Lotus Botanicals CBD & Kratom Vendor Review

With four brick-and-mortar shops across Oklahoma, there is no doubt that Lotus Botanicals CBD & Kratom (Lotus Botanicals) is at the top of their game. They are an innovative, holistic wellness company that promises to deliver high-quality CBD and Kratom products to the masses.

Lotus Botanicals has been a staple in the Oklahoma market for a while now. They claim to produce and sell high-quality CBD and Kratom products, with the belief that the natural approach to health is the way to go. Unfortunately, Lotus Botanicals fails to expand its business online and as a result, is missing out on a lot of potential customers.

While they have an existing website, the company does not offer its products online. It is almost as if they are missing the boat. There is no way for customers to place an order, save for their physical brick-and-mortar stores. You can send them an email with your questions and they will get back to you, but it is a very long process. Lotus Botanicals’ business model prevents them from reaching out to potential customers and taking advantage of the many opportunities available online.


Lotus Botanicals Products and Services

Lotus Botanicals does not offer any information about its products online. If you want to know the full range of Kratom and CBD products that they offer, you will have to go to their physical stores and see what they have in stock.

Based on the little information that we’ve come across on the web, we know that Lotus Botanicals offer Kratom in powder, capsule, and extract forms. They also carry a number of Kratom vein colors including Red, Gold, Green, Yellow, and White.

We are not sure about the full range of Kratom strains that they offer but from what we can tell, they have Maeng Da, Thai, Borneo, Bali, Indo, Malaysian, and Super Green Malay in their inventory.

Lotus Botanicals also claims that they sell organic, all-natural Kratom products but we did not see any third-party lab results on their website to prove it. While this is not a deal-breaker for us, it is a big red flag for Kratom users who are very conscious about the quality of their Kratom supply.

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Lotus Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

Again, without an online store, it is impossible for us to know the exact price of Lotus Botanicals’ products. However, it seems like their prices are very competitive based on the customer reviews that we’ve found online. In fact, we have seen a lot of testimonials that tout Lotus Botanicals as one of the most affordable and reliable Kratom and CBD suppliers in Oklahoma.

Unless you live in the area, you may have to travel to one of their physical stores to get your hands on their products. Their shops are located in Oklahoma City, Norman, Del City, and Warr Acres.


Lotus Botanicals Customer Reviews

Each of Lotus Botanicals’ brick-and-mortar stores receives very good reviews. In fact, many customers have given the company high ratings on Google and Facebook.

Here are some of the Lotus Botanicals reviews that we have come across online:

“My boyfriend and I just recently moved to OKC about a month ago and have been in search of our new Kratom home (shop) since we got here and today we found it! This place is awesome! Kimberly and Alex were great from the moment we walked in the door. Best Kratom in OKC by far. From customer service to the actual product, I hands down to give 5 stars!” – Kimberly G., Google review

“Great people, great environment, great quality Kratom. The selection is vast!” – Gideon Y., Facebook

“I’ve been using Kratom for years and from the moment I met Toni at Lotus Botanicals, I have never had the need to go anywhere else. Absolute best quality Kratom at the absolute best prices. Over the last year and a half Toni, the owner has become like family. Loyal customer/friend for life.” – Justin R., Google review

Lotus Botanicals has tons of positive reviews and this seems to be the general consensus among their customers. If you live in Oklahoma, we recommend that you give Lotus Botanicals a visit to see what the fuss is all about.

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Lotus Botanicals Customer Complaints

Lotus Botanicals also has its own fair share of customer complaints. In fact, some of these complaints seem to be very detailed to ignore. We will go over some of them in this section to help you decide if Lotus Botanicals is the right place for you.

“Everything about this place was bad. I’m pretty sure the owner was on something. The store smelled like one big nasty litter box. I should have turned around and walked out and not wasted another minute in there. Then the owner started talking about some crazy stuff she had going on in her personal life. Just seems a little off to me. The worst part was when I got home and tried it out I spent the next few hours with a migraine and throwing up. Never again” – Amber J., Google review

“Prices were decent and the shop is well kept but the lady working last week has a weird vibe when you walk in. I felt pressured and rushed into buying products yet the shop was cute and had products I haven’t seen before.” – Gamer T., Google review

It is worth mentioning that Lotus Botanicals has hundreds of positive reviews on different websites and other online platforms, so there is a very high chance that these two reviews are isolated incidents and not reflective of the average customer experience.


Lotus Botanicals Coupons

There is no way for us to know whether Lotus Botanicals offers any coupon codes for their products. If you are interested in buying Kratom from them, you’ll have to check out their physical stores to find out whether they offer any discounts or promotions.

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Is Lotus Botanicals Legit?

There are quite a few reasons why we think Lotus Botanicals is a reputable Kratom vendor. With four physical locations and hundreds of positive customer reviews, there is no denying that Lotus Botanicals is legit.



It’s impressive how Lotus Botanicals managed to convert a small storefront into four thriving physical locations. We are sure that the business has been profitable so far and there is no reason to believe that it won’t continue to grow. However, they need to up their game when it comes to selling their products online if they want to compete with the big names in the Kratom industry.

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