Kraybaby Kratom Vendor Review

Kraybaby Kratom is one of those kratom products that everyone’s heard of, but no one has actually used. Asking around about this brand is a lot like playing a game of telephone – every person you talk to seems to have a wildly different second or third-hand account of the story. is the e-commerce site of Jim Huebner, the Principal Director of Gulf Coast Enterprises in Clearwater, FL. appears to be a subsidiary of Huebner’s Pinellas County business. If you’ve been hoping to learn more about this Gulf Coast kratom vendor, you’ve come to the right place. We will tell you everything you need to know in our comprehensive Kraybaby Kratom Vendor Review.

Kraybaby Kratom Product Review is commensurate to a speakeasy – most everyone knows about it, but only a select few in-the-know individuals have actually been there. Part of the elusiveness of this brand owes to its website showing up as ‘Jim Huebner: Gulf Coast Products’ in search results. Google results suggest that Jim Huebner sells sunglasses, an obvious trick that may confuse the uninitiated.

As it turns out, Kraybaby Kratom uses ‘sunglasses’ as code for kratom powder. The site sells nearly 30 varieties of sunglasses, including horned leaf kratom, sun-dried kratom, OG Maeng Da Kratom, and fermented kratom.

Kraybaby Kratom’s prices are somewhat comparable to those charged by other online kratom vendors, but it is far from what many would consider economy pricing in 2022. You can get cheaper, fresher kratom from any number of bulk kratom vendors. If you buy bulk kratom from wholesale websites, you will be eligible for additional savings.

This vendor’s packaging is plain, generic, and unremarkable in every way. It may be difficult to reseal once open, which is why we recommend transferring your kratom powder to a more solid, long-term storage container. Kraybaby Kratom lacks QR codes or appropriate warnings. has little to no consumer recognition, with limited comments at online kratom forums and no reviews on Google or Yelp. This brand has not been approved by the ILK (I Love Kratom), nor has it been acknowledged by the AKA (American Kratom Association). There are no starred reviews online or elsewhere.

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Kraybaby Kratom ships all orders via USPS (United States Postal Service), with tracking information provided once your package has been processed. You can choose between Priority Mail and Express Mail. In light of recent post office delays, we highly recommend upgrading to the expedited shipping option.’s quality may vary from strain to strain. According to its site, some of its batches have been sitting around for two years, while others seem to be entirely made up and gimmicky. We completely understand this company’s need for discretion, but we find its lack of kratom images disconcerting, as customers are given no idea of the texture or color of its product prior to placing an order.

Kraybaby Kratom’s website is low-tech, woefully underdeveloped, and lacking in many of the features we have come to expect of top-tier kratom suppliers. For instance, Jim Huebner does not bother to disclose business information, FAQ page, testimonials, or laboratory testing. There is no information about returns, refund policy, certificates of analysis, or GMP compliance. More on this in a moment.

This vendor’s Bali Red purports to be a Maeng Da strain from the Ketapang Forest, but there does not appear to be a Ketapang Forest with kratom trees in West Kalimantan. Our research indicates that the Ketapang Forest is an industrial park used for ecological and agricultural purposes. While it is located in Ketapang Regency, it does not appear to be utilized as a plantation for Mitragyna speciosa trees.

Further research suggests that Ketapang is losing a substantial portion of its land to deforestation. Therefore, it is highly improbable that Kraybaby gets its Bali Red Maeng Da hybrid from the woodlands of Ketapang Regency.

Other kratom strains include Benta-ya-ya Red, Borneo “Hope” Red, Borneo Green MD, Borneo Z 2, Gold Red, Grace Brown Red, Green Horn, Green Kapuas River, Green Maeng Da, Green Mala, Green Sumatra, Green Stem & Vein, Green Zombie, Horned White, Hot Chocolate Red, Mandomai Green MD, Mandomai, Red Horn, Red MD, Red Malay, Red Riau, Red Stem & Vein, Red Vein Ketapang, Super G, Super Green, Super Green MD, Super Red Suma, XKF Green MD (X Ketapang), and Zowie Red # 1.

