Mr Nice Guy Kratom Vendor Review

Mr. Nice Guy Kratom is one of the most prominent brick-and-mortar head shop chains in the United States. With six locations across the Greater St. Louis area, this purveyor of herbs has become the Show Me State’s leading source for Mitragyna speciosa products.

Despite its ubiquity across Missouri’s second-largest city, Mr Nice Guy has sharply divided consumers, with some calling it the best shop in town and others calling for it to be put out to pasture. If you’ve been mulling a purchase from this Missouri kratom supplier, you owe it to yourself to read on. We will tell you everything you need to know about this Midwest Mitra supplier in our comprehensive Mr Nice Guy Kratom Vendor Review.


Mr Nice Guy Kratom Product Review

This vendor’s prices do not compare favorably to those charged by most e-commerce platforms, though its bulk kratom pricing is not all that unusual for the land-based smoke shop circuit. As we have mentioned in the past, brick-and-mortar shops are synonymous with price gouging.

Mr Nice Guy’s kratom packaging is of generally poor quality all around; it comes in generic black pouches that appear to be thin, cheaply designed, and insufficiently labeled. While the bold colors and lush illustration of its frontage stand out, at first sight, its dearth of proper information makes it an inferior choice for any discerning customer.

The Mr Nice Guys menu introduces us to the myriad attractions it has in store, including award-winning artists, styles, and brands. Products include concentrates, supplements, and CBD solutions of every stripe.

The Mr Nice Guys store is easy to navigate, with its vibrant orange dropdown menu. Brands, products, and styles are neatly arranged along this strip for easy access to exactly what you’re searching for. Whether you’re looking for Mr Nice Guy Kratom or its celebrated CBD dispensary, you’ll have no trouble finding it thanks to the site’s professional layout.

The court of public opinion seems to be harshly divided where this vendor is concerned. Some customers swear by its local shops, while others have made some serious allegations about its business practices and work history. More on this in a moment.

Caveat emptor: if you were thinking of ordering Mr Nice Guy Kratom online, you should be aware that its kratom products are exempt from its mail order catalog. Shipping is only offered on glassware and similar items. More alarmingly, Mr Nice Guy Kratom is not backed by a satisfaction guarantee and all sales are final.

Our research indicates that Mr Nice Guy Kratom’s quality is lackluster given the prices you can expect to pay and the way you may be treated by employees. The overwhelming amount of feedback concerning Mr Nice Guy Kratom suggests a brand whose products are not fresh or potent enough to be worthy of premium pricing.

Mr Nice Guy Kratom comes in a variety of brands, sizes, and strains, including Mr Nice Guy’s proprietary kratom powders – green vein, red vein, and white vein – as well Kratzilla, Medicine Man, MIT 45 Kratom, and Natural Health Botanicals.

What It Costs & How It Compares

This vendor charges $64.95 for one hundred fifty grams of kratom powder, which is more than what many online vendors charge for a ½ kilo (five hundred grams). For the sake of comparison, 99kratom.com charges $59 for five hundred grams, while Viable Kratom charges $50.00.

Mr Nice Guys Kratom Capsules start at $6.95 for eight measly caps, with thirty-six caps going for $15.95. You can get sixty capsules for $23.23, one hundred capsules for $39.95, or two hundred capsules for $69.52.


Mr Nice Guys Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Although Mr Nice Guy’s checkout accepts coupon codes, you are unlikely to find a working code on social media. While seasonal sales are often advertised via its Facebook page, promotional codes seem to be more elusive.

If you’re on the hunt for some savings, you may consider reaching out directly via email at: niceguydelmar@gmail.com. You can call the store to inquire about the latest discounts at: (314) 449-1092. Alternatively, you can stop into any one of its St. Louis locations to find out about its clearance items and current offers.


Mr Nice Guys Kratom Customer Reviews

image of mr nice guy kratom customer reviews

Mr Nice Guy reviews only go one of two ways – extremely positive or severely negative. While some have struck a discordant tone, others have sung the brand’s praises. Mr Nice Guy has received thousands of likes on social and a ton of support online. This vendor currently enjoys a 4.9-star overall Google rating.

Mr Nice Guy’s Reddit posts have tended towards the bitter, offering remonstrance instead of regaling us with their purchases. On the other hand, Google reviewers have been mercifully complimentary, with one happy camper writing, “Went on 4/20 for the first time and it was awesome! Neil was freaking awesome. I learned a lot about Kratom and all the strains that I had no idea existed. I also talked to Shannon and Levi who were also extremely chill and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be back!!”

