Kratomforcheap Vendor Review

Kratomforcheap is yet another Lone Star State kratom supplier with an address in the Greater Austin area. This Central Texas “thang” vendor specializes in high-quality budget-conscious green vein and white vein kratom powder, but that is not all. Kratomforcheap has a strain to suit every consumer, with multiple examples of the ever-more-popular red kratom variety, as well as the makings for DIY kratom capsules.

This wildly successful regional vendor is said to employ dozens of employees while generating millions in kratom sales, but a company’s success doesn’t guarantee its superiority over the competition. Some companies are simply successful because the general public doesn’t know any better. In the interest of keeping the public informed, we offer the following Kratomforcheap Vendor Review.


Kratomforcheap Product Review

Kratomforcheap, AKA KForCheap was founded in 2013, in the heart of Austin. You can visit its online store at: There you will find the green vein, red vein, and white vein, in addition to its digital scales and DIY kratom capsules.

According to its Facebook profile, KForCheap manufactures kratom products that are laboratory-documented at the “highest yields of active ingredient imaginable.” While this is hard to believe it isn’t the boldest claim we have come across. On the contrary, there have been a number of implausible assertions made on the part of vendors to drum up more attention to their products. At this point, it seems like the industry’s favorite past-time.

Regardless, kratomforcheap is said to have kratom powder of superior quality and its lab results would seem to support such claims. Each certificate of analysis boasts a higher-than-normal Mitragynine level, which sets its strains apart from those of its average competitor.

image of kratomforcheap kratom products

Some users will be turned off by the seeming lack of variety (there are only ten “strains” across three vein colors), but seasoned enthusiasts will recognize these as the crème de la crème. Its catalog includes Green Riau, Green Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Indo, Red Indo Crushed Leaf, Red Thai, Red Thai Crushed Leaf, White Borneo, and White Maeng Da.

Owner Derek Evans has taken a personal approach to the family-owned business model by jumping on Facebook for face-to-face interactions with supporters and curious parties. In photos and videos, Derek has introduced us to his team of native partners in Indonesia and offered detailed instructions on how to steep crushed leaf kratom tea and more.

Despite its down-home tactics, Kratomforcheap maintains a less-than-stellar reputation among consumers. Few customers have bothered to write about this one and even fewer have had anything nice to say.

Kratomforcheap’s packaging is generic and concerning, particularly since its labels are deficient in vital information. Although each bag carries a small warning in addition to volume and strain name, there is little else in the way of appropriate data – no instructions, age restriction, strain origins, or legalese.

This vendor’s web design is as lackluster as its packaging quality. The site’s menus are easy enough to navigate, but there is nothing in the way of a FAQ page, never mind a satisfaction guarantee or terms and conditions agreement. On the contrary, we were unable to find proof of kratomforcheap’s business registration.


What It Costs & How It Compares

If you order eight ounces of crushed leaf kratom, you get a free pod for easier brewing. Derek encourages seasoned kratom powder users to try crushed leaf for its unique aroma. He also reminds buyers that they can always return their crushed leaf if it’s not for them, noting kratomforcheap will be happy to replace that amount of crushed leaf for kratom powder of equal value.

This may sound like a terrific and generous deal … were it not for the restrictions kratomforcheap places on its kratom sales. As each product page will show you, prices start at $79 for eight ounces of kratom powder. It also ends where it started; your only option is to buy an eight-ounce package of powder or crushed leaf.

Most kratom strains sell for $89 for eight ounces, which equates to approximately thirty-nine to forty cents per gram for two hundred twenty-four grams. This is, by far, the worst per gram deal we’ve encountered in quite some time. The current industry average is ten cents per gram, which amounts to around $100 for a full kratom kilo.

This is the general price range one can expect from most online vendors. For example, Titan Kratom charges $99.99, while PA Botanicals charges $114.99 for the same. By contrast, kratomforcheap is charging close to one hundred bucks for less than a quarter kilo.


Kratomforcheap Coupon Code & Discounts

image of kratomforcheap coupon code

This vendor does not appear to accept or offer kratom coupon codes. Kratomforcheap presents itself as if it is a more affordable alternative to the average e-commerce business, but its pricing is anything but. The company’s About page presents kratomforcheap as a source for cheaper, higher quality products, but its prices are far from discounted in any way, shape or form.

