Miracle Koffee Vendor Review

Arizona residents have a number of options when it comes to shopping for kratom. There are more than twenty shops carrying Mitragyna speciosa products in the Greater Tucson area, not including East Coast Subs and its infamous kratom vending machine. But accessibility doesn’t always equate to quality.

Tucsonans looking for fresh, pure, wildcrafted kratom must forego the head shop route if they want something truly authentic. Enter Miracle Koffee, a Tucson herb store that is revolutionizing the way locals wake up in the morning. Find out all about this unique ma & pa shop in our Vendor Review.

Miracle Koffee Kratom Product Review

Tucson is no stranger to four-star kratom powders; in the past, The Old Pueblo has welcomed Kratom Alchemists, Tucson Kratom, and other fine brands to its neighborhood. Today, there are more than two dozen kratom vendors operating in Pima County.

Miracle Koffee is a Tucson-based shop that has taken kratom to its next logical place in Tucsonans’ daily routine. They have done this by returning to kratom’s roots as part of the coffee family of plants. Miracle Koffee specializes in organic, lab-tested kratom teas – or “coffees,” as its owners might prefer – and the results are stunning.


Miracle Koffee carries more than thirty distinct organic kratom strains, including green vein, red vein, and white vein. Each of its kratom teas comes in both capsule and powder form. Its product line consists of true Indo kratom, which has been sourced from trusted overseas farmers.

This regional kratom supplier has been in business since 2012, which speaks to its value as a regional and national brand. Over the last decade, Miracle Koffee Kratom has left its mark, inspiring consumers to give it a 4.8-star rating on average.

Miracle Koffee Kratom’s prices are a bit higher than most, but still well within the range normally charged by brick-and-mortar establishments. However, you would be better off buying bulk kratom from almost any other e-commerce site, as its prices on kilos are not fair market prices.

Nevertheless, its products are fresh and its packaging is well done. Miracle Koffee Kratom eschews the overly elaborate approach that so many vendors take in favor of a less gimmicky and more austere design. Its kratom powders come in simple brown pouches, with an imprint-style logo.

Miracle Koffee’s online reputation is one of overwhelming support, with nearly 100 four-and-five-star reviews for its land-based shop alone. Though it lacks brand recognition on most online kratom forums it has received plenty of attention from general consumers. More on this in a moment.

This vendor ships all its orders via USPS Flat Rate Shipping, which generally arrives in two to three business days. Miracle Koffee accepts all major credit and debit cards, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA. As of this writing, crypto and alt payments are not offered.

Miracle Koffee’s web design is a bit basic, but it’s easy on the eyes and a breeze to navigate. Unfortunately, the site is pretty light on features; you won’t find any FAQ page, any satisfaction guarantee, or any refund policy.

On a more positive note, this vendor gives you detailed information about each of its kratom strains, from where they were first cultivated to why they are historically significant. You’ll learn all about each strain’s respective aroma and how it might complement your personal preferences. Miracle Koffee Kratom’s blog offers similar information about a number of kratom-related topics.

Miracle Koffee currently carries a wide array of green vein kratom strains, such as Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Elephant, Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, and Green Sundanese, Green Thai, and Green Vietnam.


This vendor’s red vein powders include Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Borneo, Red Dragon, Red Hulu, Red Indo, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, and Red Vietnam. Its white vein kratom powders include White Bali, White Borneo, White Horn, White Thai, and White Vietnam.

Other items include yellow kratom strains, such as Gold Bali, Yellow Maeng Da, Yellow Sumatra, and Yellow Vietnam. Gold and yellow kratom may have been fermented or sun-dried in order to achieve excess concentrations of 7-OH (7-hydroxy mitragynine).

In the interest of full disclosure, we have not sampled Miracle Koffee’s gold or yellow kratom. Therefore, we cannot weigh in with a product review for any of these “strains.” That said, yellow kratom is known to have a unique and potent aroma that differs dramatically from that of plain leaf.

What It Cost & How It Compares

Prices start at $10 for twenty grams of kratom powder, with three hundred grams going for $90.00. You can get five hundred grams for $150 or go the whole hog with a full kratom kilo, which sells for a whopping $270.00. These prices are downright exorbitant.