Another customer said, “They completely remodeled the store and it looks amazing! Each employee there makes us feel like family, heck even the area manager is starting to recognize us! Chris has assembled an awesome crew of humans that consistently go above and beyond to help us. Neil, Shannon, and Brandon always make our time well spent! Cici can help you achieve all of your goals, even ones you didn’t realize you had! Jamal, Rudy, Gwen, and Nick are incredibly helpful and ALWAYS friendly! Best store in STL!”

Yet another reviewer said, “They were so incredibly helpful and didn’t mind my million questions. I was very indecisive and they were very knowledgeable about all the products and we’re happy to open the cases for me so I could get a closer look … A++ guest service and of all the head shops, the one with the most variety.”


Mr Nice Guy Kratom Complaints

This vendor’s brick-and-mortar location has received some degree of backlash from dissatisfied customers, with one disgruntled patron writing, “If you value workers’ rights do not shop at Mr Nice Guy.” In this reviewer’s Reddit post, they write: “The local chain head shop, Mr Nice Guy, and its associated ‘supplement’ store, CBD Kratom, is notorious for treating its employees terribly. It is run by a family (the Palatniks) who knowingly bait-and-switched/swindled elderly St Louisians in their previous HVAC business.

“They have committed numerous OSHA violations that remain uninvestigated/unaddressed due to intimidation tactics (and the fact that for years their HR person, Ocean Palatnik, is a joint owner of the company). They treat their employees as dispensable and gullible. Additionally, they sell insanely marked-up wholesale, crap quality products from the likes of DH Gate and Ebay (with the exception of a local glass artist, Hilljack, who is not included in their schemes). They lie, cheat their customers, and screw over their employees.

“Don’t trust the Google reviews – they are all incentivized – and DON’T TRUST THEIR CBD PRODUCTS unless you can verify the testing results. If you value worker’s rights, transparency, or fair business practices, SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE ON PRODUCTS AND PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST. Thanks for reading and stay safe, St Louis!”

Another customer pointed to the lofty prices as one of Mr Nice Guy’s worst attributes. They write: “If you’re in there to buy kratom, you’re definitely overpaying. They sell for about $1/gram. There are several websites where you can get 250g for $25 before shipping. And you can order a full kilogram for $80. This means they’re selling you kratom at $1/g when they paid, at best, .1¢/g. It’s robbery.”

Yet another customer said, “Also, everything they sell is just overpriced, Chinese made, crap, that they buy on DHgate, and sell for many many times what they paid, sometimes even trying to pass Chinese made goods as made in America. Garbage product from, apparently, garbage people.”

Other customers have accused the owners of price gouging, pushy sales techniques, and the mistreatment of employees with disabilities. Some have said that CBD Kratom, the chain’s new parent company, is responsible for the demolition of everything folks loved about this shop.


Is It Lab Tested?

No proof of kratom lab testing is provided on Mr Nice Guy’s website, nor is there any information about third-party labs on shopcbdkratom.com. Although Mr Nice Guy’s CBD labs appear on one of its web pages, there is no evidence to suggest it tests its kratom plant matter.

Independent laboratory analysis is vital to the safety of the public as well as the potency of the product. Four out of five legitimate kratom suppliers offer certificates of analysis demonstrating laboratory assessment.


Is Mr Nice Guy Kratom Legit?

image of mr nice guy kratom legit

Based on our research, we are not inclined to classify Mr Nice Guy Kratom as a legitimate brand. The site is bereft of any guarantees, lab result information, or appropriate warnings. What’s more, its packaging lacks any appropriate information, such as caution labels, age restrictions, instructions for use, or legalities by state.


American Kratom Association

Mr Nice Guy Kratom does not appear on the AKA’s list of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) participants. The GMP Standards Program is an initiative designed to hold kratom processors accountable for their actions while ensuring customer safety. Mr Nice Guy’s failure to participate does not necessarily mean anything, but it does not reflect well on them either.

Those who participated in the program were asked to voluntarily submit to a third-party audit while adhering to the program’s many guidelines for the manufacturing, labeling, marketing, distribution, and sale of kratom products. This program’s tenets align with those of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Vendors who fail to participate in the GMP Standards Program may be seen as unwilling to demonstrate transparency.


Closing Thoughts

In summary, Mr Nice Guy Kratom may be widely available and attractive at first glance, but its contents are questionable and its prices are insane. There is simply too much lacking to make this head shop brand worthy of a gamble.

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