Original Harvest Kratom Review: The Complete Guide to the vendor

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In recent years, the BEA (Botanical Education Alliance) has estimated that the kratom industry is worth somewhere around five billion dollars. It should come as little surprise that hundreds of vendors are looking to cash in on the kratom craze. With offices in California and Toronto, Original Harvest Kratom is one of the farthest reaching kratom suppliers in North America. This West coast company saw the value in expanding its operations from Hollywood Boulevard to the capital of Ontario.

By serving SoCal and B-Town, Original Harvest Kratom (OHK) has effectively expanded its physical reach and name recognition. In spite of its status as a transnational brand, OHK isn’t necessarily the success story they once sounded like. Read on to learn all about the pros and cons of this wholesale vendor in our Original Harvest Kratom review.

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Original Harvest Kratom Review

This Los Angeles vendor opened its doors in 2018 to much fanfare. Within months of its inception, Original Harvest Kratom was rolled out to retail outlets across the United States. In the last few years, it has become commonplace to find OHK kratom strains in smoke shops and convenience stores nationwide. The brand became synonymous with professionalism thanks to its bold logo and streamlined design. OHK’s handsome packaging and clean-looking kratom powder left a vestige on the minds of kratom enthusiasts.

Part of Original Harvest Kratom’s allure was its name, which seemed to denote old school cultural customs and natural purity. But there was nothing particularly traditional about this vendor’s approach. On the contrary, the brand was notorious for its Kratom Leaf, a category of kratom extracts produced by removing the indole alkaloids from multiple M. speciosa leaves and infusing them into a limited amount of kratom powder. Many of OHK’s products were enhanced by natural or synthetic means, leading some to question the legitimacy of the brand’s name. The company’s once-prominent and all-encompassing online store appears to be disabled at this time. When we searched for Originalharvestkratom.com, we were met with a prompt reading, “DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain.”

This points to the possible deactivation or removal of Original Harvest Kratom’s domain/URL, whether deliberately or as a result of failure to renew services. Deactivated websites are hardly out of the ordinary in this cutthroat business, but it is never a good sign. In OHK’s case, there is a strong possibility that the site went under due to consumer backlash. This seller stopped posting to its social media accounts in February, which suggests that something changed for the worst in the last six months. Thus far, there has been little mention of OHK’s disappearance on kratom forums.

It is worth mentioning that OHK’s final Facebook post featured an image of a kratom packet bearing a different company logo. The label in question featured an avatar of a leaf underneath the words Lifted Botanicals. The surprise appearance of this new brand on OHK’s FB profile may explain Original Harvest Kratom’s sudden disappearance. It has become increasingly ordinary for troubled vendors to pull a vanishing act before swiftly re-branding. It is fairly probable that OHK has morphed into Lifted Botanicals, a newly-minted brand that will be untarnished by OHK’s history of bad business practices.

Is it Lab Tested?

Original Harvest Kratom offered many things, including a purported money-back guarantee and kratom same-day shipping, but third-party labs were never one of them. Based on our research, OHK never bothered to offer information regarding independent third-party analysis. This is unfortunate, as the best kratom vendors understand the importance of testing for potential contaminants and alkaloid concentration.

Is Original Harvest Kratom Legit?

This is a difficult question to answer without passing judgment on a vendor that is not here to defend itself. On the one hand, OHK produced high-quality kratom powder that was beloved my many customers who appreciated its fast shipping options and multiple payment options. On the other hand, the Original Harvest Kratom name was associated with shipping delays, failure to fulfill orders, and sending items in error.

As we mentioned earlier, OHK did not lab test its kratom, which immediately renders it less than legitimate. While it is easy to say that Original Harvest Kratom was not legit, we feel it important to remind our readers that these matters are largely subjective. At one point, Original Harvest Kratom was at the top of our list of the best kratom vendors. That it has since fallen from grace only reinforces the competitive nature of the marketplace.

Original Harvest Kratom Product Line

orginal harvest kratom products

This vendor has offered a host of products in the past, including CBD oil, kratom powder, and kratom capsules. This vendor’s collection was larger than most, encompassing more than 50 unique kratom strains.

Original Harvest Kratom Powders : OHK regularly stocked an abundance of green, red, and white vein kratom powders. It also produced enhanced kratom powder, including a profusion of kratom extracts, and gold and yellow vein kratom powders. The following were some of its best-sellers:

  • Bali White
  • Maeng Da Red
  • Red Horn
  • Red Riau
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Malay
  • White Hulu Kapuas

Prices started at $15.95 for one ounce of powder. More on this in a moment.

Original Harvest Kratom Capsules : This vendor’s caps were jumbo size and longer lasting than most, coming as they did from a 10x extraction process that enhanced the kratom powder within. Kratom capsules started at $24.95 for a bottle of one hundred capsules.

What’s It Gonna Cost?

As we mentioned earlier, prices started at $15.95 for an ounce of kratom powder. You could purchase two ounces for $28.95, four ounces for $57.95, or eight ounces for $114.95. To put it bluntly, these prices are downright obscene. Most online kratom vendors charge somewhere between $90-140 for a kratom kilo. Each kilogram contains approximately 35.274 ounces of kratom powder. By contrast, Original Harvest Kratom was charging $114.95 for two hundred twenty six grams. This is more than any reputable kratom vendor would charge for less than half a kilo. For example, two hundred twenty-five grams of Whole Herbs Kratom sell for $59.99. Mitragaia charges $25.50 for two hundred fifty grams.

Original Harvest Kratom Coupon Code

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In the past, OHK has offered a wide range of promotions to its customers, including kratom coupon codes. These codes were frequently redeemable for anywhere from five to 15% off your total at checkout. Unfortunately, coupon codes aren’t always what they are cracked up to be. As one consumer learned after placing an order off a 15% off Original Harvest Kratom coupon code, their order was still pricey and the company took their money without ever providing them with the items they purchased.

Original Harvest Kratom Consumer Reputation

There are a number of complaints filed against OHK on the Better Business Bureau’s website. One customer said, “Never received product. No one returns emails or answers calls. I ordered products several weeks ago. Paid for 3-5 day shipping and item still hasn’t been received…When I check the tracking number it says label created not yet shipped, which was already over a week after I made the purchase.” Another customer wrote, “Sent e-transfer to company for order. Order did not ship. Refund requested, requests ignored…My bank statement shows payment was processed same day as the order was placed/saved…They took my money and have sent me nothing. I telephoned the company several times and no response.”

Yet another customer said, “I ordered six weeks ago. Never received order, still doesn’t even show it shipped. I have emailed them five times with no response. Their phone number is fake, no one answers.”

Original Harvest Kratom Customer Service

We have heard nothing but negative things about this vendor’s customer support staff. Some consumers have suggested that its phone number is merely a placeholder. Others have lamented the lack of replies when sending an email to customer service. It is clear that this supplier had little interest in keeping its customers satisfied. Regardless of its supposed money-back guarantee, OHK was lousy when it came to deferring to its patrons.

Bottom Line

Green vein kratom powder

Original Harvest Kratom may be an approved vendor at ILK (I Love Kratom), but this transnational brand has received little love from the online kratom forum community. Based on our research, OHK is not a vendor worthy of recommendation. Furthermore, first-time buyers should be wary of its shoddy business practices. This kratom vendor may have been excellent when it started out, but it has fallen out of favor rather quickly. If you want to buy kratom online, you would do well to research the site beforehand. Failing that, you’ll want to avoid any brand associated with OHK.

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