Kratom Vendors That Accept Paypal

PayPal may be one of the most popular online payment sources, but it isn’t easy to find in the Kratom world. That’s primarily due to PayPal’s history of seizing funds and canceling entire accounts because consumers have done something as simple as attempt to buy a sample ounce of Kratom powder. Many Kratom vendors steer clear of the popular online payment processor because of this. With this in mind, it’s hard, if not nearly impossible, to find Kratom vendors that take PayPal Credit at present.

Those who do still accept Kratom are taking a risk, as are you if you choose to pay for your purchase via PayPal.

What About PayPal Credit?

Using PayPal’s credit program makes things even more complicated. After all, PayPal has to approve the vendors who accept PayPal Credit. It’s basically impossible to find a Kratom vendor who is able to accept PayPal Credit, which is a payment program that enables consumers to pay for their purchases over several months instead of all at once.

Now that you know why PayPal is a risky proposition, we can share a couple of vendors that still accept it. Just remember that choosing PayPal during checkout puts you at risk of having your money seized and your account cancelled. Even worse, you still won’t get the Kratom you were trying to buy.

2 Kratom Vendors That Take PayPal Credit

Malaka Kratom

Indonesian vendor Malaka Kratom guarantees the quality of their products. They also accept PayPal, bank transfers, and Western Union payments. You’ll find Kratom powder here that’s fresh and 100 percent pure, just as you’d expect from a vendor that’s located so close to the growing fields. Malaka Kratom specializes in powder, and they sell 47 strains. Every strain comes in 1 kg (1,000 g) for $40.

Borneo Botanicals

image of borneo botanicals

Many sources have reported PayPal as a payment option for Borneo Botanicals. This vendor doesn’t accept payments directly through their website, which is probably done to protect both sides. Instead, buyers must send an email to get an invoice. Most of their products start at $170 for 3 kg (3,000 g), and they offer free shipping to the US.

Payment Methods Change Quickly

With PayPal being very uncooperative with Kratom vendors, it’s no wonder that so many of them have backed away from accepting this form of payment. Until recently, vendors such as Coastline Kratom and Kay Botanicals pleased their customers by having PayPal as an option, but both of these online stores have since severed their ties with the payment processor.

Reach Out to Your Preferred Vendors

Another way to pay with PayPal is by reaching out to your favorite vendors. Although many of them will probably say no due to the previously listed concerns, there are always some vendors that are happy to make alternate arrangements for established customers. Therefore, if you’re determined to buy Kratom with PayPal, it never hurts to try this method.

Try Amazon Pay Instead

picture of amazon pay

You won’t find Kratom for sale on Amazon, but some vendors have started using their payment program, Amazon Pay. This method may not be around forever, but it’s currently an option on some Kratom sites.

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