Mitra Mike Review: Quality & Customer Insights

Mitra Mike is arguably the industry’s most notorious backpack vendor. Instead of maintaining an e-commerce site, Mitra Mike sells kratom via social media accounts. You can find Mitra Mike on Facebook under Mitra Mike or on Instagram @mitra_mike_extractz. This homegrown operation has become one of the most talked-about brands on the market, but its methods may be questionable.

If you’re mulling a possible purchase from this DIY kratom supplier, you’ll want to do your homework beforehand. Read on for the full skinny on this Virginia vendor in our comprehensive Mitra Mike Kratom Brand Review.

Mitra Mike Product Review

Don’t get it confused with Mitra Extracts (mitraextracts.com), MitraMan Botanicals (mitraman.com), Mitra Kratom (mitra-kratom.com), or any of the other online stores that have cropped up to exploit the longtime popularity of the Mitra name (a name made famous by Mitragaia). Mitra Mike, AKA Mitra Mike Extracts, AKA Mitra Mike’s Kratom Extracts, is a Virginia-based kratom supplier. The brand was started and is maintained, by Michael Whilden, a self-proclaimed Soldier for Christ Jesus, who specializes in homemade kratom extracts.

Unlike his dozen or so counterparts with Mitra in their names, Mr. Whilden does not have a registered business or an e-commerce website of his own. He manufactures kratom extracts out of his home in Chesapeake, VA, and sells them via social media. Mike is what industry insiders refer to as a “backpack vendor,” the type of hot plate entrepreneur who makes blends and extracts from secondhand kratom powder and sells it through janky channels. A backpack vendor doesn’t have to be a guy who meets you in an alleyway in 2022, he can just as easily meet you on Reddit, Weebly, or any number of online kratom forums.


In Mike’s case, the Mitra Mike Extracts brand is primarily sold via a private chat on Reddit, though it is also active on Facebook, Instagram, and so forth. Mitra Mike does most of his business via private message services and the occasional email solicitation. In the past, he has offered free kratom samples to the Reddit community in an effort to beef up the audience for his frequently bizarre kratom extracts.

Mitra Mike Kratom appears to be a beloved brand, but it is difficult to separate the kratom community’s love for Mitra Mike himself from that of his kratom products. After reviewing social media posts, one has to wonder, do customers love Mitra Mike for his kratom or for what he represents? Mitra Mike’s Extracts is a Southern brand that is all about the Do It Yourself attitude. It is also run by a devout Christian man who likes to discuss his religious awakening in relation to his discovery of Mitragyna speciosa.

Many Reddit posts by and/or about Mitra Mike have concerned his abiding faith in a Christian god. In the largely secular kratom industry, Mitra Mike has, of course, been welcomed with open arms by his fellow believers. Whether they value Mitra Mike’s Extracts for its product quality or simply for being a faith-based brand remains to be seen. For example, an entire Reddit thread entitled Mitra Mike’s Testimony received several responses from supportive consumers, most of whom mentioned prayers and condolences more than any kratom product.

Part of Mitra Mike Kratom’s charm is its rustic look, which often includes DIY labels, rainbow-colored packets, and cute little doggie stickers. Although all of its labels are very blatantly homemade on a personal PC and printed on a home computer printer, this labeling bears proper warnings and vital information about the contents of each item. This attention to detail cannot have gone unignored by consumers who are fed up with sketchy brands and their lack of important info.

Mitra Mike Extracts & Small Batch Botanicals (one of the names this unregistered business goes by) carries a host of kratom powders, kratom blends, and enhanced kratom strains, including its coveted Deep Forest Kratom. Blends and powders consist of the green vein, red vein, white vein, and yellow kratom strains, and have come to encompass everything from Bali Kratom, Borneo Kratom, and Maeng Da to Dragon, Elephant Kratom, Horned Leaf, Indo Kratom, and more. Its catalog includes Gold Rolex, Red Bentuangie, Red Maylay, Supreme Kratom, Sirius Black Blend, Super Yellow Lion, Thundercat Blend, White Energon, and White Sumatra. Some of its newest additions include The Karen, Pink Panthro, and Polar Red.

It is Mitra Mike’s line of Mitra Mike Extracts that are the biggest draw by far. They include Godzilla Green, High Voltage White, Resty Red, Rubies, and Yellow Bricked Rd. All are said to be good, but Mike’s 45% Extract is arguably the best … or, at least, the most robust. Satisfied patrons have sung the praises of this powerful Mitragynine-dominant kratom solution.

What It Cost & How It Compares

Prices start at seven bucks for an ounce of kratom powder or $25 for an ounce of enhanced kratom. You can get a single gram of Mike’s 45% Extract for $20 bucks. These prices compare nicely to those charged by your average online seller. For example, Mitragaia charges five dollars for an ounce, while Austin Organic Village charges seven bucks. Amazing Botanicals charges a whopping $25 for a single gram of its 45% Mitragynine Extract, while PA Botanicals charges $24.99.

