Maza Shot Vendor Review

Maza Shot, AKA Maza Relaxation Kratom Shot, is a liquid kratom extract that’s available online from the folks at This retail headshop kratom brand takes the notoriously cringe taste of liquid kratom and reinvents it using natural ingredients like agave.

Maza Shot is said to be the strongest and most robust liquid kratom shot around, which may be true…then again, if there is one thing most kratom brands have in common it’s their self-proclaimed status as the best or the strongest.


Maza Shot Kratom Review

There is an inestimable number of liquid kratom extracts on the domestic market, including popular brands like Hush Kratom, K-Shot, MIT45, OPMS, and Vivazen Kratom. Maza Relaxation Kratom Shot is merely the latest in a sea of similar kratom drinks.

While Maza Shot is definitely not the first kratom shot of its kind, it is certainly one of the most organic. Where other manufacturers load their kratom shots down with additional ethnobotanicals in an attempt to enhance kratom’s aroma, the makers of Maza Kratom Shot keep things natural.

Its name might be similar to Kryptic Kratom Relaxation Shot or Relax Aid Kratom Liquid Shot, but this liquid kratom drink does not deserve to get lumped in with those other crummy headshop products. Maza Kratom Shot does not taste foul, nor does it contain foul components.

This Full Spectrum Kratom Shot’s chief ingredients include Mitragyna speciosa leaf extract, lemon juice, and spring water. Maza Shot is flavored with agave nectar to give this kratom drink an additive-free sweetness. Unfortunately, this alluring sugar substitute may do more harm than good.

Those living with diabetes or a history of liver disease should avoid agave. Agave is known for reducing insulin sensitivity. What’s more, it is higher in caloric content than table sugar, making it a poor choice for those contending with obesity.

Sweetener notwithstanding, Maza Shot seems quite appealing, as it offers a Full Spectrum Tincture aroma without the tincture and without any apparent adulteration. Each bottle carries proper labeling and is said to be free of extraneous ingredients, such as fillers or potential contaminants.

With so many kratom products getting recalled for potential adulteration or exposure, the prospect of shopping for a new brand can seem disconcerting. Fortunately, products like Maza Shot are easy to track thanks to the handy batch numbers that appear on each two-ounce bottle.

If we have one overarching lament where this brand is concerned it’s the scarcity of strain information. Kratom extracts are typically made by extracting alkaloids from the leaves of Indo kratom leaves, which may include green, red, or white kratom. No particulars are listed on the Maza product page.

That being said, the soothing aroma of Maza Relaxation Kratom Shot seems to support the notion that it was extracted from red vein kratom. On the other, hand, the blue and white colors of the bottle may point to a blend of green veins and white veins. A mixture of all three is not uncommon.

image of maza kratom shot


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Prices start at $7.99 for a two-ounce bottle of Maza Shot, with a sixteen-bottle bundle going for $89.99. The former is a fair market price for a single liquid kratom shot, while the former represents savings of nearly $40.00.

Other brands charge anywhere from five to ten dollars more than what Maza Shot charges for one of its two-ounce bottles. For example, carries a two-ounce K Blast Kratom Extract Shot for $12.99, while Ark Smoke Shop offers a single bottle of Blue Kratom Full Spectrum Kratom Shot for $17.68.


How Can I Buy Maza Shot?

Should you decide to take a chance by ordering Maza Kratom online, you’ll be able to choose between an assortment of convenient payment options. The Deluxe CBD accepts COD (Cash On Delivery), credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies, e-Checks, and Zelle.

This vendor provides you with kratom same-day shipping when you place an order during regular business hours. To qualify for same-day shipment, you must complete your order by 12 pm CST (Central Standard Time) between Monday and Friday. You’ll also have your choice of carriers.


Maza Shot Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

If you’re keen on saving some money when buying Maza Kratom, you can type ‘coupon code’ into the search bar at There you will find the latest seasonal discounts or savings opportunities.

For instance, July saw customers saving twenty percent off their total at the checkout by redeeming the promo code ‘July4’. Additional promotions may be advertised on social media. Follow Maza Shot’s premier online retailer on Instagram: @thedeluxecbd.


Maza Shot Kratom Consumer Reputation

Maza Kratom Shot’s utter lack of brand recognition on the internet gives us some definite pause. There are no Maza Shot ratings available via search engines and there do not appear to be any reviews on online kratom forums.

On the bright side, Maza Shot has not received any negative feedback; no complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau and no vendor warnings have been issued by kratom watchdogs. This brand seems to be generally well-received on the smoke shop circuit.


Buy Maza Kratom Shot Near You

Maza Relaxation Shot is widely available in an abundance of land-based stores. If you prefer to do your shopping face-to-face, you can find Maza Shot near you. For example, Cedar Gifts & More, The Glass Room, The Glass Room, and Village Sensations are some of the shops selling Maza on the East Coast.

You can locate other brick-and-mortar locations by Googling ‘Maza Kratom Shot Near Me,’ which will bring up the closest establishments according to the parameters you select. You can get broad state and county results or hone in on more precise results by choosing the miles you are willing to travel.


The Bottom Line

Maza Shot may not be the most popular kratom shot or the strongest (that honor seems to go to MIT 45 Kratom), but it does seem to be one of the most legit. Where other shots lack decent warnings, origins information, or accurate ingredients lists, Maza Shot includes batch numbers and everything else.

Without certificates of analysis to demonstrate lab testing or consumer reviews to shine a light on quality it is always a gamble to buy headshop kratom. However, The Deluxe CBD is a trusted wholesale kratom retailer with a refund policy and a secure checkout portal.

There are lots of terrific kratom products available online, many of which are backed by guarantees and GMP certification. Learn more about these top brands by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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