Kratom Boss Vendor Review

The Kratom Boss is an Australian kratom vendor with an unusual approach to business. Located in the heart of Melbourne, The Kratom Boss has been one of the chief suppliers in the Education State. It is one of about 10 places in all of Melbourne—Victoria’s most-populous city—to carry Mitragyna speciosa products.

You can visit The Kratom Boss online store at: There you will find a number of popular kratom strains pictured in powder and capsule form. The variety is okay,

but the functionality is another story.

Sourcing kratom from Down Under, where the climate is a semi-arid desert, may seem counterproductive on its own, but when we add to this the lack of third-party labs and the limitations of the Kratom Boss website you begin to wonder, “Who would buy this stuff?”

The answer will surprise you; the Kratom Boss is only part of the problem. Find out everything you need to know about this Oceania supplier in our complete Kratom Boss Vendor Review.

Kratom Boss Product Review

The Kratom Boss was purportedly founded in 2001 by Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, alumni of the prestigious Oxford University. As anyone with access to a television screen can probably guess, this is a bald-faced lie. Jack Sparrow is the character played by Johnny Depp and Will Turner the character played by Orlando Bloom in the Disney action franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.

The company’s About Us page also names Michael Jordan as its founder and CEO and claims to be available in more than forty stores worldwide. The former would be pretty funny if it weren’t for the simple fact that this is a real e-commerce site that is able and willing to take your hard-earned money. The latter would be impressive … if it were true. Unfortunately that, too, appears to be an exaggeration.

After exhaustive research, we were unable to find any store that openly advertises this brand. This includes third-party kratom wholesale websites and brick-and-mortar smoke shops. What’s more, The Kratom Boss isn’t even the only boss around. To add to the confusion, you’ve got Kratom Boss (notice the absence of a noun-defining article), a Czechia-based kratom vendor.

The Czech Kratom Boss website is nearly as threadbare as The Kratom Boss’s, but there are some distinct differences that will leave you pondering which way to gamble. For instance, packaging—it’s a major concern for active kratom consumers who wish to bring kratom with them on hikes, business trips, gym visits, and more. does not advertise its pouches or bottles, which seems dishonest and disheartening. By contrast, the Prague-based Kratom Boss plugs its sturdy black kratom pouches at every available opportunity.

Prague’s Kratom Boss offers kratom powder in strong, discreet packaging, with resealable tops and strain details clearly marked on its bags. The same may not be true of Melbourne’s The Kratom Boss. carries a limited supply of green veins and red veins, including Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Dragon, and Red Maeng Da, while Kratmboss.CZ stocks a range of greens, reds, and white vein kratom powder. Their inventory includes Gold Bali, Green Entikong, Green Dragon, Green Horn, Green Kasongan, Green Maeng Da, Green Signature, Green Velvet, Red Bentuangie, Red Bali, and Red Signature, Super White Borneo, White Horn, White Jongkong, White Maeng Da, and Yellow Cambodian.

If this were The Kratom Boss vs. Prague Kratom Boss, the latter would win in terms of variety alone, but let’s take a closer look at how the two compare. As you’ll see, there isn’t much to recommend the Melbourne-born e-commerce site other than a supposed money-back guarantee. lacks fundamental functionality (you cannot click on product buying options, nor are there any prices displayed on individual product pages), certificates of analysis, assurance of purity, or any legitimate background on the company itself. More alarmingly, there are no strain origins, no information about its cultivation methods, and zero evidence of sustainable farming.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have Kratomboss.CZ is an online store with a lab results page, a loyalty program, and a list of reasons why you should do business with them. As this page reads, “Most customers think there is almost no difference in the quality of kratom … until they try kratom from us. These are not marketing tricks like the competition. In the Czech Republic, e-shops compete to offer a lower price at the expense of quality … our kratom is always from one supplier, always fresh, and of the same quality.”

image of kratom boss products

What It Costs & How It Compares

We were unable to gain access to’s pricing due to a website malfunction, but we were able to see what its competitor is charging. Kratomboss.CZ offers thirty grams for 300.00 CZK (Czech Koruna), which amounts to $13.73 USD. At $13.73 you’ll be paying nearly forty-six cents per gram. That is astronomically high for domestic consumers, but it may be an appropriate upcharge given Czechia’s economic inflation.

