Puro Kratom : A Pure Con, Plain and Simple [Vendor Warning]

puro kratom banner: "a pure con, plain and simple [vendor warning]"

Perhaps you came across Puro Kratom at a headshop and thought about giving it a try. Before you take a risk and purchase any of its kratom powder, we strongly advise you to read our complete Puro review. We’ll give you all the dirt on this elusive brand.

What is Puro Kratom?

Our research indicates that Puro Kratom is an off-shoot of Puro CBD, a wholesale cannabidiol supplier. Puro distributes its kratom powder and capsules to online wholesalers and brick-and-mortar novelty shops. Examples of its items include Bali Gold and the notorious Trainwreck Blend.

The original Puro Kratom is an attractive site that’s deceptive in its vibrant imagery and seemingly straightforward layout. But looks can be deceiving; in Puro Kratom’s case, they are very slippery indeed. Every page you click on leads to another disappointment.

If you attempt to get to know this vendor by clicking on its Contact Us page, you are redirected to a sign-up page. If you share your personal information – something we do NOT recommend doing – and create a password, you can click on Contact Us again … but it won’t get you any farther, as the page is disabled.

Everything about this vendor appears to be bogus, from its third-party lab results to its supposed social media presence. If you click on the www pro official lab reports page, you’ll find two certificates of analysis. These certificates are woefully outdated and have nothing to do with kratom. These are test results from cannabis samples.

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Puro claims to be on prominent social media platforms, but its Instagram account is nonexistent. Its Facebook page has only 20 followers and has not been updated since 2020. It also promises a Twitter account on its homepage, but no Twitter account is currently active.

Supposedly, a Puro Kratom store in Irving, TX, offers Puro CBD and Puro Kratom. The shop’s address is listed as 1000 West Airport Freeway, but a cursory search online reveals this to be the location of an Office Depot. There appears to be little space for Puro Kratom to occupy.

Puro Kratom comes in display-ready miniature barrels with corks-style lids. The labeling is simple and elegant, with a prominent logo and minimalist design. There is nothing too flashy about it, which ends up giving it an understated, even prestigious look next to the over-the-top choices of its competitors.

Our research indicates that Puro is currently unavailable on online retailers’ websites. Furthermore, any company-run site appears to be inactive or otherwise compromised.

What It Has to Offer

This vendor carries a limited number of kratom strains. They include Bali Gold, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Trainwreck Blend, and White Maeng Da.  At least, this is what is advertised on its homepage. However, clicking on a vein color results in an error message from Magento.

What It Costs and How It Compares

It needs to be clarified exactly what this company charges, as it does not display any of this information on its site. As we mentioned, account sign-up does nothing to increase access to vital information. It was only when we attempted to access third-party retailers’ prices that it was sold out.

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Puro Kratom Customer Reviews

There are no Google ratings for this brand, nor are there any references to Puro on most online kratom forums. It has not been discussed at Double M Herbals, or I Love Kratom. The select reviews posted to Reddit are extremely sus. The most convincing comments came from a user with less than five karma.

This user writes: “Was hoping to find some good news…just saw this brand in a very nice looking headshop near me. Looks like a damn Apple store. I was tempted to try it but couldn’t find anything besides a sketchy website.”

A self-proclaimed kratom vet with a history of shilling for kratom brands said, “I do take kratom regularly, and I would put them right up there with a few of the larger brands. Not as good as Luckys, but you won’t be disappointed. The only knock is, the price is a little high, but it’s good quality.”

Top Puro Kratom Alternatives


This legendary wholesale kratom manufacturer is our go-to for innovative kratom extracts and outstanding raw leaves. This Utah-based vendor was one of the first kratom processors to participate in the AKA’s landmark GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. It’s been evolving ever since. (Full disclosure: MIT45 is now Golden Monk’s parent company.)

Widely regarded as the gold standard throughout the industry, MIT45 has lived up to its name by consistently providing customers with robust products containing 45% mitragynine or more. It is one of the cheapest options at $11.95 for a two-serving of MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel.

top puro kratom alternatives with mit45 and new dawn kratom logos

New Dawn Kratom

New Dawn Kratom is Colorado’s answer to MIT45, a GMP-certified kratom vendor with terrific prices and a forward-thinking approach to the business. This seller specializes in Maeng Da Kratom, with kratom powder and kratom capsules in various sizes and strengths.

New Dawn provides a plethora of strains, including green veins, red veins, white veins, and yellow kratom strains. Each is offered in split kilos for $80 or standard kratom kilos for $79.99 or less. Orders of $39.99 or more receive free kratom same-day shipping.

Bottom Line

If it’s affordability, purity, and transparency that you’re after, you’ll want to avoid Puro Kratom entirely. We strongly recommend trying the alternatives above. For more options, check out our complete list of kratom vendor reviews.

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