My Trees of Life Vendor Review

My Trees of Life is an Arizona kratom vendor specializing in live kratom trees and Indo kratom powder. This highly-rated domestic plant source has been embraced by much of the Kratom sub-Reddit, but is it worth your time and money?

You can visit this brand at mytreesoflife.com. There are plenty of pros and cons to buying kratom from this online store. Read on for all the facts in our comprehensive My Trees of Life Kratom Review.

My Trees of Life Product Review

My Trees of Life was founded in 2017 by William Eugene Poole III, a native of New River, AZ. This independent business serves as a botanical specimen supplier, with facilities in the Greater Mesa area. My Trees of Life differs from other brands in that it focuses exclusively on live kratom specimens.

You won’t find any kratom capsules, kratom extracts, kratom resins, kratom blends, or kratom edibles on display at https://mytreesoflife.com. Instead, you will find pure kratom powder, live kratom plants, and honest, open discussion about the facts and fallacies surrounding this remarkable herb.

My Trees of Life is more than just a domestic source for Indo kratom cultivars, it is a full-fledged advocacy platform, one on which its owner expounds on the “lie” that is vein colors and so-called “strains.” As they explain in their blog post, the vein of a kratom leaf is always reddish-brown.

The notion that some kratom leaves are green or white is simply false and does not have any bearing on kratom’s aroma. As Mr. Poole points out, the difference between so-called strains like green vein, red vein, and white vein comes down to how they were treated once they were harvested.

“[Farmers] dry using three different methods,” Poole writes. “Whites are dried in the sun. Greens are dried in the dark. And reds are moistened for a bit until they turn dark, then dried in the sun. With these three different ingredients, the farmer then makes the blends. It varies by the farmer.”

This candor is not only refreshing but unique in the congested landscape of online kratom vendors. The best kratom company around is unlikely to admit that its products are really blends and not so-called exotic veins. My Trees of Life distinguishes it in this way and many others.

This Copper State kratom supplier stands out in a sea of kratom brands by being forthcoming, educational, and eager to spread their passion for the plant. The site is not merely an online store, it is a repository for the cultural significance of kratom, as well as the plant’s rich international history.

image of my trees of life kratom products

As of this writing, My Trees of Life is carrying a variety of packs of imported kratom powder, including Indo and Thai kratom. This small-batch kratom is offered in one and two-pound pouches only, and do not appear to be available in bulk.

My Trees of Life live kratom plants include Bumblebee kratom from Vietnam, Rifat kratom plants from Thailand, dried American-grown kratom leaves, and Indonesian horned kratom leaves. Other items may be available upon request or at the time that this article is published.

In spite of what it says about the “myth” of vein colors, My Trees of Life lists all of the usual strains on its variety pack product page. These strains include Green Borneo, Green Malay, Green Thai, Red Borneo, White Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Indo, Red Thai, White Horn, White Thai, and Yellow. Visit our complete guide to popular kratom strains if you’re not sure which one sounds right for you.


What It Cost & How It Compares

Prices vary from item to item, with kratom powders starting at $56 for a 1.1 lb portion of imported kratom tea. Variety packs are offered for $64 or $112 for a 2.2 lb pouch. Those familiar with e-commerce kratom pricing will recognize these prices as cost-prohibitive.

Many online brands charge less than $64 for five hundred grams, while others sell kratom kilos for less than what My Trees of Life charges for a two-pound bag. For example, Pure Leaf Kratom charges $39.95 for five hundred grams of Maeng Da kratom, while Amazing Botanicals sells kilos for around $99.99.

Live rooted kratom plants start at $45 for an eight-inch by twelve-inch specimen, with heat packs added for free to your order depending on projected temperatures. Based on our research, this appears to be a fair market price, as others tend to sell live plants for $30-50.00.

For the sake of comparison, Bounty Botanicals charges $35 for a live kratom plant of unspecified size, while World Seed Supply charges $50 for a Rifat kratom plant. This vendor does not specify the size of its plants, nor does it specify whether it is rooted.


My Trees of Life Coupon Code & Discounts

This vendor does not offer a subscriber-only email newsletter like most online stores, but it maintains a presence on social media. You may find promo codes and kratom giveaways on Facebook or Instagram. If you do not see any promos advertised publicly, you may inquire about a one-time code.