You can get fifty grams for 450.00 CZK ($20.59), one hundred grams for 800.00 CZK ($36.61), or two hundred fifty grams for 1,500.00 CZK ($68.73). When compared to domestic kratom vendors $68.73 is somewhat lofty; you can usually find a half-kilo (500 grams) for around $50-65.00 For example, Viable Kratom charges $50, while Naya Kratom offers a two-way ½ kilo split for $69.95.

That being said, these prices remain within the acceptable range charged by online vendors. For example, Kratom Gardens sells a two-way ½ kilo split for $138.30, while Kratom Roots charges $79.99.

Kratom Boss Coupon Code & Discounts

Neither The Kratom Boss (Melbourne) nor Kratom Boss (Prague) appears to offer kratom coupon codes or other discounts on their sites. These vendors are not active on social media, but you may be able to find third-party promo codes redeemable at checkout.

Kratom Boss Customer Reviews

Although it lacks the Google and Facebook reviews typical of many top brands, we were astonished to learn that Kratom Boss (Melbourne) has been mentioned in online kratom forums. Over on Reddit, one user received a sample from The Kratom Boss that did not carry appropriate labeling.

“No labeling,” they write. “I don’t know what strain it is.” Another user responded to this remark, confirming that they, too, had received a bag without labeling, writing, “It’s just one big clear plastic bag.”

Elsewhere, a long-time Reddit member wrote, “Don’t buy from Kratom Boss,” adding, “The gentleman was very rude to me … Their kratom is also more expensive than other vendors. Not to mention it is sub-par kratom.”

Another user chimed in, writing, “People in some of the Facebook groups are also having issues with this guy. From what I’ve seen, he tried to say he was affiliated with another vendor who wants nothing to do with him.” Still another customer expressed shock that it was still in business, writing, “Must be a different guy … but I thought ‘The Kratom Boss’ died. He was on here giving out samples like five months ago and passed away the night that he got a bunch of names on here to give samples to. His roommate/friend finished packaging up the samples and sending them out for people waiting. I think I still have some of his samples put away.”

image of customer reviews

Is It Lab-Tested? makes no claims about lab-testing its products, while Kratomboss.CZ devotes an entire page to it. Its current certificates of the analysis show that its Indonesian farmer submits kratom samples to an accredited laboratory in Coopersville, MI.

Is The Kratom Boss Legit?

Based on our research, The Kratom Boss is not a legitimate company, nor is it one that appears to be active. Given the utter lack of product page functionality, we are inclined to believe that The Kratom Boss may have been shut down or otherwise disabled.

American Kratom Association

Neither The Kratom Boss (Melbourne) nor Kratom Boss (Prague) participates in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is unfortunate for domestic shoppers who view such an initiative as a sign of good faith, but it makes little difference on the international stage.

As foreign entities, The Kratom Boss and Kratom Boss are not bound by U.S. Regulations, such as the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, or by the business protocols suggested by AKA’s third-party audit. While such programs can lend the kratom industry a much-needed air of credibility it does not apply to every single kratom supplier on the global market.

The GMP program is specifically designed to set standards for American kratom processors in the areas of manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and distribution. However, international sellers are only bound by the laws of their respective countries. For example, Kratom Boss (Prague) is only able to offer kratom for collecting purposes.

Closing Thoughts

In light of everything we’ve learned about The Kratom Boss, we are reluctant to recommend it in any way. This non-compliant vendor does not provide sufficient evidence of its legitimacy, nor does it promote itself as a transparent business. We do not feel comfortable formally recommending it.

If you’re in the market for a viable international brand there are much fish in the proverbial sea. You can compare prices, loyalty programs, coupon codes, and more by shopping around online. Visit

our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of the top brands.

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