Nectar Kratom Vendor Review

Nectar of the Gods, AKA Nectar Kratom is a West Coast kratom vendor with facilities in gorgeous Venice, CA. Founded in 2019, Nectar Kratom swiftly became a fashionable choice among younger kratom enthusiasts. This is likely due to its gimmicky strain names – Tropical this and Island that – as well as it’s middle-of-the-road pricing.

In its short time in business, Nectar Kratom has gained a devoted social media following and expanded its collection of plain leaf and enhanced kratom powders. However, its quality remains a question best answered by those who have tried it. If you’re looking for more info about this brand, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the full skinny in our Nectar Kratom Vendor Review.


Nectar Kratom Product Review

You can visit this California kratom supplier at: There you will find its full line of green, red, white, and yellow kratom powders. Nectar Kratom is also famed for its Pink Elephant, although it isn’t always in stock. Those seeking something more “exotic” will have to make do with its yellow kratom strains.

This vendor’s packaging is pretty janky, at least on its own. You may enjoy the overall parcel in terms of shipment, but once you do an unboxing, you may find yourself more than a tad dismayed by how its kratom powder is wrapped. Each order takes the shape of a brick that would look more than a little conspicuous if it were viewed with prying eyes. These translucent bricks are stamped with Nectar of the Gods Kratom labels, which may look fancy but contain little to no vital information.

We are big on proper labeling here and this one falls far short of its competition in this area; there are no warning labels, no instructions, no strain origins, and no age restrictions displayed on each brick. On the contrary, all we get is a colorful picture advertising the brand/strain and a tiny sticker listing the amount in weight of each order.

Although it has a fair amount of support on social media, Nectar Kratom has not risen to the level of popularity common among e-commerce brands. There is a limited number of reviews on the internet and absolutely no brand presence at brick-and-mortar head shops.


Variety may be Nectar Kratom’s strongest attribute, as it carries more than a dozen unique kratom cultivars in a number of sizes and strengths. The following represents what was in stock at the time of this writing: Green Elephant, Island Green Bali, Native Yellow Thai, Pink Elephant, Red Dragon Maeng Da, Red Karma Kapuas (Red Ketapang), Royal Bentuangie, Super Green Malay, Tropical Green Borneo, White Bull Horn, White Elephant, White Lion Hulu, White Tiger Maeng Da, Yellow Dragon Vietnam, and Yellow Sumatra.

Every order is packaged discreetly in a nondescript mailer, with a PO Box as the only marking of a return address. You will not have to worry about anybody discovering the nature of your order if they receive your package by mistake. More importantly, Nectar Kratom’s shipments are securely sealed, so you won’t lose any of the products you paid for in transit.

All items are shipped from its storage warehouse in Los Angeles, with orders going out six days a week. You may be eligible for kratom same-day shipping, depending on when you completed your transaction. This seller provides multiple payment options, including Apple Pay, Cash App, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order.

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), with First Class, Priority, and Priority Express Mail made available. First Class typically takes anywhere from five to seven days to arrive, while Priority Mail can take up to three or even four days, depending on when you order. For the most expedited shipping experience, you will want to upgrade to Express Mail. Express packages generally arrive within two business days max.

At least one industry expert has evaluated this vendor and determined that your data is safe and secure on This means you can surf the site and complete transactions without fear of having your personal information stolen by third-party entities.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $19.99 for one hundred grams, which is well within the acceptable range online. Some vendors charge as little as $15, while others charge close to $50 for this amount of powder. For example, Payless Kratom has one hundred grams of Nodzilla listed at $15.49, while Earth Kratom is charging $34.99 for the same.

Nectar Kratom sells two hundred fifty grams for $39.99, five hundred grams for $69.99, and one thousand grams for $129.99. The latter is not the worst price for a kratom kilo (that honor likely goes to Happy Hippo Herbals’ $204.99 kilo or similar rip-offs), but it is far from the best on the domestic market. For the sake of comparison, Amazing Botanicals has kilos for as little as $74.99, while Crisp Kratom offers a split kilo for $125.00.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned brands are GMP-certified and fully lab-tested. Unlike Nectar of the Gods Kratom, they come with a money-back guarantee. That is a valuable commodity in a marketplace that becomes more and more like the Wild West by the day.

