Rilax Kratom Vendor Review

If you’re thinking about buying smoke shop kratom, you need to read this. Rilax Kratom is one of many kratom brands on display in tobacco shops, convenience stores, gas stations, and head shops. Like so many other smoke shop brands, Rilax Kratom may not be exactly what it seems.

Read on for the full skinny on this Pelican State kratom provider and its wholesale affiliate. We will tell you all about the pros and cons of buying head shop kratom and provide viable online alternatives in our comprehensive Rilax Kratom Brand Review.


Rilax Kratom Product Review

Located in Louisiana, Rilax Kratom is a smoke shop kratom brand with limited online availability and no discernible visibility on social media. Unsurprisingly, this brand appears to have been eclipsed by the far more well-known and well-regarded Relax by GRH Kratom. The makers of Rilax Kratom Capsules are clearly aping a number of successful products with their design; the dark blue plastic bottle suggests Blue Magic Kratom, while its leafy logo evokes everything from Remarkable Herbs Kratom to Leaf of Life Botanicals.


Rilax Kratom is distributed by A1 Wholesale S.C., a South Carolina-based wholesaler with offices in West Columbia. A1 Wholesale SC was established as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in 2018 by Bhavik Patel, an entrepreneur with experience in merchant goods. Alas, none of A1 Wholesale SC’s employees appear to know much about web design.

You can visit this wholesale supplier at where you will find a low-rent website with minimal functionality and few discernible features. It appears as though A1 Wholesale sells health and beauty products, as well as energy supplements, but its product images are broken. The product page for Rilax Kratom could easily be misconstrued as Relax Kratom since the wholesaler misspells ‘Capsules’ as ‘Capsule.’

A1 Wholesale only offers a 150-count of Rilax Kratom Capsules, which is odd because we know for a fact that smoke shops offer Rilax in larger amounts. This suggests potential competition on the wholesale front, although our research has not yielded any names as far as Rilax Kratom’s other possible affiliations.

Rilax Kratom does not appear to have any substantial online reputation, which is disconcerting for many reasons. For starters, the brand has been around for at least four years, which is ample time for most companies to generate some buzz. In the age of social media marketing and online kratom forums it seems unlikely that a vendor could leave no trace, but that is where Rilax Kratom finds itself – in the wind, so to speak. 

Shipping prices and loyalty program information are kept under wraps at A1 Wholesale’s website. You must sign up with a tax ID number to join the ranks of its retail clientele. However, most wholesale distributors use some variation of USPS, UPS, and/or DHL.

This brand’s product line features Rilax Bali Kratom and Rilax Kratom Maeng Da, respectively. Other kratom strains may be available in green vein, red vein, and white vein, depending on where you end up landing. Bali Kratom has a fluffy, somewhat grainy texture and an aroma reminiscent of black tea. Its earthy fragrance is as striking as its extensive duration.

Maeng Da Kratom is widely regarded as the OG original example of Horned Leaf Kratom. So named for its street cred as the strongest of all strains, this so-called “Pimp Grade Kratom” is as bracing as its moniker would suggest. Like Bali, Rilax Kratom Maeng Da is earthy and potent.

The freshness and purity of Rilax Kratom are other stories altogether and one that is difficult to quantify without closer inspection. This brand does not appear to be backed by third-party laboratory testing, nor does it carry a seal of approval from the AKA (American Kratom Association), the BEA (Botanical Education Alliance), or the ILK (I Love Kratom).


What It Costs & How It Compares

Select smoke shops, such as Discount Tobacco and Beer’s Novelty, offer 300-count bottles of Rilax Kratom for just $30.00. That is significantly less than the norm for that amount. For the sake of comparison, Earth Kratom offers a 150-count of Maeng Da Kratom Capsules for $34.99, while a 300-count goes for $54.99. 

Some online smoke shops, such as, offer a 300-count for a comparable price (see: $36.99), but few sell bulk kratom capsules for less than $50.00. These figures should give Rilax Kratom the edge over its competition, but a lack of brand recognition must hurt its odds of doing brisk business in an oversaturated marketplace.


