Nectar Leaf : Everything You Need to Know About the Coffee-Infused Kratom Brand

Nectar Leaf : Everything You Need to Know About the Coffee-Infused Kratom Brand

Kratom vendors don’t typically make the mainstream news unless they’re embroiled in some sort of legal battle. Nectar Leaf is the rare exception to the rule. This Pennsylvania-based kratom supplier made headlines after it took the coffee market by storm.

With its luscious line of CBD and kratom drinks, Nectar Leaf has fulfilled its company motto by sharing “nature’s fuel” with the masses. Visit its website at to discover all of its kratom capsules and kratom extracts. But before you do, you’ll want to explore the pros and cons of this brand.

Nectar Leaf Product Review

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Nectar Leaf is one of the newest arrivals on the East Coast scene. In the short time since it established itself, the brand has built a sturdy reputation as a vendor with an innovative spirit and a killer assortment of kratom and CBD products.

This company produces kratom powder, kratom capsules, kratom tinctures, and much more. Its ground leaf kratom strains include Bali Powdered Leaf, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, Indo Malay, Maeng Da Kratom, Red Bali, Red Vein Kali, and White Borneo. Kratom sample packs are also available.

This vendor’s kratom extract capsules include Gold Reserve, ISOL-8 Kratom Extract, Ultra Enhanced Indo, Ultra Enhanced Red Kali, ISOL Gold, Ultra Enhanced Indo, and Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da.

image of nectar leaf kratom products review

Its tea bags catalog consists of Colombian Medium Roast Red Vein Blend, Colombian Dark Roast Bali Blend, Colombian Dark Roast Medium Blend, and Colombian Medium Roast Red Vein Blend Double Shot.

Nectar Leaf kratom coffee is truly out of first water, ideal for any distinguished consumer. This stuff is made for the refined kratom connoisseur who wants to savor nature. If you’re one of those users who lacks any self-control, you probably won’t appreciate the nuance of Nectar Leaf.

In addition to its attractive product line and convenient payment options, the company gives customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is something we always appreciate in a vendor. It shows a commitment to customer satisfaction, but it also demonstrates a company’s faith in the quality of its products.

Our only real beef with this brand is its lack of third-party laboratory testing or disclosure of the same. Most trustworthy kratom vendors disclose certificates of analysis on their websites, while others provide QR codes on their packaging, which link back to lab results pages. Nectar Leaf doesn’t do any of this.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Another glaring downside to dealing with Nectar Leaf is the cost. At $49 for what amounts to less than 400 grams, these prices are wack. Compared to the incentivized bulk pricing offered by most online vendors, these prices are wacker than wearing a Christmas sweater in November.

Nectar Leaf’s pricing starts at $14 for four bags of kratom coffee tea bags. Each bag contains four kratom tea bags, with six grams per bag. This amounts to 24 grams of kratom per pouch. That’s less than one ounce for $14, which is at least five dollars more than the current industry average.

For the sake of comparison, Remarkable Herbs offers a full ounce of kratom powder for $6.99, while Kraken Kratom offers 12 kratom tea bags for $12.99. There are plenty of more reasonable options out there, but not all of them offer the smart design and elegant simplicity of Nectar Leaf’s kratom.

image of what nectar leaf kratom costs and how it compares

As for plain leaf kratom, this supplier’s powdered leaf starts at nine dollars for an ounce, with eight ounces going for $70.00. 16 ounces sell for $130, while a kratom kilo goes for $198.00. These are the highest price points we’ve seen for kratom powder since Happy Hippo Herbals rolled out its $320 kilo.

On the other hand, the freshness is undeniable and the variety is worthy of reverence. We really dig the ethical sourcing, exotic powders, and kratom vape cartridges that Nectar Leaf offers. Additionally, the notion of marrying coffee to kratom (itself a member of the coffee family of plants) is nothing short of brilliant.

How You Can Pay

This vendor currently accepts cryptocurrency and eChecks. Money orders and paper checks are also accepted. Alternatively, you can purchase kratom coffee with credit/debit cards from Mastercard or VISA. Additional options may be negotiable if you reach out to this vendor via social media.

Nectar Leaf Kratom Coupon Code and Discounts

If you’re buying Nectar Leaf for the first time, you can use the introductory coupon code ‘nectar10’ to receive 10% off your order. Although it lacks many of the sale items and promotional opportunities of its competition, this brand is known for accepting coupons. You can email the company to inquire about discounts.

To find out about promo codes, email: or call (412) 467-6765. You may also follow this brand on Facebook and Instagram. Kratom giveaways and other deals may be advertised.

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What Are People Saying? – Customer Ratings and Nectar Leaf Reviews

This vendor has scored major points with consumers on Knoj, where it was awarded three stars or more for its ethical sourcing, customer service, and overall efficacy. Over on Reddit, a member said, “I just tried the white and it’s very good. Green MD is my jam for them. Malaysian is good too. Don’t get much from red MD or Vietnam.”

One Nectar Leaf kratom review said, “I just tried the white and it’s very good. Green MD is my jam for them. Malaysian is good too,” while another said, “The green md was surprisingly good. I have been wanting to try the green Malay but have been hesitant with trying it.”

Is Nectar Leaf Legit?

Yes. Though it hasn’t participated in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s Good Manufacturing Practices Standards Program, Nectar Leaf has conducted itself professionally. The brand is owned by Fermion International LTD, a global enterprise that’s legitimate and well-regarded.

This five-star kratom brand has received high marks from customers and industry professionals alike. What’s more, it’s gotten stellar ratings on employment sites and consumer feedback sites. It may not disclose third-party labs, but its products are obviously fresh and potent.

image of is nectar leaf legit

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Nectar Leaf is a fantastic brand with phenomenal products. It’s only too bad its kratom tea bags can be cost-prohibitive. This is an online store that deserves further exploration. Still on the fence? We encourage you to check out our list of the Best Kratom Vendors Online.

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