MBC Kratom Review – Everything You Need to Know

Area residents have called Northeast Pennsylvania an incredibly boring place to live, but not everyone who lives here is stultified to the point of screaming. For those who have discovered MBC Kratom, life as a NEPAlander is looking up. You can visit this kratom vendor online at: mbckavakorner.com.

Want to learn more about the MBC extracts and MBC kratom blends that have made this brand a regional favorite? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll delve into all of its pros and cons in this post. Read on for the whole story in our comprehensive MBC Kratom review.

What is MBC Kratom?

Located in Trucksville, PA, Merch by Cory’s Kava Korner, AKA MBC Kratom, is a Northeast Pennsylvania kratom supplier with more than six years in the business. MBC Kratom has about as much variety as it does support. This diverse brand sells everything from kava powder and kratom blends to herbal edibles and artisanal extracts.

MBC Kratom is more than a mere herb shop; it is also a botanical bar and cafe eatery. In other words, its brick-and-mortar location is a kratom and kava bar, which doubles as a luncheonette. This land-based establishment is renowned for its relaxing, inviting atmosphere.

The same is true of its online store, which boasts designs too fun and adorable not to be appealing. Its catalog features multiple products derived from cannabinoids, Mitragyna speciosa, Noble Kava, and more. Each of these subcategories is distinguished by its own colorful totem-style mascot.

These splashy, hashtag-laden icons give you a good indication of what you can expect from MBC Botanicals’ “Kratea” collection. All of its packaging is loud, elaborate, and impossible to forget.

Not all of it works – the #MBC Barrel Blend and #MBC Mystery Box carry laughably amateurish designs that just seem desperate. But all of it is engaging. The most alluring aspect of this vendor’s online store is its bulk kratom options, which include a five-kilo bundle, a four-way kilo split, and an MBC reset pack.

What This Vendor Has to Offer – Products and Perks

Before we get to the Kava Korner menu, we’d like to talk about its Leaf of Love program. You may have noticed a Leaf of Love donation button on its product page and wondered what it was in aid of. As it turns out, MBC Kava Korner raises funds for those who are struggling to afford kratom products.

Under Leaf of Love, all proceeds go towards ensuring that kratom users can get their desired product regardless of whether they have fallen on hard times. This is just one of MBC Kratom’s many outward signs of generosity. There is also the brand’s kratom bundles and wholesale portal.

If you’re wondering what’s in store for you when you visit MBC Kratom’s Kava Korner menu, you’ll be thrilled to learn that it has 26 kratom strains, 13 kratom extracts, and seven kratom alternatives. There are weekly sales and discounts, as well as Ultra Enhanced Kratom Powder and specialty blends.

This seller keeps it real when it comes to its kratom vein colors, acknowledging the fact that kratom only naturally occurs in three variations – green vein, red vein, and white vein, respectively. Strains include Green Hulk, Green Hulu, Green MD, Green Thai, Pink Lady, Red Borneo, Red Cambodian, Red Bent, Red Elephant, Super Green, White Elephant, White Hulk, and White JongKong.

image of mbc kratom products

What It Costs and How It Compares

This vendor offers kratom in proprietary tea bags. Each tea bag makes a gallon of ready-to-drink kratom tea. Each pouch of kratom tea bags contains 70 grams of kratom. Prices start at $14.99 for 70 grams, with three bags going for $34.99, and five bags selling for $49.99. These prices do not conform to those charged by your average e-commerce site.

At $49.99 for five bags, you are paying nearly $50 for roughly 350 grams of kratom. By contrast, most online vendors charge $50 for 500 grams or kratom or more. For example, Pure Leaf Kratom charges $39.95 for a ½ kilo, while New Dawn Kratom charges $49.99 for the same.

On the other hand, MBC Kratom’s bulk kratom pricing is out of this world. You can get three kratom kilos for just $169.99, with five kilos for $275, or 10 kilos for a mind-blowing $450! These prices call to mind the heyday of Crazy Eddie’s. In other words, these prices are !!INSANE!!, as in insanely low.

If you’re a longtime kratom connoisseur, you can well remember the days when vendors charged upwards of $1,000 for 10 kilo bundles. MBC Kratom takes things in the other direction and we’re all better for it. Additional deals are provided on kratom sample packs, kratom blends, and more.

MBC Kratom Capsules start at $19.99 for 100 caps, with 200 caps selling for $29.99. You can score a 500-capsule bundle for $69.99 or stock up for the season with 1,500+ kratom capsules for a mere $89.99. These are fair market prices that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else online.

MBC Botanicals Coupon Code and Discounts

If you’d like to get 10-20% off your total at checkout, you can do so by signing up for this vendor email newsletter. Recipients will get a regularly updated MBC Kava Korner coupon code. Additionally, Cory and the team will send you notifications about new strains, special events, and the latest clearance items.

MBC Kratom Customer Reviews

image of mbc kratom customer reviews

Customers have heaped major acclaim on MBC, with one Reddit member calling it one of the best vendors they’d ever used. Another member compared its value and quality to that of Colorado’s New Dawn Kratom. Still another said, “I was skeptic, but I’ll be ordering again.”

The brand has received more than 340 glowing endorsements on Google, with one MBC reviewer saying, “Incredible products for incredible prices. What really makes it is the staff! They are truly some of the kindest people on earth and the owners could not be kinder if they tried. Always going above and beyond to serve their customers.”

Is MBC Kratom Legit?

This Pennsylvania kratom supplier is the genuine article. Each pouch of its kratom powder carried detailed labeling, which features facts, suggestions, and a batch number. This protects the company and the consumer, as it gives them a way to track any subpar batches of kratom powder.

Although it does not participate in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s GMP Standards Program, MBC Kratom proudly lab-tests its products. High quality is all but guaranteed with this brand.

image of mbc kratom logo

Bottom Line

To sum everything up, we find MBC Kratom to be a credible kratom vendor with an auspicious past and a promising future. This East Coast kratom brand’s wide array of illustrious products is well worth checking out, whether you live in Pennsylvania or Pasadena. Still on the fence? Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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