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Philly Kratom is an acclaimed kratom supplier with a reputation far exceeding its relatively short history in the industry. Known for its fun and games and fresh Indo kratom, this vendor has consistently surprised consumers. The brand has earned dozens of four-star reviews and more.

We’ll fill you in if you’re wondering whether this outfit is legit. Learn about the pros and cons of this East Coast outfit in our comprehensive kratom vendor review.

What is Philly Kratom?

Philly Kratom is a kratom vendor from the Rhawnhurst area of Philadelphia, PA, where it works tirelessly five days a week to bring you the freshest lab-tested kratom it can. This vendor specializes in exotic offerings, such as crushed leaves, enhanced kratom, collectibles, specialty blends, and Sumatran coffee.

What really caught our eye was this vendor’s ingenuity and transparency. Not only does it come up with some of the kookiest original kratom innovations on the market, but it is also upfront about its inventory and policies. For instance, the company’s FAQ page apologizes for lacking whole kratom kilos.

The page reads: “Unfortunately, at this time, our stock is limited. We do not have enough to offer single-strain kilos just yet. There is a split kilo category, where you can pick a split half or full kilo.”

We regret to inform you that Philly Kratom is not a participant in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s GMP Standards Program. This program was designed to hold vendors accountable and require more thorough (and honest) product information. Alas, this brand does not carry a GMP seal.

Though it lacks GMP certification, Philly Kratom has proven itself to be a legitimate business committed to customer satisfaction. Philly Kratom lab results are freely available on its website and include current and former results. So, you can always compare its present potency to that of its predecessors. We are given every reason to trust this vendor.



What It Has to Offer

Philly Kratom carries more than 20 distinct kratom strains, including Green JongKong, Green Kali, Green Malay, Green Plantation Thai, Green Riau, Red Bali, Red Bone, Red Maeng Da, Red Suede, Super Green, White Borneo, White Jungle, White Riau, White Sumatra, White Thai, and Yellow Tanjung.

Additionally, Philly Kratom offers crushed leaf and its signature “Break Time Blend,” derived from Stem & Vein. This blend possesses some unique attributes, which you only get from Stem & Vein. This owes to differing particles used in the product, customarily removed during kratom powder’s manufacturing process.

As if this variety weren’t reason enough to check this brand out, you’ve got the company’s many consumer incentives. These include a kratom military discount, which applies to any veteran or disabled customer. You can visit its Veterans/Disability Program for more in-depth info on this plan.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start at $12 for two ounces of kratom powder, which is quite impressive. We have seen many sketchy online vendors charging as much as $23 for a single ounce of late. Even reputable vendors generally charge more for small-batch kratom.

With Philly Kratom, you can get four ounces for $20, eight ounces for $35, or a four-way split of 500 grams for $47.00. You can also score a four-way kilo for $90.00. These are fair market prices, some even lower than the current industry standard.

For comparison, charges $59 for 500 grams, while Tea Time Botanicals charges as much as $66.00 for the same. Meanwhile, a kratom kilo ranges from $79.99 ( to $120 ( in the current marketplace.

This vendor currently accepts major credit/debit cards, which is typical of your more dependable kratom supplier. Moreover, the return policy gives you a week to request an exchange or refund if you are still looking for more from its kratom. However, products must be unopened.

This vendor has a genuinely astonishing assortment of payment options. It accepts Bitcoin, Cash App, credit cards, Google Pay, GreenBeanPay, money orders, and Zelle. Alternatively, you can make a credit or debit transaction securely and discreetly.

image of philly kratom how it costs and compares

Philly Kratom Coupon Code and Discounts

The Philly Kratom coupon Reddit page may seem like an excellent place to find deals on this brand but consider how dated and fake such content can be. We recommend contacting the vendor directly if you want a verified Philly Kratom coupon. Those who sign up for its email newsletter get instant access to discounts.

You may be eligible for Philly Kratom free samples, promo codes, early access, and more. Vendors like this one often create raffles for kratom giveaways and wheel-spinning pop-ups that enable customers to win up to 20% off their first order.

Philly Kratom Customer Reviews

Consumer dig this brand for its goodies, including its Philly Kratom Bingo Card. This card comes with each order. Those who play can win big prizes from the vendor’s store.

Reddit customers have called Philly Kratom terrific, with one reviewer writing, “I just tried it for the first time today with their awesome sample pack. It was all incredible, but the pure green, green kali, and Green Cobain stand out.”

A reviewer on Google said, “My wife and I have been ordering from here for a bit over a year, and it is always great quality, fast shipping, and the price is wicked fair! The balls, stickers, etc… in the shipping box are always cute, and I have fun watching the wife and kid sort out whose it is.”

On Reddit, a customer said, “Literally my fave red ever! It’s such a gorgeous color! The Philly Special is good too (which I said loool), but to reiterate! They have points and great sales. I rarely use green, but their gayo is fire!”

There are numerous online kratom forums with threads about this vendor. One post is devoted to the subject of a Philly Kratom extract recipe. We would advise against reading these kinds of posts, as they are often inaccurate and almost always damaging to the livelihood of the kratom supplier.

Bottom Line

Our research indicates that Philly Kratom is a trustworthy domestic kratom vendor with high-quality items. Its customer reputation is unimpeachable, and its kratom powder is genuinely refreshing. Still on the fence? Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to compare products, pricing, etc.

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