To inquire about a My Trees of Life coupon code, simply email customersupport@mytreesoflife.com. Response time is typically twenty-four hours or less. Depending on your time zone, you may even receive a response within one to two hours.

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My Trees of Life Customer Reviews

Though it hasn’t gotten a lot of attention on most online kratom forums, My Trees of Life has been well-reviewed and seems to be fairly well-regarded. The brand has been mentioned on Pinterest and Reddit, as well as in independent vendor reviews.

In a thread of vendor accounts, a Reddit member said, “I have several plants from there, all going very strong. I’ve emailed a few times with questions and have always gotten a helpful reply.” Another member agreed with this assessment, writing, “Also can vouch for him…”

This last member goes on to praise the owner as an “outstanding person to communicate with,” noting the great packaging for its small clones. Elsewhere, a member said, “My Trees of Life has delivered live healthy plants, exactly as ordered.”

This vendor’s live kratom plants have received five-star ratings from other satisfied customers, many of whom submitted testimonials for My Trees of Life’s product pages. One customer said, “William expertly and carefully package the plants so they arrive healthy and ready to continue their lives.”

Another reviewer said, “The trees are doing wonderfully! Everything I would expect from a company. Very well-written instructions, packaged well, timely shipping, quick response times. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing!”


My Trees of Life Complaints

Negative comments about this seller seem to be few and far between, with most complaints limited to price or purported alkaloid profile. Some who have left complaints publicly have also acknowledged the overall value of a live kratom tree.

One Reddit member said, “I have a Tree I got there several years ago. It was labeled Thai but is more than likely a Bumblebee. I don’t know if that’s anything to be upset about or not but in my opinion, they charge too much.”

Another member claimed that My Trees of Life only sells Bumblebee kratom, passing it off as four different forms of kratom. This same member alleged that Bumblebee contained no mitragynine. While this is not technically accurate it is true that Bumblebee clones are not typically mitragynine abundant.


Is It Lab Tested?

image of my trees of life lab test

We understand that many consumers only want to do business with kratom vendors that test. Some customers will only deal with vendors who promise third-party lab testing on their websites, while others prefer to deal exclusively with vendors who have voluntarily submitted to the AKA’s GMP audit.

For these individuals, My Trees of Life may not be a good fit, but many will recognize the advantage it provides. This wholesale supplier places the power of the Ayurvedic herb directly into your hands. While it does not submit its specimens for lab testing, its live kratom plants enable you to be the boss.

By planting these specimens yourself, you will be able to control the conditions in which they are grown, the degree of maturity at which they are harvested, and the concentrations of key alkaloids that suit your needs. This is a viable way in which to cut out the middle man.

To be clear, however, you should possess an all-encompassing knowledge of cultivation prior to buying live kratom trees. You should also research home testing kits so that you can monitor your kratom cultivar for alkaloid content, potential contaminants, and so forth.


Are My Trees of Life Legit?

Yes. This is a registered business with a long history of professional service, customer care, and quality kratom products. Its owner is knowledgeable and legitimate, providing patrons with everything they need to get good growth going.

While it lacks approval from the ILK (I Love Kratom), My Trees of Life’s five-star ratings and overall track record suggest a company that is doing things right. This is one vendor that customers have really gotten behind. The sheer volume of customer testimonials speaks to its popularity and legitimacy.


American Kratom Association

My Trees of Life does not participate in the AKA’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) GMP Standards Program. This is unfortunate, but it doesn’t mean much, one way or the other. Although the GMP program is a good indicator of a vendor’s legitimacy, My Trees of Life has already demonstrated this.

The AKA designed its landmark program to protect customers against potentially unsafe kratom products. By requiring participating kratom processors to submit to an audit, the GMP program holds brands accountable and ensures that kratom powders reach the market free of adulteration.

These are all good things, to be sure, but they do not really apply to My Trees of Life or its live kratom plants, which are pesticide-free and all-natural. It is also worth mentioning that many vendors opt out of participating in the GMP program for purely personal reasons.


Closing Thoughts

image of kratom leaves and capsules

In summary, My Trees of Life is a trustworthy kratom vendor with a loyal customer base and some exciting products. If you’ve got a green thumb, you may enjoy browsing its live kratom cultivars. Still on the fence? Compare brands by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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