Relax 2 Go Kratom Vendor Review

Relax 2 Go is everything its name would suggest – a retail kratom product tailored to the active individual. This specialty kratom powder is designed for athletes, working professionals, and anyone else who wants to keep their kratom close to the vest.

Relax 2 Go Kratom is manufactured by JBC Enterprises of Denver, CO, but it is distributed nationwide by JNJ Distribution of West Chester Township, OH. You can find the Relax 2 Go kratom product line at: There you’ll discover its plain leaf kratom in powder and capsule form.

If you’ve been thinking about trying this kratom brand, there are some things you need to know. Read on to learn all about the pros and cons of Relax 2 Go Kratom in The Golden Monk’s Comprehensive Kratom Review.


Relax 2 Go Product Review

Maybe you’ve seen a Relax 2 Go display in your local head shop and mistaken it for a sweetener or iced tea mix. That is because Relax 2 Go is sold commercially in single serving sticks, which bear a striking resemblance to the sugar packets provided by American diners. These easy and convenient single-serving Relax 2 Go Kratom Sticks consist of three grams of kratom powder, which makes them ideal for a daytime on-the-go aroma.

Relax 2 Go is sold in both powder and capsule form, though its powder seems to be the most prevalent. Relax 2 Go Kratom Powder comes in single serving sticks, 15-gram bags, and 30-gram bags, respectively. Relax 2 Go Kratom Capsules are a more recent addition to its product line and one that doesn’t appear to have caught on among retail customers.

image of relax 2 go kratom products

Relax 2 Go’s packaging is your standard industry fare, with clear windows, silver backing, and a resealable rim that may or may not securely reseal after repeated use. Each package is properly inspected prior to distribution. All of Relax 2 Go’s kratom products are submitted for third-party laboratory testing. More on this later.

This brand’s lack of consumer recognition is quite alarming when you consider it has been around for many years. JNJ Distribution has been in business since 2009 and Relax 2 Go has been offered to wholesale retailers for at least three years. Equally disappointing is its dearth of desirable features. JNJ Distribution has no free kratom samples, no 24/7 live chat feature, no FAQ page, and no information about its source(s).

Most disappointing of all is the brand’s “collection,” which is limited to only one green vein kratom powder – Green Maeng Da Kratom. You won’t find any other Ready 2 Go kratom products on JNJ Distribution’s otherwise cluttered website, only common head shop brands like Hush Kratom and MIT 45. The web design is difficult to navigate and boasts a layout worthy of a hoarder.



What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices will vary, depending on whether you purchase Relax 2 Go online or at a brick-and-mortar retail location. Smoke shops remain under no regulations where kratom is concerned. Therefore, they can charge whatever they want, regardless of what a wholesale distributor suggests as the MSRP. In Relax 2 Go’s case, you can generally expect to pay $1.99 for three grams, with fifteen grams selling for around $19.99.

These prices are fairly steep, at least when compared to those charged by most e-commerce sites, but they are typical of head shop kratom. For the sake of comparison, an e-commerce site like GLA Kratom charges $10 for fifteen grams, while many New York smoke shops charge as much as $25 for fifteen grams of raw kratom powder.


Relax 2 Go Coupon Code & Discounts

image of relax 2 go kratom coupon code

This vendor does not offer direct-to-consumer sales and, therefore, no discount codes are available for this brand. However, third-party wholesale websites may accept kratom coupon codes of their own. We recommend shopping around for a reliable wholesale website with direct-to-consumer accessibility and public consumer ratings.


Relax 2 Go Customer Reviews

Relax 2 Go kratom reviews have been generally positive, with one blogger calling it “a retail brand you can trust,” but there is an odd paucity of customer feedback. We were unable to find any reviews on Double M Herbals, Google, I Love Kratom, Reddit, or any other popular online kratom forums.

It is truly astounding to come across a trading name with a non-existent presence on social media and an utter scarcity of user comments. It is said to be carried by Urban Vapes, which currently enjoys a five-star rating among Facebook reviews.


Relax 2 Go Complaints

The producers of Relax 2 Go have a spotless record with the Better Business Bureau; it has yet to receive any negative feedback on the internet. No complaints have been lodged with Trustpilot or similar platforms. Based on our research, Relax 2 Go is a brand free of criticism or contention.


Is It Lab-Tested?

image of relax 2 go kratom lab test

Yes. JBC Enterprises has all of its cannabis and kratom products assessed by an independent laboratory. This third-party entity verifies the safety and purity of Relax 2 Go Kratom and awards it a certificate of analysis that reflects this safety and purity. You can request a copy of third-party lab results by calling 1-866-632-9779.


Is Relax 2 Go Legit?

Yes. Relax 2 Go is a legit professional kratom brand, with lab-tested kratom powder that has met the minimum requirements of quality requisite to approval. Although it has not received praise from the court of public opinion, this domestic kratom supplier appears to be on the level. As we mentioned earlier, JNJ Distribution has been in business for more than a decade. This longevity speaks to its inherent values as a wholesale provider.


American Kratom Association

Perhaps because it is a brand and not a vendor, Relax 2 Go is not recognized by the AKA, nor has JNJ Distribution participated in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This will be disappointing to many discerning customers, especially in these health-conscious times. However, users should keep in mind that Relax 2 Go is already a lab-tested brand.

The GMP program calls for vendors to voluntarily submit to a third-party audit, which is something that Relax 2 Go would hardly need to do since they are doing so already. The GMP program was designed to establish rigorous standards of manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and distribution among kratom processors. This program was conceived with consumer safety in mind, but safety does not appear to be an issue for Relax 2 Go Kratom or its manufacturers.


Closing Thoughts

image of kratom capsules and powder

Although it hasn’t inspired the kind of praise (or vitriol) typical of the kratom community, Relax 2 Go strikes us as a brand worth researching. This is a generally well-reviewed kratom product that has been around for some time. It is clearly not going anywhere, having withstood a global pandemic.

Still on the fence? You can find Relax 2 Go kratom alternatives by shopping around online. Consider checking out The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. You can compare products, pricing, payment options, return policies, and much, much more.

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