This vendor sells five hundred grams of kratom powder for $55 or a full kratom kilo for $75.00. This represents the low end of the industry average here in the United States. For the sake of comparison, Kratom World charges $74.95, while Amazing Botanicals charges $75.00.

You can get five grams of any of Mike’s regular kratom extracts, such as Godzilla Green or Yellow Bricked Rd., for $25, which is also true of its enhanced kratom line – Beez Kneez Yellow, Dottie’s, Green Goblin, Red Hobgoblin, and Weeping Angel White, respectively.

Mitra Mike Coupon Code & Discounts

Mike Mike is not Jersey Mike’s, so don’t expect to find promo codes for this backpack vendor on coupon sites or Facebook. Furthermore, you cannot sign up for promo codes via an email newsletter since Mike doesn’t maintain one. This seller keeps its prices low and its potency high, so you don’t have to keep your eyes on the horizon for better deals or better leaf.

Mitra Mike Customer Reviews

Mitra Mike’s Reddit posts have been all but unanimous in their support of his homegrown supplier, with one patron writing, “Mitra Mike is my absolute favorite! He seriously knows his stuff when it comes to extracts!! He’s completely got it mastered.”


Another customer wrote, “So after seeing Mitra mike post some things on here about his extracts I reached out to him for some samples. My samples arrived in less than 5 days and when I opened them up I realized he had sent me quite a few things to try! I got deep forest green regular kratom powder 1oz, 1g of 45% extract, and 5g rubies extract … I’m actually super pleased with Mitra mike already. They are very nice and responsive my order had a tracking number and everything. They don’t have a website but he has a Reddit account that you can reach out to if you interested … Definitely worth a try if u haven’t tried them yet.”

Many users have noted the superior fluffiness of Mike’s powders, while others have talked about the taste and presentation of his kratom extracts. For a crash course on quality, you can check out almost any Reddit thread about Mitra Mike’s Extracts.

Over on Facebook, customers have given Mitra Mike’s Extracts five-star ratings, with one reviewer writing, “I highly recommend mitramike extracts. shipping was fast and his items are o so good. I have tried 8 different ones. and a few extracts. I’m a new customer and will continue.”

Another reviewer said, “This is a family-owned business, that values quality and their customers to the highest and most professional extent possible. I’ve never come across a business as professional and kind-hearted as this one. They are truly one in a billion. They go above and beyond to ensure their customers come first and they are happy to assist you in any manner possible. They’ve gained my business for as long as I’ll be alive, it’s true that special. They have a wide variety of high-quality products that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.”

Mitra Mike Complaints

The biggest complaint levied at this vendor has been its failure to respond to Reddit chat messages. This is likely due to the overwhelming interest in his products. There are dozens of Reddit posts and YouTube videos dedicated to the subject of Mita Mike Extracts. Few have had anything bad to say whatsoever, but if lag time is the worst there is to be said then consumers are likely in good hands.

Is It Lab Tested?

No. Mitra Mike does not appear to submit its kratom products for third-party laboratory evaluation. No certificates of analysis are offered on any of its Reddit posts, nor has it volunteered such lab results in any of its advertising. As a matter of fact, its current kratom menu is devoid of any mention of purity or satisfaction guarantee.

This is a major red flag in our opinion, as it demonstrates a lack of transparency on Mitra Mike’s part. In the past, this vendor has been upfront about the fact that they use third-party kratom to produce select extracts, but they haven’t even bothered to point the public in the direction of any third-party labs. Without proof of purity, customers will always be taking a gamble on this seller.

Is Mitra Mike Legit?

Though its lack of credentials would suggest a brand that is as shady as it is affordable, Mitra Mike has yet to be flagged by any kratom watchdog groups. On the contrary, an influx of satisfied customers on social media has extolled the virtues of this downhome extract artisan. Patrons have made it plain that they love Mitra Mike and trust him for their many ethnobotanical needs.

American Kratom Association

Mitra Mike’s Kratom Extracts is not a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, nor is it a name familiar to those who participate in the program. As a DIY vendor, Mitra Mike has not attempted to legitimize itself by associating with industry groups. Mr. Whilden does not submit to the AKA’s third-party audit, nor does he submit his products to an independent laboratory for verification.

The AKA’s GMP Standards Program was first developed to protect consumers against potentially dangerous or derivative kratom products. It was also designed to hold kratom processors responsible for their actions by requiring that they adhere to strict guidelines where manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and distribution are concerned. Today, there are many prominent kratom vendors participating in the program. Sadly, the industry still has a long way to go before it is verified as a whole.


Closing Thoughts

In summary, Mitra Mike is a DIY operation that may or may not adhere to GMP guidelines and appropriate hygiene. However, its products are said to be some of the strongest and best-looking on the kratom market. When cost-effectiveness meets quality we are always inclined to acknowledge a vendor’s achievements. In Mitra Mike’s case, we gotta hand it to this backpack vendor for earning the respect of the domestic kratom community.

Still on the fence? You can find reputable registered kratom businesses all across the United States. Compare prices, products, policies, and more, with the click of a button. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to discover the top names in today’s marketplace.

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