Kratom Gator Vendor Review

Kratom Gator is a Central Florida kratom supplier that specializes in kratom nanopowder and kratom capsules. Its most popular attractions include black kratom, micronized kratom powder, and kratom seeds. You can visit this vendor’s online store at:

With millions of searches across a myriad of popular platforms, this Kowtown kratom brand is blowing up, but is it worthy of your trust and money? We will tell you everything you need to know about this Sunshine State supplier in our comprehensive Kratom Gator Vendor Review.

Kratom Gator Product Review

Located in Kissimme, in the Orlando Metropolitan area of Central Florida, Kratom Gator is an e-commerce kratom vendor with a lot to offer the keen kratom connoisseur. Don’t let the name fool you, it isn’t simply traditional kratom leaf that’s available from this brand’s website.

Kratom Gator carries some of the most exotic stuff on the supplement market. Its greatest attractions include rare kratom cultivars and some rather recherche ethnobotanicals. The Gator’s collection is full of welcome surprises, such as Authentic Lotus Flower, Black Maeng Da kratom capsules, Kratom Seeds, and Kratom Tea Bags.

As if organic kratom seeds and convenient kratom tea bags weren’t enough to recommend this one, Kratom Gator offers an affordable deal on a three-way split kilo that will stun anyone who’s paid internet markups on bulk variety.

Speaking of special deals, Kratom Gator offers some of the best prices in the current marketplace, with discounts on split kilos and economy pricing on nano kratom. Kratom Gator makes its nanopowders from the finest, broadest leaves from OG (Old-Growth) kratom trees.

Kratom Gator has distinguished itself from other sellers on the market by offering live kratom specimens, such as organic kratom seedlings. These premium Indo kratom seeds purportedly possess high concentrations of key indole alkaloids and a largely successful germination rate.

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This vendor’s packaging is as attractive as it is austere; each batch of kratom powder comes in a simple but strong translucent pouch, with basic labeling and UV-resistant black borders. Proprietary blends, such as Chillin’ Gator and For Pete’s Sake boast cartoon mascots that identify them as special.

Despite its short history, Kratom Gator has a strong reputation among online consumers, with many four and five-star ratings on social media and elsewhere. Frankly, we were astonished to see such a new brand developing a fan base so quickly.

This vendor hasn’t posted to social media since April, but its IG account continues to receive hundreds of thousands of visitors and its Facebook page has nearly two thousand likes. There are more than one hundred glowing reviews on social, with many calling Kratom Gator’s powder the best.

Kratom Gator’s quality is said to be outstanding, easily outpacing many other vendors. Customers have called it “fantastic,” “amazing,” “super fast,” “top-notch,” and “A+.” Some consumers have gone so far as to say they are now lifelong customers of Kratom Gator.

It is easy to see what they like about this vendor – the site boasts a user-friendly design that’s loaded with all the features you could ask for, including an email newsletter, FAQ page, limited refund policy, and live chat. What’s more, you’ll get access to everything from Kanna powder to kratom cuttings.


What It Costs & How It Compares

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Prices start at $9.99 for an ounce of kratom powder, with four ounces selling for $29.99, eight ounces going for $49.99, and sixteen ounces selling for $79.99. A kilo of Black Maeng Da Kratom goes for $159.99, while two hundred kratom capsules will run you $50.00.

These prices are in keeping with those charged by the better brand in the industry. For example, Soulful Herbals charges $10 for twenty-eight grams, while Kratzilla charges $29.99. You can get a three-way split kilo for just $159.99. This is notable, as most three-and-four-way splits go for $250 or more.

For the sake of comparison, Whole Earth Gifts charges $345 for a three-to-five-way split, while The Kratom Syndicate charges $360 for a straight three-way blend. Additionally, the Gator offers as many as seventy-five kratom seeds for $25, while others charge as much as a dollar a seed on sites like Etsy.


Kratom Gator Coupon Code & Discounts

In the past, Kratom Gator has used its social media accounts to advertise deals and other promotional opportunities. This has included kratom coupon codes, free kratom samples, and kratom giveaways. For example, kratom military discounts and free samples have appeared on its Instagram page.

Alternatively, you can sign up for its email newsletter to receive regular updates about new products, kratom promo codes, and more. Simply punch in your email address and you’ll be entered to win giveaways and become an instant recipient of some substantial savings on kratom tea.


Kratom Gator Customer Reviews

image of kratom gator customer reviews

As we mentioned earlier, consumer support for this brand is impressive given its limited experience in the industry. Kratom Gator has only been around for under five years, but already it has generated significant buzz.

One reviewer said, “Excellent customer service. Technicians were very professional, took time to explain the process, answered all questions. Great service and a great job was done. Highly recommend,” while another wrote, “Kratomgator is really important for us. It’s very professional and nice.”

Another customer said, “Great Kratom so so far, no ads, mostly all of bringing amazing service…I am happy. I recommend it for all,” while a fourth reviewer said, “The owner Pete is a pleasure to deal with.  Honest and the best kratom you will find. I have tried so many vendors and Kratom Gator is the best!”


Kratom Gator Complaints

Our research indicates that customers fully support this brand. We found many posts describing Kratom Gator’s super service and wonderful product, but we were unable to find any negative comments or constructive criticism on social media.

Kratom Gator has not been the subject of consternation on Reddit, nor has it received poor reviews on Trustpilot. No formal complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau, nor has it been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.


Is It Lab Tested?

Yes. Kratom Gator claims to be fully lab-tested, though its lab results are not made available on its website. Based on the information provided on its FAQ page it would seem that this vendor tests its products in-house. This breaks the industry custom of submitting to a third-party lab.

image of kratom gator lab test

Is Kratom Gator Legit?

From what we can tell, Kratom Gator is a legitimate business with a sizable following and massive consumer interest. Its e-commerce site is well-organized and its policies appear to be fair.

Unlike so many online vendors who take your money and run, Kratom Gator gives you round-the-clock access to customer support. Its live chat feature is a convenient way to reach out and get answers to your burning questions. What’s more, you can return your items if there are any legit problems.


American Kratom Association

Kratom Gator does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Standards) Program, which may seem unfortunate, but it isn’t all that out of the ordinary. On the contrary, many famous brands have opted out of participating in this landmark initiative for personal or professional reasons.

The AKA’s GMP program was established to safeguard consumers against potentially unsafe products while holding vendors accountable for their actions. Participating vendors are expected to submit to a third-party audit while adhering to manufacturing and marketing guidelines.


Closing Thoughts

In summary, Kratom Gator is an impressive new brand with some appealingly exotic kratom products. Its excellent prices and awesome product line are second only to its exceptional customer service. Still on the fence? Read our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to find other top brands.

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