Kratom Delight Vendor Review

Kratom Delight was a well-known Mitragyna speciosa company. They were founded in 2011, and they picked up a lot of happy customers. Unfortunately, KD has since closed their doors.

Kratom Delight Review

We don’t know what happened to KD. They simply disappeared, and there doesn’t appear to be a different URL. This is one of the few Kratom vendors that had customers from at least 145 different countries that went under.

Kratom Delight Product Line

KD is gone, and there is no way to find out their exact product line anymore.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

KD’s vendor prices were not recorded by anyone. Therefore, we don’t know how much they used to cost. All we know for sure is that they were a respected Kratom business.

image of kratom delight costs

Kratom Delight Coupon Code

Their product line, cost, and promo codes are no longer operational.

Kratom Delight Consumer Reputation

Although they haven’t been around for a while, there are still some old reviews of KD. The first batch is on Reddit:

  • “I’ve ordered from Fabi in the past. He used to be my only source. His service was excellent however I got way more paranoid each time I ordered. I’d rather order domestically and pay a little more than worry about customs and the like.”
  • “Only retailer I use. Highly recommend. Pretty much all their strains are good too.”
  • “People like them.”

How long have they been out of business? Since at least 2016:

  • “Are they still in business? I remember talking to Fabi in April 2016 and he had stopped right then and there. I was still able to get half a kilo of LTM from him, fortunately (one of the best reds ever btw). If he’s back, I’d sure like to know.”

Kratom Delight Customer Service

It’s been about five years, so it’s not surprising that there’s nothing to be found about KD’s customer service. If you read the consumer reputation above, though, you’ll see that people really appreciated this vendor.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

If you want to buy Kratom, you’re going to have to find a different vendor. KD is long gone, although not forgotten. They were once a solid vendor, and that’s exactly what you need to look for.

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