Mitraspec Vendor Review

Mitraspec is New Hampshire’s premier source for Mitragyna speciosa products. This Sullivan County kratom supplier offers everything from kratom blends and kratom capsules to free samples and fast shipping, but its exotic kratom strains are what most defines it.

Featuring choice examples of ashwagandha powder, fermented kratom, sun-dried kratom, and speciosa branded merch, Mitraspec is a one-stop destination for everything mitra-related. If you’ve been thinking about trying this brand for yourself, you’ll want to keep reading.

Find out all about the pros and cons of this northeastern kratom vendor. Read on for the full skinny in our complete Mitraspec Kratom Vendor Review.

Mitraspec Product Review

Mitraspec was first established in 2015 when its owners saw an opportunity to provide higher quality Mitagyna speciosa specimens at a fair market price. Over the ensuing seven years, it has rolled out a variety of specialty blends and rare ethnobotanicals.

This vendor’s prices compare favorably to those charged by the average internet-based brand. As a matter of fact, it is at least $75-80 cheaper than your average bulk head shop option. More on this in a moment.

Mitraspec’s packaging is of professional grade, with clear, bold labeling, and tamper-proof pouches. These pouches are easy to conceal or otherwise store; the average pouch is slim enough to fit inside a purse and may be stored inside a mini-fridge to preserve freshness.

This brand is listed under I Love Kratom‘s list of Approved Vendors, but it has yet to answer any of the questions ILK posed to it in May of last year. This is unfortunate, but it isn’t all that uncommon. Regrettably, a number of vendors have taken advantage of ILK’s easy approval process without bothering to reciprocate.

Mitraspec really stands out among the throng of e-commerce sites by virtue of its kratom military discount and regular kratom contests. We can think of no other kratom vendor that has gone to such an extent to show its appreciation for its customers. Your patronage will be rewarded by Mitraspec, whether you’re buying $25 or $250 worth of its products.

You will get free shipping on all orders, regardless of how big or small your order turns out to be. Mitraspec’s free shipping method is fast and discreet, with most packages arriving in approximately two to three business days.

This vendor’s Referral Program is a bit murky – the company does not disclose the percentage of sales commissions on its Affiliate page – and its return policy is fairly restrictive (you only get a fourteen-day satisfaction guarantee). That said, its FAQ page is comprehensive and the overall user experience is a plus.

Mitraspec’s web design is simple yet functional, minimalist yet attractive, and replete with most of the features that seasoned consumers have to come to expect (discounts, giveaways, terms and conditions, educational posts, photo examples, etc.) from top-tier brands.

image of mitraspec kratom products

Popular strains include all of the following: Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Horned Leaf, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Super Elephant, Super Green, Super Yellow Platinum, White Bali, White Borneo, White Horned Leaf, White Maeng Da, Yellow Maeng Da, Yellow Thai, and Yellow Vietnam.

Mitraspec Pink Elephant is the brand’s flagship blend, but it is hardly the only combo it has to offer. This Granite State seller produces a plethora of signature kratom mixtures. Its line of proprietary blends includes Aftermath Blend, Ballistic Blend, Gold Standard, Happy Go Lucky, Happy Place, Lightning Blend, and The Red Army.

This seller also offers kratom capsules, which are made of gelatin and, therefore, not ideal for vegetarians. However, vegan options are now available upon request. These 000 size capsules contain an average of eight hundred milligrams of kratom powder.

How to Reach Mitraspec

Getting in touch with this vendor is a cinch, as it discloses all of its contact information online. You can reach Mitraspec by phone or email. You can text or call, send an e-request, or drop customer service a line using its online contact form.

Phone: (855) 574-1983


Mailing Address: PO Box 629, Newport, NH 03773

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $21.70 for fifty grams of kratom powder, with one hundred grams going for $26.70. You can score two hundred fifty grams for $48.70, five hundred grams for $76.70, or a kratom kilo for $121.70. These prices compare favorably to most prices charged online and at land-based shops.

For the sake of comparison, Kratom Roots charges $79.99 for five hundred grams, while My Brave Botanicals charges as much as $100 for the same. Meanwhile, Titan Kratom charges $160 for a kilo.

You can pick up a thirty-count of 000 size kratom capsule for $24. You can also get sixty capsules for $39, ninety caps for $50.50, one hundred twenty caps for $59, or two hundred forty caps for $112.00. These prices extend to its encapsulated kratom blends as well as its plain leaf powders.

As of this writing, Mitraspec accepts credit/debit cards via MESH Payments. If its previous lack of credit card acceptability was holding you back, now would be the time to seize on the opportunity, as it is quite possible that this vendor will lose its capability to accept such cards in the future; the kratom market is a fungible industry that’s prone to unpredictable change.

