Overseas Organix Review: Product Quality & Pricing

overseas organix vendor review

Overseas Organix is an herb shop out of Central Florida known for its dynamic kratom extracts and generous “free” samples, but everything isn’t as it seems. Although it’s new to the scene, Overseas Organix has generated significant buzz. Unfortunately, its promotional efforts are more than a little sus.

This wholesale kratom vendor may seem like a top-shelf brand, but its website leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re thinking about buying kratom extracts online, you’ll want to keep reading. In today’s comprehensive post, we’ll give you a full overview of Overseas Organix.

Overseas Organix Kratom Review

Overseas Organix is a new vendor in the wholesale kratom space. In under one year, it’s managed to attract a number of reviews. But it went about it in a fairly disingenuous way. How did this no-name brand go from an obscure start-up to dozens of social media ratings?

Simple. Owner Maxwell Horvath allegedly bribes customers into leaving “cool reviews” on Google or Reddit. In exchange for a (mostly) positive review, customers receive a coupon code that’s good for four free ounces of kratom powder. As if this isn’t sketchy enough, you have to spend $25 in order to qualify. Big yikes.

Unprofessional solicitation aside, Overseas Organix is a lab-tested brand that shares its third-party lab results right on its site. However, some things that could be improved in this area. You’ll notice that only some of its labs are consistent.

This kratom wholesaler specializes in 50% kratom extracts, in powder and tincture form. According to the company’s owner, Overseas extract has consistently tested for 75% mitragynine content. That is hard to believe since no proof of these concentrations is provided.

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The brand’s packaging is rad, like something you’d expect to see in an old comic book or on a psychedelic album cover – all drippy letters surrounded by vibrant colors and lush greenery. Each kratom strain is afforded its own avatar from the animal kingdom. Examples include the obligatory Elephant (as in Elephant Kratom), tiger, dragon, and dinosaur.

Each colorful pouch is sturdy, easy to reseal, and just as easy to store. Packages come with QR codes for locating batch numbers and relevant labs. Where Overseas Organix truly fails is in its need for more details.

The online store may feature a wide and varied assortment of extracts and kratom powder, but it’s light on special features. Its FAQ page is prominently displayed, but can only be opened for reasons that aren’t explained. As such, we are left in the dark about its return policy or origins.

This last part is incredibly disheartening when you consider Overseas Organix is located in Florida, notorious for growing locally. As we’ve said many times on this blog, Florida’s balmy climate may seem like a no-brainer for growing kratom, but its soil and general environment compromise kratom’s alkaloid profile. This can result in a weaker product.

What It Has to Offer

Overseas Organix stocks a range of products, including plain leaf kratom, powdered kratom extracts, and liquid kratom shots. It even sells an absurd amount of liquid kratom extract, such as a ridiculous amount worthy of sketch comedy. Strains include Red Bali, as well as Green, Red, and White Maeng Da.

There are several powdered extracts, including 45% MIT Extract, 50% MIT Extract, and 80% Liquid Kratom Extract, in addition to its famed 75% MIT Powder and its bulk kratom deals. Overseas Organix sells “ultra-premium” bulk kratom in bundles of three, five, and 10-kilogram pouches.

Rather than focus on reasonable prices or a great product, this vendor uses a hot chick in a string bikini to entice potential customers. A shot of her wrapping her fingers around a big golden kratom pouch while beaming seductively at the camera is as much a come-on as the “free” sample. This all gives us a major pause.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

One-time buyers pay $12.99 for an ounce of kratom powder, while monthly subscribers pay $10.99. The latter is a fair market price, while the former is relatively high. For comparison, Soulful Herbals charges as little as eight bucks for a full ounce, while Get Kratom charges $10.00.

At Overseas Organix, you can get four ounces for $29.99, 16 ounces for $64.99, or a kratom kilo for $119.99. Subscribers get kilos for $99.99 per month, which is absurd because the casual consumer is not going through 1,000 grams of kratom per month, nor should anyone in their right mind. This is a shameful tactic to keep turning profits at a breakneck pace.

Once you see its bulk pricing, the need to distract customers with an attractive model will make more sense. Three kilos sell for $350, which is the obverse of a discount. When you consider that most kilos sell for around $100, three kilos for $350 seems like a rip-off. No cap.

Overseas Organix Customer Reviews

This vendor has received a five-star rating from 10 Google reviews, which doesn’t seem like much. On the other hand, the company has only been in business since 2021. Considering how new it is, it’s managed to inspire the kratom community.

Overseas Organix reviews on traditional platforms may be scarce, but Overseas Organix Reddit posts are voluminous. One community member wrote, “I liked their kratom…I’ll likely order again, but I wouldn’t rave about it like it’s the best I’ve seen in the last decade.”

Another member agreed, writing, “Is it the best kratom on the market? No, but it’s definitely good stuff and I was certainly impressed. This dude is just trying to get his business off the ground, and this is  pretty common practice.”

One member said of its 40% kratom extract, “Very potent…this takes the cake or at least comes close,” while a Google reviewer said, “Tried the sampler pack, the take away is super fresh kratom…all the strains were a vibrant green…I’m not a consumer of extracts generally, so maybe that’s why I was so blown away.”

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Best Overseas Organix Alternative

Those who appreciate a more straightforward, professional experience can get just that from MIT45. This GMP-certified manufacturer is industry-approved and highly rated. The online community has embraced its innovative kratom products, including its first-of-its-kind 45% mitragynine liquid kratom shot.

Those who want something robust at a reasonable price would do well to check out its MIT GO Black Extra Strength. This honey-based kratom gel is infused with spicy and sweet kratom potentiators for a well-rounded and long-lasting experience. Each two-serving squeezable pouch sells for just $11.95. Let’s see Overseas Organix beat that!

Bottom Line

In summary, Overseas Organix is a good brand with some questionable methods. While we aren’t about to recommend a brand that doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee, we can see that many customers seem to enjoy it. Its safety is another matter, one you can explore on its Labs page.

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