Philly Kratom Vendor Review

Philly Kratom Vendor Review

[Last updated: 10/16/2021]

Philly Kratom advertises “your leaf, your life.” This is a pretty standard way to market Kratom, but it seems to be working for the Philly K team.

Philly Kratom has become the most popular brand in the state of Pennsylvania, with dozens of four-star reviews and a stellar reputation for local and nationwide sales. This vendor has even landed on list of the best local kratom shops.

If you’re curious to learn more about this East coast kratom supplier you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Philly Kratom in today’s complete vendor review.

Philly Kratom Review

Those looking to buy Kratom online could do a lot worse than this brand. Philly Kratom was first established in 2018 and has been consistently producing top-notch kratom powders ever since.

Philly Kratom was founded by a reformed criminal with a checkered past. Co-owner Sean Zamorano, AKA Sean Zee, spent time behind bars before discovering kratom. According to Mr. Zee himself, this ancient herb turned his life around.

After his release, Zee threw his passion for kratom into starting a business and Philly Kratom was born. His goal from day one was to create a brand whose quality would be undeniable. Together with co-owner Megan Ann Friel, he has done just that.

Philly Kratom’s purity and potency is backed up by legit current third-party certificates of analysis. This vendor works with trusted independent laboratories to ensure unbiased assessment of every kratom batch.

Packaging is another priority, with every kratom powder coming in a secure, translucent, and re-sealable container. You’ll know it’s Philly Kratom when you see that inviting sky blue background and leafy green design.


  • Wide variety
  • Low prices
  • Third-party lab results
  • Offers split kilos
  • Accepts CashApp
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Accepts returns


  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited refund policy
  • Does not accept Bitcoin

Philly Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

If you just stick with the main page of their website, you’ll miss a lot of what Philly has to offer. We recommend clicking on the 2oz/56g link to discover the majority of the items available from this vendor.

If you visit, you’ll find everything from collective kratom spoons and enhanced kratom powders to papers, plain leaf strains, and sample packs. Bulk buyers will be pleased with its four-way split kilos.

Green Kutai is Your Leaf Your Life’s most vigorous green vein kratom powder. Green Kutai hails from the historical Kutai region of Borneo in East Kalimantan.

Like Super Green Malay (SGM), Green Vein Kutai is robust and aromatic. Unlike other green veins, it offers a subtle bouquet that will appeal to beginners who haven’t acclimated to kratom’s sometimes pungent scent.

Red Horn is another of Philly K’s strongest strains and is a steal given its relative obscurity.

Red Horn kratom powder is derived from the horn-shaped leaves of the somewhat hard-to-find horn leaf cultivar. This distinct red vein kratom powder comes from West Kalimantan, where it is typically crafted from wild trees in the rainforests.

Due to its geographical location, Red Horn Kratom possesses a unique alkaloid content that makes it more potent than your average plain leaf.

The Philly Kratom best strain is arguably White Borneo, another island favorite that has been in use for hundreds of years. This white vein packs the most fragrant perfume of all, offering gentle notes of durian, matcha tea, and blackberries.

White Vein Borneo is a perfect all-day brew, one that is as pleasant as it is long-lasting. Whereas other white veins are widely regarded as nighttime brews, White Borneo is as popular among athletes and students as it is among night shift workers.

Philly Kratom regularly carries an ever-ballooning catalog of plain leaf kratom strains, including Gold Bali, Green Bone, Green Horned Leaf, Green Malay, Green Plantation Thai, Green Pure, Philly Red Blend, Red Bone, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, Super Red, White Aceh, White Bali, White Jungle, White Maeng Da, White Pure, White Sumatra, and Yellow Vietnam.

There is also a fair number of enhanced products, such as Philly Crystal No. 63 Pure, Philly Crystal No. 65 Red Maeng Da, Philly Crystal No. 66 Bentuangie, and the Philly Special. Specialty blends include the Cobain Blend, Red Suede, and Super Green.

New additions to its plain leaf collection include Dark Gold, Green JongKong, Green Kali, Green Plantation, Green Riau, Red Riau, White Riau, White Sumatra, White Thai, and Yellow TanJuang.

Prices start at $12 for two ounces, with four ounces going for $20, and eight ounces going for $36.00. These are excellent prices when compared to those charged by most online vendors.

For example, the average supplier charges $8-10 for an ounce of kratom powder. Eight ounces can typically go for as much as $45.00.

Philly Kratom’s full kratom kilos sell for as little as $45, which is less than what most vendors charge for five hundred grams.

For the sake of comparison, Mitragaia charges $160 for a kilo, while Amazing Botanicals charges $99 for a two-way split kilo. That is one thousand grams for more than double what Philly Kratom charges for the same.

Not only are these prices phenomenal but the payment options are equally convenient. You can choose between CashApp, credit/debit cards, Google Pay, GreenBeanPay (i.e. secure bank payments), Venmo, and Zelle.

Philly Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

This vendor offers promo codes, but not from the typical sources. You can try “YLYL” to take 15 percent off everything except for their split kilos.

In addition to its odd promotional code, Philly Kratom provides a kratom military discount to veterans of the armed services. Persons with physical or emotional disabilities may also qualify for discounts. Visitors are encouraged to inquire by email.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), with orders of $50 or more receiving free Priority Mail shipping. Holiday orders qualify for UPS shipping.

Returns are accepted on a case by case basis, but no refund is guaranteed. You may contact this vendor within seven days of receiving your order to discuss the prospect of a return.

All returned items must be in their original packaging and must not have been tampered with in any way. Opened products will not qualify for an exchange or refund.

Returns must be accompanied by a tracking number and must be unopened. Exchanges are not completed until Philly Kratom receives all relevant merchandise. Buyers bear the cost of return shipping, with the balance being refunded at the appropriate time.

Philly Kratom Consumer Reputation

As previously mentioned, this vendor has a stellar 4.9-star rating out of 40 reviewers. In fact, only two reviews are less than 5 stars, and none of them are 1-star. If you’ve been around the internet for more than a minute, you’ll know how rare this truly is!

  • “Absolutely hands down the best kratom source I’ve had ever had. I know many people who take kratom and they agree that Philly Kratom has pure fresh products, but at an amazing price!”
  • “These guys are the best Kratom folks you’ll find in the USA, let alone Philadelphia.”
  • “Hands down the best kratom vendor I have found, they have consistent, unmatched quality and top notch customer service.”
  • “Top notch vendors and magnificent products!! I have several options living in Texas that I can go to, but I’d genuinely rather go to Philly Kratom!!”
  • “Great people and clean, tested, potent kratom!”

Customer service is a big deal for Philly Kratom. Not one person rated their customer service below 5 stars, so you know you’re going to be taken care of!

  • “Lightning fast shipping and processing. Communication is outstanding. Unbeatable quality products. Customer service so good it cannot be compared to any other vendor.”
  • “PK is not only great products for great prices, they have top notch customer service whether its questions or getting your orders to you quickly and correctly!”
  • “Amazing product and amazing service at great prices. You are getting your product from people who love and truly care about what the product your [sic] getting.”
  • “Hands down the best in philly and beyond – nowhere else comes close to the quality, value, and service!”
  • “Awesome Customer Service and AMAZING products! Very strong extract and super fresh leaf! Love everything that I’ve tried here and love the owners!”

Bottom Line

Kratom powder

As you can see, this vendor has got a lot of happy customers. If you’re in the Philly area, or feel like ordering online, be sure to give Philly Kratom a try.

Have you been looking for a rare strain that you can’t find from this vendor? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors!

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