Pep Kratom Vendor Review

Pep Kratom is a decade-old kratom vendor that once specialized in kratom capsules and kratom powder. In recent years, the brand’s former luster has been lost and it has become something of an enigma.

This supplier used to maintain an online store at https://pepkratom.com, but it does not appear to be accessible at this time. Whether this has to do with mistrust or malfunction remains to be seen.

If you’re wondering what the deal is with this once-iconic head shop brand, then read on to learn everything we know. We will tell you all about the pros and cons of Pep Kratom in our comprehensive kratom vendor review.

Pep Kratom Product Review

Pep Kratom, often stylized as P.E.P. Kratom, was first established in 2012. This North American kratom vendor was one of the first wholesale kratom suppliers to attempt a social media presence. In its first year in business, the company started an ill-fated Twitter account, which never really caught on.

Today, Pep Kratom’s Twitter has a total of 55 followers and no presence whatsoever. It would seem as though Pep Kratom never bothered to Tweet anything, much less engage with potential customers. This is odd since most e-commerce brands invariably connect with kratom enthusiasts via online kratom forums, such as I Love Kratom and Reddit.

More perplexing is its utter lack of verified reviews; vendors will often go out of business with little warning, but they typically leave behind a number of reviews from consumers and professional bloggers alike. In Pep Kratom’s case, there isn’t a single supportable review; on the contrary, YouTube reviews that once touted this brand have been mysteriously removed.

image of pep kratom products

All of this is rather surprising given Pep Kratom’s longevity – the brand was around for nearly ten years before it vanished. If you have purchased kratom from a head shop, you know how much name recognition kratom brands receive. It is an inevitability given the prominence with which they are displayed at convenience stores, filling stations and smoke shops. After polling more than ten consumers at six different smoke shop locations, our survey found only one customer who remembered Pep Kratom. As it later turned out, this person was confusing Pep Kratom with Pop Kratom, a prominent wholesaler that is still in business.

Pep Kratom never penetrated the popular consciousness in quite the way that Pop Kratom’s collection has. This is baffling since its packaging was actually superior to that of many other brands. P.e.p. Super Premium Kratom Capsules carried brightly colored, easily distinguishable labels in a variety of unique colors. Each container of kratom capsules boasted a snap-down lid, which was more like a next-generation Tic Tac dispenser than the tops we are used to in the kratom industry.

At the height of its powers, Pep Kratom sold a number of enhanced and plain leaf kratom strains in green vein, red vein, and white veins, such as Enhanced Thai, Malaysian Kratom, and Super Indo. These strains were offered in capsule form for your convenience. Back in 2012, Pep Kratom was offered by bestkratomcapsules.com, a site that now redirects to kratomcountry.com. When you search for ‘pep kratom’ on the site, no results are displayed.

We cannot speak to the value of its pricing or shipping options, as its website is no longer active. We can, however, tell you that its online store was a mess. The design of the site was low-rent, difficult to navigate, and rather confusing. It lacked the features many consumers expect from a kratom store, such as an FAQ page, refund policy, lab results page, and more.

These are some of the possible reasons for Pep Kratom’s dissolution, but all of this is merely conjecture. This review is based on extensive research and our resultant speculation. If you know more about what happened to Pep Kratom, please let us know in the comments.

Pep Kratom Customer Reviews

image of pep kratom customer reviews

As we mentioned earlier, no customer reviews have appeared on the internet and there has been nary no mention of Pep Kratom since its inception. It has not been acknowledged as an approved vendor by the ILK, nor has it received accreditation that we are aware of.

Pep Kratom Complaints

The only significant social media post regarding this brand appeared seven years ago. In a Reddit post, a first-time user said, “I recently purchased some Maeng Da kratom capsules (P.E.P. brand) from a local

head shop. My experience was poor. I started [with] 2 grams and worked my way up to 12 grams … never … a single thing.”

Is It Lab-Tested?

Pep Kratom did not make any claims about third-party laboratory testing, nor did it disclose any certificates of analysis. Many vendors opt to keep their testing methods a secret, but most offer some acknowledgment of the need for quality control. No record of this exists for Pep Kratom or its products.

Is Pep Kratom Legit?

There is insufficient evidence to suggest that Pep Kratom was a legitimate brand; what little information are available points to the contrary. Our research indicates that Pep Kratom was a low-level smoke shop brand that lacked any association with watchdog or advocacy groups. Its name never achieved the recognition typical of top head shop brands.

Top Alternatives

There is nothing inherently wrong with buying kratom locally, but you should be on high alert for potentially dangerous kratom products. Since kratom remains unregulated, many shady head shop brands use risky additives in their products.

You can usually tell the difference between shady kratom products and legit kratom products by the packaging of the same. Top brands like MIT 45 and OPMS carry detailed labeling, which includes instructions, warnings, and seals of accreditation. The following are the top three examples of Pep Kratom Alternatives in 2022:

Each of these vendors voluntarily submits to a third-party audit with the AKA and all have passed muster with this judicious organization. All of these vendors enjoy a four-star rating or better among hundreds of confirmed reviews.

American Kratom Association

image of american kratom association

This vendor was not affiliated with the AKA, nor did it participate in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is unfortunate, as GMP certification may have been instrumental in its success. The GMP program was designed to keep vendors honest and hold them accountable for safety, purity, and potency.

The GMP program established standards by which kratom processors must adhere. These standards extend from manufacturing and labeling to marketing, distribution, and verification of contents.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Pep Kratom was a less-than-stellar smoke shop kratom supplier whose products never quite caught on with the kratom community. There are plenty of vendors on the market, but they aren’t all created equal. For the best results, consumers should always do some digging. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full list of the top kratom brands.

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