Rilax Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

If you are a retailer who’s looking to apply an additional discount on bulk kratom, you can visit A1 Wholesale SC’s Promotions page. There you will find many product bundles to choose from. 

If you are a general consumer who would like to save some loot on your next kratom purchase, you may wish to shop around. There are hundreds of smoke shops with e-commerce websites and at least twice as many online stores offering direct-to-consumer sales. Many of these sites advertise email newsletters, which afford visitors the opportunity to sign up for kratom coupon codes, free kratom samples, and kratom giveaways.


Rilax Kratom Customer Reviews

Based on our research, it would seem that Rilax Kratom has no social media presence or consumer reputation. We were unable to find any reference to this brand on Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom, Reddit, or similar platforms.


With the exception of one photograph of Rilax Kratom Capsules posted to a retailer’s Facebook status, we were unable to find any reference to this brand on popular search engines, such as Bing, Duck Duck Go, Google, or Yahoo! I Love Kratom has not listed either Rilax Kratom or A1 Wholesale as an Approved Vendor. 


Rilax Kratom Complaints

While it is disheartening to find no reviews or ratings for a brand of this nature, we must acknowledge the absence of negative feedback, as well. Our research indicates that Rilax Kratom lacks any blowback from the kratom community; it has not been the subject of formal complaints with the Better Business Bureau and it has not been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.


Is It Lab-Tested?

No. There is no evidence to suggest that Rilax Kratom has been evaluated by an independent third-party laboratory. Lab testing is important because it guarantees that customers are receiving pure, unadulterated kratom plant matter. Without a certificate of analysis, there is no way to know whether Rilax Kratom has been tainted by bacteria, heavy metals, or synthetic additives.


Is Rilax Kratom Legit?

Unlikely. Without an official website or mission statement from the brand’s manufacturer, we have nary a detail to go on. However, Rilax Kratom’s failure to properly label its bottles points to a product that is unworthy of the public’s trust.

Legitimate kratom vendors provide lab results, satisfaction guarantees, and detailed strain origins. Additionally, trusted brands give users contact information and a clear return policy. We do not get any of that with Rilax Kratom. It is this lack of transparency that threatens the industry as a whole.


American Kratom Association

Rilax Kratom is not submitted to the AKA for a voluntary third-party audit per its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is important to note as the GMP program was established as a means by which to hold kratom processors accountable. It was also set up in an effort to protect the general public from potentially dangerous kratom products.

Rilax Kratom’s failure to participate demonstrates an unwillingness to be scrutinized by the nonprofit organization. It may also point to the illegitimacy of its product purity. Without taking a sample and having it personally tested at your own expense there is no way to know for certain where you stand with this brand.


Rilax Kratom Alternatives – Buy Kratom Online

If you want to find high-quality Bali Kratom and Maeng Da without taking any unnecessary risks, you can place an order with any of these fine online suppliers. Each company on this shortlist has been thoroughly vetted and comes highly recommended:

Inland Botanicals is an Idaho-based vendor with a five-star rating on Google and a host of CBD and kratom products from which to choose. This brand features gold and yellow vein, as well as bundled sample packs and economy kilos. Inland Botanicals is GMP-certified and well-regarded, with a clutch of testimonials that attest to its value.

Kona Kratom is an exciting new vendor out of the tropics with a money-back guarantee, GMP accreditation, generous samples, exotic kratom strains, and devotion to transparency. Kona Kratom gives its customers a heads up when its products are fresher than others and highlights its bestsellers so 

you’ll know what is moving and what is not. This supplier accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Discover Card.

Left Coast Kratom is another GMP participant and one with a difference – this Oregon-based company specializes in Gold Kratom Extract and Crushed Leaf Kratom at a competitive price. Other items include all-natural kratom tablets, UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo), FST liquid kratom extract, and jumbo kratom capsules. Promo codes and other consumer incentives are delivered through its easy-to-access VIP club.

Closing Thoughts

Without consumer reviews, AKA affiliation, or third-party evaluation, we do not feel comfortable recommending this leaf. There is insufficient evidence of Rilax Kratom’s value as a supplier. The good news is, that you can find plenty of viable options online. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of the top brands in 2022.

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