Logic Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Logic Botanicals Kratom is a Kratom brand that is shrouded in mystery. Their products are available in small local head shops and a few third-party retailers online, but for the most part, the brand is virtually impossible to locate. In fact, Logic Botanicals Kratom does not have a dedicated website or any social media presence either. A quick Google search will also reveal very little information about the company and its products.

This is quite concerning, considering that even the smallest brands in the industry today invest time, money, and effort to at least make a decent impact online. Logic Botanicals Kratom, on the other hand, seems to be happy to remain a complete mystery. This is really problematic because if you are going to put your trust in a Kratom vendor, you need to be able to know exactly who you are doing business with. Unfortunately, Logic Botanicals Kratom fails to meet this basic requirement.

In this review, we will attempt to shed some light on this company by doing a little detective work and finding out as much as we can about the brand. But, don’t expect any of this to be easy. It’s not like we are talking about a big, well-known brand like Coca-Cola or Pepsi here. This is a small, relatively unknown company that has chosen to remain anonymous for quite some time now.


Logic Botanicals Kratom Products and Services

Without a website or any social media presence whatsoever, it is difficult to get any real sense of what Logic Botanicals Kratom is all about. However, by using Google’s reverse image search tool, we were able to locate a few lesser-known independent Kratom websites that still carry the brand. While most of these websites require you to sign-up for an account before you can check out the prices of their products, one of them is generous enough to share some details on their site, and we can use this as a starting point to figure out what Logic Botanicals Kratom is really all about. On Sooner Distributors’ website, they offer Logic Botanicals Kratom in powder form. They carry a limited range of Kratom strains and vein colors including Maeng Da, Red Vein, Bali, and Trainwreck.

Based on all the information that we’ve gathered online, we can safely say that Logic Botanicals Kratom offers both Kratom powder and capsules. Unfortunately, most of their partner retailers and distributors choose not to disclose any information about their products. This is quite frustrating because it makes it nearly impossible for us to provide any type of detailed analysis about any of Logic Botanicals Kratom’s products.

When it comes to packaging, Logic Botanicals Kratom uses plastic jars for their Kratom powder and plastic bottles for their Kratom capsules. Their packaging is presentable but not spectacular. However, if you’ll compare them to some of the other brands that we have reviewed, they are definitely on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to packaging.


Logic Botanicals Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

We only managed to get the price for Logic Botanicals Kratom powder on Sooner Distributors’ website. The cost is the same for all Kratom strains including Maeng Da, Red Vein, Bali, and Trainwreck.

Kratom Powder

  • 250g – $29.99 (discounted price – $27.99)

Considering that Logic Botanicals Kratom is a small-time vendor with a limited product range and no established brand recognition, we would expect their prices to be at the lower end of the spectrum. This is not the case here. Their prices for their Kratom powder are on the higher side of things. This is certainly not an ideal situation for customers who are struggling to make ends meet. Even at the discounted price, Logic Botanicals Kratom is still quite high in comparison to most other vendors.image of kratom powder and capsules

Logic Botanicals Kratom Customer Reviews

We have searched high and low but we have been unable to find any online review sites that offer customer feedback for Logic Botanicals Kratom. This is not surprising considering that they have a very limited product line and only sell through a handful of retailers. With no way to get direct feedback from their own customers, we don’t know how well Logic Botanicals Kratom is doing business or whether or not they are even capable of taking on more clients and expanding their product line.


Logic Botanicals Kratom Customer Complaints

Unfortunately, we also have been unable to locate any online complaints about Logic Botanicals Kratom aside from a review done by Kratom Crazy about them. Here’s what Bob F. from Kratom Crazy had to say about Logic Botanicals Kratom.

“I think you’ll agree that you should avoid vendors like Logic as you would a stripper with the sniffles. All that glitters is definitely not gold.” – Bob F., Kratom Crazy

This review is not surprising given the fact that Logic Botanicals Kratom lacks a lot of the key ingredients that make a Kratom vendor stand out from the crowd. For example, they lack any type of customer service and they offer very little (if any) information about their products. The lack of lab certification is also a concern since many customers expect their vendors to be lab certified.


Logic Botanicals Kratom Coupons

image of logic botanicals coupon code

As of this writing, we did not find any Logic Botanicals Kratom coupons on the internet. They don’t have a website, social media page, or any relevant online presence. This leaves them with very limited marketing and advertising platform.


Is Logic Botanicals Kratom Legit?

We are going to have to give Logic Botanicals Kratom a “C” rating. This is because we do not have enough information to determine whether or not they are legitimate. Yes, their products are available online, but is that all there is to it? Is being available on the internet enough to make a vendor legitimate? The short answer is no. Being online is just the beginning. You also need to have some type of brand recognition, a good product, a fair price, and a legitimate business model.



If you decide to do business with Logic Botanicals Kratom, we suggest you exercise extreme caution and proceed with the utmost skepticism. They lack the proper marketing, branding, and customer support that make a vendor stand out from the crowd. We also advise you to shop around a bit before making any large purchases. While we cannot give a definitive “yes” or “no” for Logic Botanicals Kratom, we can tell you that they definitely lack the credibility of a more established vendor.

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