Prof Whytes Kratom Review – Read Before You Buy

Prof Whytes Kratom has been called a lot of things by a lot of people. Shop owners have fallen in love with the brand, while consumers have questioned whether they should trust it. It’s been called everything from “dope” and “dynamic” to “disappointing” and even “substandard.” Worst of all, it’s been lumped in with all other headshop brands by some reviewers. Naturally, the truth about Prof Whytes Kratom falls somewhere in between the hate and the hype. Read on to get the bigger picture in our comprehensive vendor review

Prof Whytes Kratom Review

Prof Whytes Kratom is a wholesale kratom vendor located in Fort Myers, FL. It was founded by an actual professor, hence, the name. What the professor and their crew do is something a bit different than your garden variety smoke shop distributor. Prof Whytes Kratom manufactures all of its wholesale kratom products in-house, using state-of-the-art equipment and standard operating procedures to produce a GMP-compliant catalog. Its collection shows just how far R & D (Research & Development) can take a business if it comes to the marketplace with open eyes and a willingness to learn from other people’s mistakes.

One could argue that Prof Whytes Kratom is merely another novelty shop brand with kratom capsules and kratom extracts, but that would be missing the larger point. Prof Whytes Kratom is made by someone who understands chemistry and pays attention to the online kratom forum community. Each specialty blend is engineered to suit the specific needs of a select number of kratom enthusiasts. That is a significant achievement when you consider just how clogged the market has become with products that aren’t really for anyone in particular.

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Is Is Lab Tested?

It is Prof Whyte’s third-party laboratory testing which really sets it apart from others in the wholesale kratom sector. The vast majority of smoke shops and headshops get their kratom products from third-party wholesale distributors. Smoke shop kratom brands are invariably manufactured by enigmatic companies that do not disclose vital information. Many fail to provide a proper warning label, never mind a QR code for lab results.

As a matter of fact, we have found that one in three smoke shop brands does not submit its products for third-party analysis. Fortunately for those who are looking for a safe and proven brand, Prof Whytes Kratom is widely available. You can view a certificate of analysis from Columbia Food Laboratories on its lab testing page. This is extremely rare in the kratom industry and even more so among wholesale distributors. This illustrates Prof. Whyte’s honesty and transparency.

Is Prof Whytes Kratom Legit?

Prof. Whyte does not waste your time with cheap gimmicks or tall tales. Instead, it gives it to you straight like a friend would. The company’s FAQ page keeps things simple and direct. It clues first-time users in to the realities of Mitragyna speciosa without going overboard on the fantastical stuff. Between its straightforward approach, overall transparency and exceptional kratom products Prof. Whytes Kratom is undoubtedly legitimate.

Prof Whytes Kratom Product Line

This vendor’s collection is basic but exciting, featuring everything from kratom powders and caps to kratom shots and kratom gummies. For our money, you cannot beat its White Vein, whether you purchase it in powder or capsule form. Both are pleasant in taste and aroma.

Prof Whytes Kratom Powder : Prof. Whyte takes us back to the basics with green, red, and white vein kratom. There aren’t even any fancy names here. That is because the professor is upfront about the fact that kratom only truly comes in three natural variations—green, red, and white.

Prof Whytes Kratom Best Strain : We hesitate to use any of the brand names of Prof Whytes Kratom since they may be construed as misleading. What we can say is that this vendor’s white vein kratom powder is out of this world. This White Kratom Blend is as robust as it is fragrant, offering hours of enjoyment for anyone who appreciates the scent of nature at its finest.

Prof Whytes Kratom Capsules : Each of this supplier’s kratom strains is made available in capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is an excellent way for on-the-go individuals to experience Mitragyna speciosa without the hassle of measuring out grams or carrying around a messy pouch. Capsules come in a variety of sizes, from 3-capsule samples and 52-capsule sleeves to 200-count packages. All packets are secure and resealable, and each one is emblazoned with a bar code or QR code.

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What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Prices vary depending on where you purchase Prof Whytes Kratom. You can get twenty-five grams of Prof Whytes Kratom Powder from Maine Vapor Room for $15.00. One hundred grams sell for $50.00. Over at CBD For Retail, a 30-count of Prof Whytes Kratom Capsules sells for $34.99, while Cloud Vape and Smoke offers a 200-count of caps for $68.00.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping and return policies will vary from retailer to retailer, although most land-based shops enforce strict No Refund policies. That being said, many sites provide kratom same-day shipping and even free shipping on online purchases. For example, Maine Vapor Room gives you two options—local pick-up or free USPS Standard Mail Shipping.

Prof Whytes Kratom Payment Methods

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As with shipping and price points, payment options will depend on where you decide to buy Prof Whytes Kratom. If you are a retailer who is looking to stock their shelves with this top-shelf brand, you can pay with any major credit or debit card. Prof Whytes Kratom currently accepts AmexEx, Apple Pay, Diners Club Card, Discover, Elo, Google Pay, JCB, MasterCard, PayPal, Shop Pay, Venmo, and VISA.

Prof Whytes Kratom Coupon Code

Kratom coupon codes are accepted by many online re-sellers, such as Maine Vapor Room. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to use a Prof Whyte Kratom discount code toward your order at another wholesale kratom website.

Prof Whytes Kratom Consumer Reputation

Although it has gained a sizable following on the smoke shop circuit, few consumers have mentioned them on social media. Aside from the buzz it has generated at brick-and-mortars apothecaries, Prof Whytes Kratom has yet to connect with the internet community.

Prof Whytes Kratom Customer Service

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If you wish to reach out to Prof. Whyte, you can do so by filling out the online contact form. You will receive a prompt email response from the owner. The professor is every bit as educated as their name would suggest and far more personable than most would expect. This is a passionate individual who loves what they do.

Bottom Line

While it lacks the bona fides typical of first-class direct-to-consumer kratom vendors, Prof. Whyte’s Kratom possesses a true knack for producing superior kratom products. This supplier manufactures some of the most potent liquid kratom shots on the market and offers them to retailers at a price that is both fair and equitable.

2 Reviews for “Prof Whytes Kratom Review – Read Before You Buy”

  1. Tisha Brick says:

    They run a shady business, get you on board then start messing up orders and eventually committing theft and fraud. until you blast them publicly. They will try to block you so screenshot everything. The biggest killer of the wonderful world of kratom is the distributors and businesses putting money above the customers. The product itself is a mid, nothing mind blowing and overpriced.

  2. Cody Beasley says:

    This product caused a urinal Annalise (drug test) come back positive for Fentanyl. I never have used nor seen Fentanyl in my life. Which aroused the question WTF!!


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