Bulk kratom vendors typically charge somewhere in the neighborhood of eight to twelve cents per gram, but Miracle Koffee Kratom charges twenty-seven cents per gram! That’s a lot of coin for the smallest amount of Mitragyna speciosa powder.

For the sake of comparison, Kona Kratom charges $159.99 per kilo, while Titan Kratom charges $135, and Mitragaia charges $120 for the same. Discounts kilos are available for as little as $74.99 at Amazing Botanicals and similar e-commerce shops.

Miracle Koffee Coupon Code & Discounts

This Tucson kratom vendor frequently rolls out special deals, including kratom promo codes and sitewide discounts. As of this writing, Miracle Koffee Kratom is offering a flash sale that’s good for fifty percent off all items at its online store.

Alas, Miracle Koffee does not appear to offer kratom military discounts or an email newsletter. However, you can follow its blog and look for it on social to see about the latest offerings. There are many offerings to choose from, almost all of which are notorious among kratom bloggers.

Miracle Koffee Kratom Customer Reviews

There are nearly one hundred reviews for Miracle Koffee on Google alone, with customers clamoring for this brand. One customer said, “Always helpful and kind. I’ve been a regular customer for about 3 ½ years now.”


Another customer said, “Easily the best place to get kratom in Tucson – freshest and the best quality available, they know their repeat customers on a first-name basis, good rewards program. I’ll never go anywhere else as long as they are open!”

Still another reviewer wrote, “Absolutely love this place! The employees are super helpful, and very informative! The product is top of the line as well! Would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to start kratom or veterans of the product.”

Yet another user said, “Let’s get right to it, this place is amazing! I was immediately greeted by a kind gentleman by the name of Pike. I wanted to say thank you for taking your time and showing me and breaking down all of your amazing products!”

Miracle Koffee Complaints

Despite Miracle Koffee’s current 4.7-star overall Google rating, there are those who have had their issues with this retailer in the past. One former customer it was their favorite kratom place in town until they stopped answering phone calls and failed to respond to their messages.

One reviewer alleged that Miracle Koffee’s gram weight was inaccurate, calling the business a rip-off and writing, “I would not purchase from there again.”

Still another review accused Miracle Koffee of being overpriced and of poor quality,” but this review turned out to be written by a rival kratom vendor…a vendor who didn’t have the sense to conceal their display name. This same vendor bashes another Tucson-area kratom shop while gushing about a third.

Is it Lab Tested?

Miracle Koffee submits all of its kratom strains to an independent laboratory for a thorough evaluation. This includes inspection for potential contamination and alkaloid percentages. In this way, Miracle Koffee ensures that its kratom possesses ideal concentrations of mitragynine and 7-OH.

Although Miracle Koffee does not disclose its certificates of analysis online, we take this vendor to its word when it promises lab testing. If you’re feeling skeptical, you can inquire about copies of its lab results by calling 520-867-0677.


Is Miracle Koffee Kratom Legit?

Yes. This Arizona vendor’s longevity speaks to its consistency and dependability. Our research indicates that Miracle Koffee is a genuine article, a brand that is trustworthy and compliant with better business practices.

Miracle Koffee Kratom requires staff members to disinfect surfaces in-between visits and maintain clean workstations at all times. Curbside pickup is available. Miracle Koffee Kratom caters to all customers and their individual needs.

American Kratom Association

As a retailer Miracle Koffee wouldn’t be expected nor encouraged to participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. The program in question is designed with online kratom vendors and kratom manufacturers in mind. Hence, the inclusion of the smoke shop brand OPMS.

The GMP Standards Program was established to hold kratom processors accountable while safeguarding customers. By requiring vendors to submit to a third-party audit the AKA ensures that customers never receive synthetically adulterated or otherwise dangerous kratom products.

In lieu of GMP certification, you can refer to Miracle Koffee’s Google details for any reassurance about its business practices. As you’ll see, this business is run by conscientious individuals who care about keeping their facilities clean and safe.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Miracle Koffee is a trusted Arizona-based kratom vendor with a lot of awesome things to offer, but affordable pricing is not one of them.  If you’re looking for bulk kratom for less, you’ll likely say “thank you, next” to this brand and its purchasing options. Still on the fence? You can find economic alternatives by shopping around online. You can compare products, pricing, payment methods, and more. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full list of the top brands of the moment.

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