Nectar Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

You can join Nectar of the Gods’ Nectar Kratom Newsletter by signing up via email. Those who add themselves to the company’s email list automatically receive discount codes, exclusive promotional opportunities, and all of the latest updates. These perks are a regular thing, which makes signing up well worth it if you plan to frequent its shop.


Those who sign up receive ten percent off their initial order, with ten to fifteen percent off their next purchase. Future discount codes may be redeemable for ten to twenty-five percent, depending on the occasion; most vendors offer seasonal deals and sitewide clearances in addition to their email codes, though it is unclear if Nectar of the Gods Kratom is one of them.

Nectar Kratom Customer Reviews

This vendor has a small but responsive social media following, with one hundred seventy-nine followers on Instagram and five hundred plus likes on Facebook. Over on Reddit, a relatively new member wrote, “People think it’s a bit on the pricey side but I think it pays for itself. Best Yellow Strain I’ve had (Maeng Da). Red Bali is my next favorite. Their teas are sweet too.”

I Love Kratom member @madmaxnightrider reviewed the company for ILK’s forum, writing, “This one is … very good … Every strain of NOTG that I tested was of high quality … Customer Service and Shipping were both good. I had no complaints about anything. They are in my List of Quality Vendors …   from now on.”

Elsewhere, reviewers have given the brand and its products four and five stars, with one reviewer writing of its Super Green Malay, “Badass. Best product I have used … I am going to be a return customer.”

Another reviewer said, “How long it lasted was really impressive … Keep up the good work!” Still, another said, “I love all of this vendor’s greens, that being said this strain is even more vivid than their other greens!! Props.”

Nectar Kratom Complaints

Not every order can be a slam-dunk and not every customer can be a happy camper. Some have lamented Nectar Kratom’s prices, while others have questioned its labeling. The following is an example of a negative Nectar for the Gods review:

“All bottles did not have the ‘Sealed For Your Protection’ label after screwing off the caps. Items are expired, diluted, or not an authentic product.”

The aforementioned comment is about the only overtly negative feedback we were able to find. No formal complaints against this company have been filed with the Better Business Bureau, nor has it been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.

Is It Lab Tested?

Nectar Kratom is a lab-tested brand whose owners claim to follow “stringent quality control procedures.” The precise nature of these procedures is left vague, but you can request certificates of analysis for any of its kratom strains. Every batch is said to be submitted for third-party assessment prior to distribution.

nectar lab tested kratom

Is Nectar Kratom Legit?

Yes … depending on who you ask. Some have suggested that Nectar Kratom doesn’t follow industry guidelines, while others have praised the potency of its Mitragyna speciosa strains.

Our research indicates that Nectar Kratom is less than legit. Reviews have noted the absence of important details on its labels and the lack of a distinction between the green vein and red vein kratom powders. This vendor does not seem to concern itself with disclosing pertinent information to its customers, which leaves its patrons in an unfortunate situation.

That said, Nectar Kratom has its supporters, among them members of popular online kratom forums. Although it isn’t listed as an approved vendor with the ILK (I Love Kratom), Nectar Kratom received big ups from forum member @madmmaxnightrider, who wrote, “I can recommend Nectars of the Gods as a Quality Vendor to buy from.” The purported quality of its kratom powder demonstrates that it is doing the bare minimum to qualify as a legitimate kratom processor.

American Kratom Association

Nectar of the Gods does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. There is no GMP seal of approval on its website, nor does it claim any relation with the influential nonprofit organization. Failure to demonstrate GMP compliance sends a negative message to potential consumers.

The GMP Standards Program was conceived as a way to protect the public against potentially unsafe kratom products while holding kratom processors accountable. Participants in the program are subject to a third-party audit; they are also bound by the guidelines of the program, which extend to manufacturing, labeling, marketing, distribution, sales, and verification.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Nectar Kratom is a middle-of-the-road kratom manufacturer whose products are gimmicky and somewhat expensive. While its reputation is generally positive and its products are thought to be of acceptable quality, this vendor simply lacks the industry credentials common to a legit brand.

Still on the fence? You can find viable Nectar Kratom alternatives by shopping around online. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for an exploded view of the industry in 2022. There you will find lab-tested top-shelf kratom suppliers with verified quality.

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