Mmm Speciosa Kratom Brand Review

Mmm Speciosa (or Mmm, Speciosa! as the company prefers to brand it) launched in 2015. Since then, they’ve built a loyal following and have gained kudos from many competitors. We’re going to take a closer look at their history, the quality of their Kratom, and what you can expect from Mmm Speciosa.

It doesn’t take much to find happy Mmm Speciosa customers. A quick search of the Reddit or I Love Kratom forums turns up a steady stream of happy Kratom enthusiasts. There are, of course, pros and cons listed about this vendor, which we’ll get into below.

Mmm Speciosa Product Line

One thing that really stands out about Mmm Speciosa is their promise to add new varieties weekly. This means that loyal customers will continuously have different options to choose from, along with their old favorites. As of September 2019, Mmm Speciosa offers 20 strains.

You can expect to find several Green, Red, Yellow/Golden, and White veins. There are also some Plantation options available in bulk quantities such as Plantation Maeng Da. Some of the other Mmm Speciosa Kratom products include Red Vein Indo, White Java, Golden Bali, and Green Vein Maeng Da.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

The price of Mmm Speciosa’s Kratom may initially give you pause. As many have pointed out, their regular pricing trends toward the expensive side. However, most people won’t actually end up paying the highest listed fee. That’s because Mmm Speciosa offers discounts for multiple orders, along with other deals and freebies (see below for more details).

For example, 250g of Baik Bali Kratom sells for $74.99. But you get a discount for making multiple 250g purchases in the same order. It doesn’t have to all be the same variety, either. The best price comes from buying four 250g Kratom bags. Once you reach that point, Baik Bali Kratom becomes $54.99 for every 250g.

Mmm Speciosa also provides discounts for ordering five (of the same or mix-and-match) 25g Kratom products at once. In this example, 25g of Baik Bali initially sells for $12.99 but can be as cheap as $8.75 for every 25g.

Mmm Speciosa Coupon Code

image of mmm speciosa kratom coupon

Regular readers of our blog know we’re firm believers in discount codes. Vendors that never offer discounts to new customers put us on high alert. Our reasoning? If they sell quality products and have good customer service, they shouldn’t be concerned about giving out a one-time discount to newcomers.

Mmm Specisoa doesn’t have any problem providing discounts and other incentives to new and existing customers. As we detailed above, buying multiple Kratom products at once provides a very nice discount. This vendor also sends out discounts to people who sign up for their newsletter. Additionally, they offer daily specials such as a free 25g sample with each order.

Mmm Speciosa’s Consumer Reputation

The only not so great buzz about Mmm Speciosa is that their initial pricing is on the high side. Aside from that, most online commenters rave about the high-quality Kratom products that are sold by this vendor. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the comments found on I Love Kratom:

  • “I love this vendor. Highly recommended!”
  • “Very prompt service and plenty of extras. And potent leaf, what more can you ask for?”
  • “One of the better vendors I have tried.”
  • “Has, by far, the best and most consistent quality.”

As you can see, Mmm Speciosa’s consumer reputation is very solid.

Mmm Speciosa’s Customer Service

Customers rave about Mmm Speciosa’s customer service almost as much as their products. One satisfied buyer said, “the customer service is hands down the best.” Other positive comments include, “Mmm Speciosa really goes out of their way to make sure I am a happy customer and feel appreciated.”

Mmm Specisoa doesn’t accept returns. However, that doesn’t mean that customers have no protection. In fact, this Kratom vendor’s customer service team invites dissatisfied buyers to reach out to them. If anything is unsatisfactory or inaccurate, they pledge to “try to make it right.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom flower

Anyone who wants to buy Kratom from a reputable vendor can feel comfortable ordering from Mmm Speciosa. The biggest caveat about Mmm Specisoa is that they are more expensive than many other vendors, especially if you don’t buy several products at once. On the plus side, you’ll get at least one free 25g sample to help even out the cost.

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