Pharmacy Dropout Kratom Vendor Review

Pharmacy Dropout, better known as PDO Botanicals, is a family owned business. With only two people handling everything, it’s probably a good thing that they never got very popular. But for those on the West Coast, this company has decent prices at slightly higher than average prices.

PDO Botanicals Kratom Review

A decent looking site is the first thing that will greet you when you go to Pharmacy Dropout’s site. You’ll also see a dropdown menu at the top of the page, but don’t use this to find their Kratom products. Instead, scroll down the main page until you get to the “Kratom Powder” section. Click on it, and then you’ll be shown more than 50 products.

Pharmacy Dropout Kratom Product Line

You can definitely find almost any Kratom you’re looking for from PDO Botanicals. This is a plus, and it is part of the reason that some people will pay their prices.

  • Powder – Pink Bali, Amber Bali, Bali Collection, Enhanced Workday Blend, Green Bali, Green Bentuangie, Green Cambodian Maeng Da, Green Malaysian Maeng Da, Green Northern Sumatran, Green Raiu, Brown Indo, Horned Leaf Green Thai, Indo Green “Com” Horned Leaf, Malaysian Pig, Malaysian White Maeng Da, New Guinea Green Horned, Red Indo Plantation Grown, Malaysian Red Plantation Grown, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Cambodian Maeng Da, Red Kapuas Hulu, Red Malaysian, Red Northern Sumatran, Red Spiked Leaf Indo, Red Aceh, Red Thai, Green Aceh, Red Sulawesi, Green Horned Malaysian, Vietnamese Mekong Green, Vietnamese Mekong Red, White Bali, White Cambodian, White Horn, White Mekong Vietnamese, White Northern Sumatran, Wild Harvested Green Malaysian, Wild Harvested Green Vein Borneo, Wild Harvested Red Vein Borneo, & Yellow Indonesian Horned Leaf.
  • Crushed Leaf – White, Red, and Green Leaf, Green Bali, Green Malaysian, Green Raiu, Red Horned Leaf, & White Horned Leaf.
  • Extract – 50x Full Spectrum Extract & 20x Extract
  • Ultra Enhanced – Green Horned Indo, Red Vein Indo, & White Horned Leaf.

Pharmacy dropout kratom product

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

This pricing at Pharmacy Dropout is all over the map. In general, you can get 50g for about $15. The overall pricing is $15 – $600.

Pharmacy Dropout Coupon Code

Buying Kratom is always better with a discount code. Unfortunately, this vendor doesn’t seem to use a lot of discounts.

PDO Botanicals Consumer Reputation

Over on I Love Kratom, there are several people who like Pharmacy Dropout. One person went on to rave about them, reporting that the “prices were GREAT.” On Reddit, someone said, “Pharmacy Dropout’s pricing is middle of the road… P.D. has fast shipping.” Another forum member on I Love Kratom indicated that they “have tried PDO many times & have to say it’s some of the finest, best quality Kratom.”

Pharmacy Dropout Customer Service

This vendor has fantastic returns policy. In fact, it states that “you can request a full refund, which will come in the form of a check. We also swap products for free.” Sounds great, but does PDO Botanicals really live up to this?

On Reddit, a member says, “Both times I received free replacement of my choice. Every larger purchase, including the free replacements, has included free additional samples.” Sounds good to us!

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaf

Pharmacy Dropout sounds like a fairly good vendor. They have a very nice selection of products available, plus they will actually exchange them of you don’t like what you get. This fact alone may be worth their price, especially with the free samples.

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