Opal Kratom Vendor Review

Opal Kratom is an East Coast kratom vendor whose products are offered exclusively via wholesalers and retail outlets. Where other brands spread themselves thin by producing every seemingly innovative item that hits the market, Opal Kratom has focused its efforts exclusively on plain-leaf kratom strains.

By ignoring fads and concentrating on quality, Opal Kratom has secured its place in the wholesale marketplace. As of this writing, there are at least five wholesale kratom suppliers offering Opal Kratom online, but only one of them is worthy of discussion.

If you’re thinking about buying Opal Kratom, you owe it to yourself to check out today’s post. We’ll tell you all about the pros and cons of this Illinois brand in our complete kratom vendor review.

Opal Kratom Product Review

Opal Kratom is something of a mysterious brand; its manufacturers do not maintain their own e-commerce site, nor do they offer direct-to-consumer sales. If you run a Google search for ‘What is Opal Kratom,’ you won’t find an About Us page or a description of Opal Kratom products. Instead, you will find product pages for its kratom strains, such as bulk kratom capsules and kratom powder.

One of the advantages of buying Opal Kratom powder is its packaging, which is deceptively simple but rather convenient. In spite of the generic look of its pouches, each package features a large translucent window through which you can see the texture and freshness of your purchase. It also enables discerning consumers the ability to examine the vein color of the item they are buying.

Based on our research, Opal Kratom is manufactured by a company called Opal Labs, which may or may not be located in Oregon. Although its headquarters may be based in the Pacific Northwest, its largest wholesale affiliate is Kratom Roots in Elmhurst, IL. It is this DuPage County wholesale kratom depot that stocks all of Opal Labs’ products online.

Kratom Roots’ website is streamlined and attractive, providing visitors with a professional design and easy-to-navigate pages. Those who scroll through can find lists of hot items, new arrivals, limited-time closeout clearances, exclusive sales, and detailed descriptions of its many kratom brands.

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Though it has been in business for a number of years, Opal Kratom lacks the consumer reputation common to long-established brands. It has yet to receive a lick of attention from online kratom forums or on social media in general.

Despite the relative lack of name recognition on the internet, Opal Kratom continues to be stocked by a wide range of nationwide head shops and convenience stores. Of the five-plus wholesale websites carrying Opal Kratom, Kratom Roots is considered the most reasonable. This vendor stocks green veins, red veins, and white veins.

Opal Kratom strains include Bali Kratom, Green Borneo, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Maeng Da, White Borneo, and White Maeng Da.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start as low as $9.99 for thirty grams, which is more than a full ounce for less than what many charges for twenty-eight grams or less. For example, Kratzilla charges $29.99, while My Brave Botanicals charges $25.00.

Kratom Roots offers sixty grams of Opal Kratom powder for $14.99, which isn’t the most affordable per gram price (some e-commerce sites charge as little as eight cents per gram), but it compares favorably to prices charged by big-name vendors. For example, Klarity Kratom charges $19.99 for sixty grams, while Choice Kratom charges $24.99 for the same.

You can also get one hundred fifty grams for $27.99, three hundred grams for $55.99, or a kratom kilo for $109.99. The latter should be of particular interest to bulk buyers, as it is at least $10 cheaper than the industry standard for economy pricing. By contrast, Mitragaia charges $120, while Drip Drop Distro suggests its retailers charge $150.00.

Opal Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

You can subscribe to Kratom Roots’ email newsletter to receive news of Opal Kratom clearances, seasonal deals, special offers, and more. Offers frequently include coupon codes, which are redeemable for ten to fifteen percent off your total at checkout. Some discounts are even redeemable for twenty to twenty-five percent off, depending on the nature of the promotion.

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Opal Kratom Customer Reviews

Curiously for such an established brand, Opal Kratom lacks the consumer acknowledgment of its competitors. There are no references on popular forums, such as I Love Kratom or Double M Herbals, and the only time it’s been mentioned on Reddit was in a post designed to question others about their experience with this brand. No reviews or ratings have been posted to Google, Trustpilot, or Yelp.

On a more positive note, no complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau, nor have there been any lawsuits filed against this business. It appears to have a spotless record, although this is difficult to confirm given the scarcity of evidence.

Is It Lab-Tested?

It is unclear whether Opal Kratom is tested by a third-party laboratory, as wholesalers fail to disclose vital information about this vendor and its strains. No certificates of analysis are made available online and no claims about purity appear on its label. Furthermore, Kratom Roots does not disclose a return policy for this or other items.

Is Opal Kratom Legit?

In light of our research, we are hesitant to classify Opal Kratom as a legitimate brand. There is simply not enough proof of its legitimacy. While its kratom powder seems satisfactory enough there isn’t enough here that points to a reputable outfit.

There are no third-party labs, no satisfaction guarantee, no warnings, and no official website belonging to this vendor. Legitimacy is largely dependent on transparency, something that is woefully absent from this company’s marketing materials.

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American Kratom Association

As you probably already guessed, Opal Kratom is not a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is something of a letdown, as the GMP program was constructed to enhance the safety of kratom products. By volunteering for a third-party audit, participants establish themselves as trustworthy sources of Mitragyna speciosa products.

Opal Kratom’s failure to participate in the program doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it may leave a bad taste in some consumers’ mouths. Today, a vendor’s refusal to participate gives off a suspicious air, as if they have something to hide. For some, this failure gives the appearance of poor quality control standards.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Opal Kratom is an affordable wholesale kratom brand with minimal variety and non-existent transparency. As something of an enigma, Opal Kratom represents a gamble on the part of the uninitiated. Given the limited evidence we have to go on, we are unable to recommend this vendor to consumers.

Still on the fence? You can shop around online to compare products, pricing, policies, and more. Consider checking out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of the top brands in the current marketplace.

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