PDO Botanicals Kratom Review – Product Cost and Price Comparison

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PDO Botanicals is owned by Jeff and Tiffany, a husband-and-wife duo whose mission is to provide a safe alternative to prescription medication and the synthetic drugs that flooded the market. Since the early 2010s, the couple has been selling Kratom leaves, powder, and capsules in an effort to introduce the health benefits of Kratom, the “miracle plant” from Southeast Asia.

While PDO Botanicals is not as popular as its competitors, its product line is generally well-reviewed within the kratom community. Jeff and Tiffany are also very hands-on with their business, and they are known for their transparency and honest communication with their customers.

In this PDO Botanicals kratom review, we will take a closer look at this brand and see whether or not they live up to their reputation for producing high-quality, consistent products.

PDO Botanicals Review: Products and Services

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It is worth mentioning that PDO Botanicals is also the same as Pharmacy Dropout LLC. Both brands use the www.pdobotanicals.com domain, so don’t be confused by the different names. In short, if you order a product from PDO Botanicals, you may receive it from either PDO Botanicals or Pharmacy Dropout.

PDO Botanicals’ website is quite simple and easy to navigate. The company’s main page offers a detailed overview of all their Kratom, CBD, and other Botanical products. Under their Kratom product line, they offer Kratom leaves, powder, and capsules. Some of the exotic Kratom strains that they carry include Vietnamese Mekong Green, White Northern Sumatra, Amber Veined Bali, Cambodian Super Green, and so much more.

PDO Botanicals’ Kratom powder is available in 50g, 100g, 500g, and 1kg while their Kratom capsules can be purchased in quantities of 100pcs, 500pcs, 1000pcs, and 2000pcs. PDO Botanicals’ products are well-made, tested, and come with an industry-leading money-back guarantee, so there is virtually no risk in trying out their products.

When it comes to packaging, PDO Botanicals’ uses stand-up pouches (to reduce the amount of plastic used) with small printed labels and product information (to cut back on ink). They mail their Kratom products in a semi-dark tan, air-sealed, non-transparent envelope to minimize radiation and prevent contaminants from getting into the products.

PDO Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

PDO Botanicals’ Kratom products are pricier than their competitors, which proves to be a problem for many Kratom users. If you are on a budget, PDO Botanicals may not be the best choice.

Below is a quick summary of PDO Botanicals’ products and pricing:

pdo botanicals products and cost comparison

Kratom Powder 

  • 50g – $15.00
  • 100g – $30.00
  • 500g – $120.00
  • 1kg – $180.00

Kratom Capsules

  • 100pcs – $20.00
  • 500pcs – $90.00
  • 1000pcs – $180.00
  • 2000pcs – $300.00

Kratom Leaves (Crushed)

  • 50g – $20.00
  • 100g – $40.00

PDO Botanicals’ kratom products are more expensive than Kats Botanicals but more affordable than Kraken Kratom. They are on the higher-end of the market, so be prepared to shell out more cash for their kratom products.

PDO Botanicals Customer Reviews

5-star customer review graphic

PDO Botanicals may not be as popular as Kats Botanicals or Kraken Kratom, but they have a pretty solid reputation in the Kratom community. They are known for delivering quality products, and many people appreciate their business practices.

Here’s a few of the positive reviews that PDO Botanicals has received from customers:

“I have been using PDO Botanicals for several years and always come back quickly after trying some slick offer or a promise of a super exotic strain. The ability of having a knowledgeable person who backs his words is indispensable in these days when bats fill the air.” – Rich H., Kratomaton

“I’ve been using them as my primary vendor for about a year and a half now, and I am very happy with their products. Their prices aren’t the best, but they do have some very attractive sales from time to time if you sign up for their newsletter. Their products have always been good to great in my experience, but I generally stick with the Reds and occasional Greens. Lately, I’ve been a fan of the Vietnamese Mekong Red and the New Guinea Green Horned Maeng Da.” – FuegoJohnson, Reddit

There’s a substantial amount of positive reviews about PDO Botanicals from people who have tried their products. Most of them commend PDO Botanicals’ customer service and the fact that they’re a good company to work with.

PDO Botanicals Customer Complaints

PDO Botanicals also receives occasional customer complaints but they are few and far between. There is no way to be sure that a specific complaint about PDO Botanicals is legitimate or not, so it’s best to assume that every complaint is valid until proven otherwise.

Below are some of the complaints that PDO Botanicals reviews have received:

“I bought some White Cambodian from them a few weeks ago and it was poison. Really bad headache, sick to my stomach, no Kratom effect. Maybe it was just that strain (or me) and they fixed the issue, but be careful. I emailed the owner with my concerns and they are sending me replacement items.” – Trailshot, Reddit

“Total ripoff. I placed an order 2 weeks before Christmas. It is not the second week of January and all I get is excuses. I gave this place a second chance after getting a below-advertised weight on the previous shipment (about 40% less than it was supposed to be).” – AdGrand9554, Reddit

In general, PDO Botanicals is seen as a reliable seller with a good reputation. There are some occasional complaints, but nothing substantial enough to cause any concern. Read more reviews on this Reddit page for PDO Botanicals.

PDO Botanicals Coupons

image of pdo botanicals coupon

As of this writing, we did not find any coupon codes for PDO Botanicals. They do run periodic promotions, so visit their website every once in a while to see what they have to offer.

Is PDO Botanicals Legit?

Yes, PDO Botanicals is legitimate, and you can trust them with your business. They have been in the industry for years, and they’ve been around long enough to establish themselves as a trusted company.


There is no doubt that PDO Botanicals delivers high-quality products, and they have a lot of satisfied customers. As far as their customer service is concerned, they seem to be doing a pretty good job, which is another good sign. If you’re looking for a reputable vendor, PDO Botanicals is a good place to start.

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