Odyssey Kratom Vendor Review

The Odyssey Group, AKA Odyssey Kratom, is an East Coast kratom wholesale vendor with a corporate grade website and a wide variety of products, kratom-related and otherwise. It has gained a foothold in the national market thanks to its wide retail reach.

Odyssey Kratom sells kratom powder in resealable containers with strong, sturdy lids and a shatter-proof build. You’ll get fresh, clean products in a package that is easy to store and easy to conceal. What sets this company apart from other brands is its expedient shipping, its convenient payment methods, and its generoaus sales items. Many kratom vendors offer deals, while others offer fast shipping, but the Odyssey Group offers all of that and more.

If you’re in the retail game and you’re looking to kick things up a notch, you may want to know more about this vendor. Read on for the full skinny in our comprehensive Odyssey Kratom Vendor Review.

Odyssey Kratom Product Review

The Odyssey Group is one of the oldest websites we’ve encountered and the most elaborate. The name alone is evocative of many things, but kratom isn’t one of them. This wholesale company throws everything but the kitchen sink at visitors, including pretty pictures of personable customer service representatives, the promise of free T-shirts, and the opportunity to work for the company, either directly or via its Odyssey Points program.

The company’s product line is as versatile as its approach to business, encompassing everything from Tsunami Glass water pipes and dry herb vaporizers to grinders, e-cigs, ethnobotanicals, and more. Kratom is far from the only thing on display at this three-year-old business’s e-commerce site.

Odyssey Kratom Product Review

This North American wholesaler has a strong nationwide presence, both in Canada and the U.S., but its Troy, MI, headquarters are where things are really happening. This industry leader has expanded to more than two thousand retail locations over the last three years.

In the past, this vendor has carried a host of kratom strains, including kratom powder and kratom capsules. As of this writing, White Thai Kratom is the only kratom powder in stock. However, the Odyssey Group has frequently carried green vein and red vein kratom, as well.

Odyssey Kratom currently accepts all major credit/debit cards, including AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA. It is one of a select number of kratom merchants to accept credit card payments at this time. On the downside, this vendor is unable to accept cryptocurrencies or COD (Cash On Delivery).

That being said, you will have an easy time checking out and will receive your stock in record time. You can choose between standard USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping or FedEx. We recommend the latter for expedited shipment that is fast, secure, and discreet.


What It Costs & How It Compares

Unfortunately, Odyssey Kratom does not make public its suggested prices, although wholesalers typically offer their goods at a significant discount to retail customers. If you are a retailer, you stand to turn a handsome profit by working with vendors like the Odyssey Group. This is a credit-equipped outfit with a proven track record and a lot of incentives.

With wholesale kratom, you can make money by simply following suggested MSRP prices, which are usually provided for you. Vendor/supplier forms are provided once your transaction has been confirmed.


Odyssey Kratom Coupon Code & Discount

You can sign up for this supplier’s email newsletter to receive a free T-shirt, ten percent off discount code, exclusive offers, and giveaways. Promo codes are redeemable at checkout and rewards points will be provided on each purchase you make.

Odyssey Kratom Coupon Code & Discount

Odyssey Kratom is a bit different than your standard direct-to-consumer kratom vendor in that retailers must sign in to their accounts to pour over analytics and rewards points at their leisure. It would seem that points cannot be traded or given away.


Odyssey Kratom Customer Reviews

There are no references to this vendor on any of the popular online kratom forums. This includes Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom, Reddit, and so forth. We were unable to find any mention of The Odyssey Group or Odyssey Kratom.


Odyssey Kratom Complaints

Based on our research, it would seem as though Odyssey Kratom is a company in relatively good standing. Thus far, it has not attracted any negative feedback from the kratom community, nor have any complaints been lodged against it with the Better Business Bureau. What’s more, there are no pending lawsuits involving this brand.


Is It Lab-Tested?

As a wholesaler, the Odyssey Group is not expected to submit products for laboratory testing. That responsibility falls on the manufacturers of its products. However, this vendor would benefit from being more transparent; it could easily add some assurance of purity on its kratom product page.

Odyssey Kratom Lab Test

Is Odyssey Kratom Legit?

Yes. The Odyssey Group is a nationwide distributor of third-party kratom products and various award-winning brands. Its inventory is diverse, its team is professional, and its turnaround time is remarkable. Based on the evidence this is a legitimate company on a steady upswing.


American Kratom Association

This supplier does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, which is unfortunate given its status as an up-and-coming wholesaler distributor. On the other hand, wholesalers are not expected to be held accountable for such things as quality control and safety protocol. These are matters for which manufacturers are accountable and the AKA seeks to keep it that way.

The GMP program ensures that kratom processors follow necessary regulations regarding manufacturing, labeling, marketing, testing, and distributing their Mitragyna speciosa products. This includes adhering to a third-party laboratory audit, to make sure their plant matter is free from potential contamination.

Odyssey Logo -min

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Odyssey Kratom is a wholesale kratom brand that’s worthy of further exploration. If you are a business proprietor looking to stock kratom, you may want to give them a call and see what they have coming in. As a newer business, the Odyssey Group has lots to prove, so put them to the test.
Still on the fence? You can compare prices, policies, and payment options by shopping around online. E-commerce sites are a dime a dozen, but some are far better than others. Consider checking out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a well-rounded rundown of the top tier sellers

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