At nearly forty cents per gram, you will be paying more than you would from just about any vendor on the internet. You would be better off saving that money and booking a flight to Indonesia.


Kratomforcheap Customer Reviews

There is an unfortunate shortage of consumer reviews; there are next to no references to kratomforcheap on online kratom forums and even fewer on popular social media platforms. There are no reviews at ILK (I Love Kratom), nor has kratomforcheap been acknowledged by any advocacy groups.

One Reddit member said, “I wanted to put the word out on a new vendor that I discovered because I know some people get kinda sketchy about new sites and ordering and all that. But put simply, best service and product that I have found in YEARS. I don’t wanna rag on any other vendors, but I am very well versed in procuring Kratom online, and this guy is the real deal. Apparently, he actually goes overseas regularly to visit his crop which I haven’t seen before.”


Kratomforcheap Complaints

image of kratomforcheap has no complaints

Many consumers have lamented the lofty price tags associated with this brand, with one user writing, “If the name of your business is ‘Kratom For Cheap,’ I’d recommend that your prices are cheap. I can buy a quarter kilo for $25-$40 from reputable vendors that don’t call themselves ‘Kratom For Cheap.’” Another member agreed, writing, “These are some of the most outrageous prices I have seen. Who the hell pays this much?”

“This is the funniest scam ever,” another member wrote, while still another said, “Even the capsules are unconscionably overpriced.” Meanwhile, another user pointed out that the site’s SSL protection was not enabled, explaining that those who placed an order with this vendor would be doing so without proper security.


Is It Lab Tested?

Kratomforcheap is a fully lab-tested brand, with certificates of analysis from Wonderland Labs and others. For those unfamiliar with the name, Wonderland Labs is the preferred laboratory of many top-tier kratom outfits. The labs’ results demonstrate kratomforhcheap’s potency … but purity is another matter.

Kratomforcheap offers individual links to certificates of analysis for each of its vein colors. However, photographs of these lab results are deceptively small and incapable of being magnified. This may be a shoddy attempt at concealing out-of-date certification. Dated and, therefore, useless laboratory certification is a problem that has long dogged the online kratom marketplace.

Luckily, there are other lab results pages for individual kratom strains that do work. Unfortunately, these pages also suffer from some dating. As of this writing, the most current lab results are from July of 2021. This may seem disturbing to some who expect a responsible company to rotate and replenish its stock, but kratomforcheap is not one of those businesses.

This vendor’s business model centers around purchasing bulk kratom in high volume from its overseas partners. That bulk is then sold off in smaller increments over an extended period of time.

As if this isn’t odd enough, select strains are advertised as being tested by Wonderland Labs, only for you to click on the strain in question and discover results from a different lab entirely. All of this unusual behavior suggests a brand that is cutting corners and pulling the wool over the public’s eyes.

image of kratomforcheap lab test

Is Kratomforcheap Legit?

Maybe. There are aspects of kratomforcheap’s online operation that are anything but legit. For example, Kratomforcheap gets its logo from the notorious white-on-green periodic table design familiar to fans of television’s Breaking Bad. Why a kratom vendor would want to be associated with a show about illegal meth production and multiple murders is anyone’s guess, but this is just the tip, as it were.

Kratomforcheap’s homepage advertises a Wonderland Labs certificate, but when you click on these words nothing happens. More alarmingly, the site’s main lab results page appears to feature a minimized image of third-party labs. This seems to deliberately obfuscate the dates and other details that appear on such a certificate.


American Kratom Association

Kratomforcheap does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This is not a deal-breaker for some consumers, but it will turn some users off. The GMP program has become as common as money-back guarantees and free kratom samples. Today, participation in the program is viewed as a surefire sign of transparency on the part of contributing manufacturers.

The GMP Standards Program was designed to preserve public safety while holding kratom vendors accountable. Those who agree to participate in the GMP program must voluntarily submit to a third-party audit and adhere to various guidelines in order to receive the AKA’s seal of approval. These guidelines extend from the manufacturing and labeling of kratom products to the marketing, distribution, sale, and verification of said products.

image of kratom leaves

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Derek and his family seem like decent Americans with a genuine passion for what they do. Alas, kratomforcheap’s insanely high prices and shady website place them firmly at the bottom of the barrel in terms of legitimacy and affordability.

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