Online Kratom Kratom Vendor Review

Online Kratom is a West Coast kratom vendor known for its competitive deals and crypto-friendly e-commerce site. The Orange County company first made a name for itself by doling out free shipping on some of America’s freshest and most unique kratom strains and blends. Since then, not much has changed, and that may be for the best.

The brand has a long-standing reputation for cleanliness, cut-rate pricing, and killer discounts. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Our vendor review will highlight Online Kratom’s pros and cons. We’ll tell you about its products, pricing, policies, and more.

Online Kratom Review – What Is It and What Does It Have to Offer?

Founded in 2012, Online Kratom is the first vendor to hail from Fullerton, a metropolitan city in Southern California. This seller maintains a brick-and-mortar shop and an online store ( Both have met with considerable praise from consumers.

There are many advantages to shopping with Online Kratom, such as brand recognition, broad variety, and transparency. Brand recognition is one of the most important; you always want to know you’re buying from an established company with a solid track record.

Online Kratom keeps things real in an industry bombarded by cruddy products and scuzzy hucksters. It’s honest about lab-testing measures, and its packaging is translucent. You’ll always be able to see what you’re purchasing instead of guessing at the questionable contents of some creepy headshop brand.

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We were slightly disappointed when we learned that it doesn’t participate in the AKA’s GMP Standards Program. Still, information on its website offers an assurance that Online Kratom is legit. Its FAQ page covers everything from kratom legality to strain differences.

Bill Gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Online Kratom shows this to be true. After a Google reviewer posted about how much she loved its kratom but how fed up she was with the shipping options, this vendor expanded its shipping methods.

These guys are devoted to customer satisfaction and product excellence, so you can call or email if you have any problems. Online Kratom will gladly provide an exchange or issue a refund if you are dissatisfied with its products. However, delivery issues are not covered under its policy.

What It Has to Offer

This vendor provides access to various strains, including greens, reds, and whites. Products include Crimson Veda Extract, Kali Green Indo, Kali Red Indo, Krishna Green Malay, Mitra White Borneo, Parvati White Thai, Premier Kali Green Indo, and Shiva Green Maeng Da.

Perhaps the site’s biggest draw is its “kratom infusions.” These blends include Brahma Bali, Devi Fusion, Dharma Bali Kratom Fusion, and Ganesha Kratom Fusion. These mythical-sounding kratom powders are offered as capsules, which are easy to use and store. They’re also a fan fave.

There have been tons of Online Kratom Crimson Veda Kratom Extract reviews, but few have mentioned the equally vigorous Shiva Maeng Da. Those looking for a nighttime strain that can be enjoyed from dusk till dawn will find Shiva Maeng Da Kratom very agreeable. An intense and long-lasting grind, Shiva Red MD is the best OG Horned Leaf around.

Like Online Kratom’s other products, Shiva Red MD is all-natural, finely ground, pesticide-free, and positively inspiring. Some have easily ranked it up there with the world’s finest red vein kratom. In the form of capsules, red kratom goes down smoothly, and its aroma is slowly unleashed.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

Some customers have lamented the perceived priciness of this vendor’s items. It is way more expensive than one would expect from an e-commerce site in the 2020s. Frankly, it’s grimy for a vendor to charge this much during such a difficult economic time.

Kratom powders start at seven bucks for 15 grams, which isn’t all that costly, but the cost only skyrockets from there. $20.50 will get you 50 grams, while $35.70 will get you 100 grams. $65 gets you 200 grams, which equates to approximately 32 cents per gram. That’s a lot of change, which is quite strange compared to the average.

For comparison, New Dawn Kratom charges $29.99 for 250 grams. This isn’t the only way Online Kratom differs from its more economical peers. New Dawn Kratom provides customers access to cheap kratom kilos, while Online Kratom fails to offer bulk kratom at all.

Online Kratom Promo Codes and Discounts

It may not have the lowest base prices, but that doesn’t mean Online Kratom is bereft of consumer incentives. There are perks here for the keen user, some of which could save you big at checkout. Like other best-in-class kratom vendors, Online Kratom asks that you sign up via email for its sundry specials.

These specials include Online Kratom promo codes, samples, seasonal discounts, and more. Prizes awarded to loyal customers may include early access to upcoming batches or raffles for kratom giveaways. This brand even provides detailed and sound advice on converting money to Bitcoin.

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Online Kratom Customer Reviews

Patrons have lauded this vendor online. One reviewer said, “The order arrived on time, which was impressive considering I’d only made the appointment the day before. The person I talked on the phone with was friendly and went over all my questions with me. She took my questions seriously and presented me with answers…Overall, it was a tremendous experience.”

Another loyal customer wrote, “These guys are the best. I am lucky enough to live close by and stop by in person for kratom all the time…spectacular job at assembling the different blends on their menu. They do a lot of testing to make sure what they’re selling doesn’t suck. Personal favorite is the kurma fusion…This stuff does the trick.”

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Bottom Line

To sum it all up, Online Kratom isn’t known for its fair market prices or GMP compliance. Despite its lack of industry accreditation, we believe this brand to be a legitimate one. Customers have been vocal about this vendor’s merits and samples demonstrate the potency of its lab-tested kratom products.

Still on the fence? You can find a number of viable Online Kratom alternatives by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. Compare strengths and weaknesses and decide for yourself. The choice is yours.

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