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Kratom Country is an exceptional company that could teach newer vendors a thing or two about how to take care of one’s customers. For more than a decade, Kratom Country has specialized in Mitragyna speciosa products of superior purity and potency. Through its loyalty program, it has demonstrated how customers deserve to be treated. If you want to discover the merits of the kratom titans of Tamarack Surf Beach you’ll want to keep reading. We’ll tell you all about K

ratom Country’s crowning achievements and latest attractions in today’s vendor review.

Kratom Country Kratom Review

Kratom Country is a West coast kratom vendor with headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. The company opened its doors against the backdrop of the Carlsbad Sea Wall in 2009. By 2010, the brand had done for San Diego County what Mitragaia did for Clark County, NV. Kratom Country became one of the highest rated vendors online, earning five-star reviews and copious amounts of interest on kratom forums.

This vendor has distinguished itself from its opposition by offering a superlative level of transparency. More than any other vendor in recent memory, Kratom Country provides detailed information about kratom legality, product quality, privacy protocol, and more.

Is It Lab Tested?

Yes , this vendor’s products are QC inspected and lab tested, utilizing a five-step process of analysis. Every batch is structurally evaluated to determine its precise alkaloid concentrations. This is how Kratom Country cultivates the highest alkaloid content kratom. Laboratory analysis includes detection of potential adulterants and inspected for potential biological contamination, such as coliforms, E. coli, mold, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and yeast.

Is Kratom Country Legit?

Kratom Country provides its customers with quality at every step of the process. Each packet of kratom powder carries a sticker bearing vital information, such as the batch ID number belonging to the kratom strain you have purchased. This seller delivers discreet packages and a money-back guarantee to each and every customer it services. Its bulk kratom specials are among the best in the current marketplace, with discounts on both small-batch kratom and kratom kilos.

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Kratom Country Product Line

This vendor’s collection consists of kratom powder, kratom blends, and kratom capsules. Maeng Da Kratom is among its many fan favorites. Kratom Country was also one of the first online suppliers to offer kratom variety packs. Each pack contains three one-ounce pouches of kratom powders, which come with free shipping and bonus offers.

Kratom Country Top Kratom Powders

Kratom Country currently stocks 10 individual kratom powders, including its signature Ultra Bali Blend. They are as follows:

  • Green Kalimantan
  • Green Malaysian
  • Green Vietnam
  • Maeng Da Red
  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Thai
  • Red Vietnam
  • Ultra Bali Blend
  • White Vein Kratom

Prices start at $6.99 for one ounce of kratom powder.

Best Kratom Strains

Of all of vein colors we sampled, we were most impressed by Green Kalimantan, AKA Green Kali Maeng Da. This horn-leafed kratom strain hails from the jungles of West Kalimantan where it is harvested by experienced local petani. Kratom Country Green Kali Maeng Da is smooth and subtle, redolent of wood and berries, and profoundly aromatic.

Kratom Capsules

For your convenience, select kratom strains are offered in capsule form. What’s more, certain kratom strains are offered strictly in capsule form. You can get an ounce of kratom capsules for $12.99, two ounces for $19.59, four ounces for $37.99, eight ounces for $71.99, sixteen ounces for $129.99, or thirty-two ounces for $219.99.

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What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

As we mentioned earlier, you can get an ounce of kratom powder for as little as $6.99. You can purchase two ounces for $11.99, four ounces for $19.99, eight ounces for $39.99, sixteen ounces for $69.99, or thirty-two ounces for $99.99. $99.99 is an industry low price for a kratom kilo, but a thirty-two ounce pouch is approximately 3.274 ounces shy of a full kilo. Regardless, it is still a fair price based on standardized industry rates. At $99.99 for what amounts to nine hundred seven grams, you’ll be paying about $0.11 per gram. This isn’t the greatest price, but it’s far better than what many prominent industry professionals have charged.

Kratom Country Rewards Program

This seller’s incentives are manifold, including kratom same-day shipping, weekly specials, exclusive monthly deals, and free bonus ounces when you buy in bulk. Loyalty program members earn points on every purchase they make. You get 150 reward points just for subscribing to the brand’s email newsletter. What’s more, you’ll get 400 reward points every time you refer a friend.

Shipping & Returns

Standard USPS Flat Rate Shipping is provided on all orders, no matter how big or how small. Kratom same-day shipping is available during weekdays. You can upgrade to Priority Mail or go with our preferred carrier, FedEx. There are many alternate carrier options, such as FedEx Standard Overnight, FedEx 2-Day, and FedEx Saturday Delivery.

Kratom Country Payment Methods

Kratom Country is one of an elite number of kratom vendors to accept both credit cards and cryptocurrencies. It accepts all major credit and debit cards via MESH. Additionally, this vendor accepts eChecks, money orders, and paper checks.

Kratom Country Coupon Codes

Kratom Country regularly offers special discounts to first-time buyers and return customers alike. Right now, you can use the Pre-Labor Day Sale code ‘PLS20’ to get 20% off your total at checkout. This Titanium Valley supplier takes a significant amount off your order whenever you buy bulk kratom powder. On top of that, it provides seasoned promotions that complement its exclusive deals.

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Kratom Country Consumer Reputation

A growing number of consumers have commended this supplier for its quality, with one Reddit member writing, “I recently bought their Bali Crushed leaf and I’ve found the quality equal if not better [than Mmm Speciosa].” Another Reddit user agreed, writing, “I had an order from Kratom Country (Bali) and found it to be on par or better than any other place I’ve ever ordered from.” Elsewhere, a customer said, “I’ve been using Kratom Country for a few years. I’m extremely happy not only with the product but with customer service as well.”

Bottom Line

Kratom Country surpasses most other vendors in terms of its sheer level of transparency. This vendor’s devotion to the future of kratom and its commitment to sourcing outstanding cultivars has kept it growing for nearly thirteen years. We would recommend this West coast kratom supplier to anyone who appreciates honesty, generosity, and genuine passion for the craft.

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