Additionally, you can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other examples of cryptocurrency. Mail-in payments may also be accepted, depending on your preferred method.

Mitraspec Coupon Code & Discounts

You can use the Mitraspec coupon code ‘LOVE’ to get twenty-five percent off at checkout. This is only one of the brand’s many consumer incentives. When you spend $25 or more, you get a free sample of its latest proprietary kratom blend as well as a free measuring scooper.

Alternatively, you can sign up for this seller’s e-mail newsletter to receive the latest updates on discounts, giveaways, news, and products. Newsletters are sent out on a regular basis, which means you will always be kept abreast of the latest deals.

Mitraspec Customer Reviews

image of mitraspec kratom products reviews

Mitraspec reviews have been mostly limited to lesser-known online kratom forums. Although it isn’t the subject of any Reddit threads, you will find plenty of chatter on Double M Herbals and the like. One longtime customer said, “I’ve actually been buying from them since shortly after they became a supplier since like 2015. I’ve also used several other vendors during this time but I always go back to mitraspec because they are always consistent with the quality of kratom they offer.

“I’ve bought from a few vendors that came highly recommended and found that I had to use more to get close [to] mitraspec. I’ve also never really seen a problem with the pricing since I’m paying for a product that has been lab-tested and that’s important to me.”

Another user agreed, writing, “I have ordered from Mitraspec and BB [Botanical Bunny], both have great products. Is Mitraspec pricey? Hell ya … But most of the time she offers 25% off, buy 2 get one free. Plus she has some great blends that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Still another customer said, “I recently went on a hunt for a few new vendors and during my search stumbled on MitraSpec. I ordered 100 grams of their Ballistic Blend. It was $25 with a discount that brought it to $20 and shipping was free.

“After trying 20 different vendors this past month, MitraSpec is a clear standout. Their Ballistic Blend is fire …  Long-lasting … They have some of the cleanest and freshest high-quality Kratom I’ve ever found. It’s pure Kratom. No fillers or heavy metals like other vendors have … A little bit of MitraSpec Kratom goes a long way.”

Mitraspec Complaints

No formal complaints have been levied against this vendor, but some have urged community members against using them. Some consumers believe it is overly expensive; one forum member said, “Just sounds like one of the many vendors who are pumping up the value of leaf because they know they can get away with it with bulls**t marketing like ‘high quality, high potency.’”

This is, more or less, the extent of any negativity surrounding this brand, all other comments have either been wisely skeptical or generally positive. Mitraspec has not had any complaints lodged against it, nor has it been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.

Is It Lab-Tested?

Mitraspec’s kratom is said to be thoroughly tested by an independent third-party laboratory. Unfortunately, this vendor does not post its certificates of analysis online. According to its FAQ, Mitraspec has had its lab results stolen and Photoshopped by rival vendors in the past.

As the proprietor of Mitraspec puts it, “While lab testing is extremely important, and you should always buy from a source that tests their product, the ease with which test reports can be faked means you should never assume that just because someone shows you a lab test that looks official that their products are safe.”

image of mitraspec products

Is Mitraspec Legit?

Yes. Based on our research, Mitraspec appears to be a legitimate business with a growing number of supporters. In addition to its third-party testing, Mitraspec gives back to the community via its kratom giveaways, referral program, military discount, and more. This is a generous,  transparent kratom supplier with a solid track record.

American Kratom Association

Alas, this vendor does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, nor does it mention its health and safety protocols. This is unfortunate, but it isn’t a deal-breaker; it is important to remember that lab testing may eliminate the threat of contamination.

The GMP program is important, particularly to the future of kratom legality, as it aligns with the provisions of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, but it is not the be-all, end-all. The GMP program establishes requirements that vendors must meet in order to receive approval; requirements that pertain to the manufacturing, labeling, marketing, distribution, and sale of kratom products. These requirements are reassuring, but they aren’t always necessary.

Plenty of top-shelf vendors lack GMP certification or publicly available test results. Mitraspec is one such outfit and its longevity is as much an indication of its legitimacy as GMP listing.

Closing Thoughts

image of kratom powder and capsules

In summary, Mitraspec is an economy kratom vendor with a first-class collection of exotic kratom cultivars and kratom blends. Its user-friendly website and wealth of customer perks make it a viable option for anyone with a desire to try something new.

Still on the fence? You can find alternatives and competitive prices by shopping around online. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to compare products, pricing, payment options, and consumer reputations. You’ll find it all in our full catalog of trusted kratom suppliers.

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