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What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $8.44 for an ounce of kratom powder, with two ounces for $16.22, four ounces for $31.12, and eight ounces for $60.00. You can pick up sixteen ounces for $89.75 or a kratom kilo for $139.75. Some of these prices are better than others.

$8.44 for an ounce of kratom is fairly reasonable compared to the current industry standard. For the sake of comparison, My Brave Botanicals charges $15 for twenty-eight grams of Green Maeng Da Kratom.

$139.75 may be cheaper than a smoke shop kilo or the bulk options offered by sites like Happy Hippo Herbals, but it is far from cheap when compared to the industry average. As of this writing, many online kratom vendors are charging between $90 and $120 for one thousand grams or more. For example, Mount Kratom charges $94.99, while Mitragaia charges $120.00.

You can pay with Google Pay, Square Cash, Venmo, or Zelle. Additional payment options may be available upon request. However, Jim Huebner does not appear to accept major credit or debit cards. Personal checks and money orders are not listed on its site, nor is COD (Cash On Delivery).

Kraybaby Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

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Kraybaby Kratom Customer Reviews

There is a relative absence of online chatter when it comes to Kraybaby Kratom. Some of this may owe to the company operating under other possible names. For instance, one Reddit post seemed to suggest that Kraybaby Kratom was produced by Gulf Coast Kratom.

Gulf Coast Kratom itself has received only minimal attention on the internet. In one Reddit post, a member said, “Dude, they’re good. Just got my first order from them today. I’d definitely say they’re literally just as good as Lucky herbals. Gulf coast has some fresh, clean batches of Kratom.”

Another member said, “Thanks for that awesome customer service!!! I really appreciate all your doing to bring us the good leaf!!! And for making it so affordable!!!”

Over at Double M Herbals, a member wrote, “The owner is great. I needed special packing instructions, which he followed to the tee. Somehow I placed the order three times and literally four minutes later I get a phone call from Roel asking if I meant to do that … The white and red are phenomenal. 5/5 and they are exactly what you’d read.”

Kraybaby Complaints

We were unable to find any truly negative feedback on the usual platforms. However, we did find a response from a disappointed member on the aforementioned Double M Herbals thread. This user said, “The green Hulu is garbage. I was disappointed as soon as I opened the packaging. Very dull, greyish brown, dusty-looking powder. There’s absolutely no color at all.”

Is It Lab Tested?

No. This vendor does not post lab results, nor does it make any claims about third-party laboratory evaluation. No QR codes appear on its packaging, nor do any certificates of analysis feature on its website. In any event, lab results wouldn’t mean much if a vendor is selling two-year-old powder.

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Is Kraybaby Kratom Legit?

Unlikely. Though we cannot speak for the community at large, we can speak to our own experiences. Based on our research, we would be remiss if we did not make clear that Kraybaby Kratom is shady and appears to lack all of the hallmarks of a legitimate business.

If this is your first time buying kratom, there are several signs of legitimacy that you can look for. Seek out brands that are transparent about their business practices and open about their testing methods. The very best kratom vendors offer tours of their facilities or proof of third-party analysis. The top ten brands provide free kratom samples and satisfaction guarantees.

American Kratom Association

Kraybaby does not appear on the AKA’s list of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) participants, nor is Gulf Coast Kratom listed as a participating vendor. The GMP Standards program was established as a means by which to protect customers against unsafe products and dishonest manufacturers.

Although many legit vendors have failed to participate in this program, the vast majority of trusted brands opt instead for reliable in-house testing or independent third-party assessment. These sellers are able and willing to offer proof of purity and potency.

The GMP Standards program requires vendors to submit to a third-party audit while following all related requirements where manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and distribution are concerned. Kraybaby Kratom offers no evidence of its quality in these areas.

Closing Thoughts

In lieu of third-party analysis or industry approval, Kraybaby Kratom emerges as something of a gamble for kratom consumers. This brand is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but it has failed miserably at demonstrating its legitimacy.

You can find viable alternatives to Kraybaby Kratom online by shopping around and asking questions. Join the kratom subreddit to unlock brand recommendations, vendor warnings, and more. Alternatively, you can check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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