detailed labeling. Sakti Botanicals has done all of this and more.

The AKA’s landmark initiative was designed as a way to hold vendors accountable while protecting customers against hinky products. The GMP Standards Program requires participants to submit to a third-party audit. In Sakti’s case, such a voluntary audit would be redundant.

Sakti Botanicals has already demonstrated proof of third-party laboratory testing and product quality. Furthermore, it has given consumers a fair window for returning items that do not meet their exacting standards. If that’s not enough, Sakti Kratom is even available for free in small batches.

This last bit is a fine way to familiarize yourself with the potency and purity of its products without costing you a red cent. This company appears to be following the guidelines set forth by the AKA without formally participating. If you’re suspicious, you can give it a try and see for yourself.

Closing Thoughts

Sakti Botanicals is the South’s internet supernova for Mitragyna speciosa. This independent artisan stocks some of the finest kratom powder around at some of the fairest prices. Still on the fence? Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to compare products, pricing, policies, and more.

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