Khronic Kratom Vendor Review

The Lone Star State might have its fair share of kratom sources (176, to be exact), but Khronic Kratom is fast becoming one of the highest-rated vendors in the Greater San Antonio area. This New Braunfels business has expanded from its humble storefront in the Common Market shopping plaza and spread its wings as an online kratom supplier.

You can visit to explore everything this indie herb shop has to offer. Before you place an order, let us fill you in on the pros and cons of this downhome speciosa dealer. Read on for the full skinny in our comprehensive Khronic Kratom Vendor Review.

Khronic Kratom Product Review

Khronic Kratom’s pricing and service compare favorably to those of the average industry professional. Its generous portions are matched by generous price tags and a money-back guarantee. More on all of this in a moment.

This vendor’s packaging may not be the most groundbreaking; the pouches are rather generic and the resealable seals can be a bit tricky. We don’t see it winning any awards for its appearance either, although its kratom powder is finely textured and flush with natural color.

Khronic Kratom is Austin’s premier spot for artisanal kratom blends, but its three signature combinations are only the icing on the cake with this one. Its primary focus is on plain leaf kratom powder. Khronic Kratom carries no fewer than 25 unique kratom strains, with vibrant colors that distinguish them from one another.

Each order comes with free kratom same-day shipping; you get fast, dependable service from a team that works with you to decide which carrier is right for your needs. Carriers include FedEx and USPS (United States Postal Service). Standard orders may take three to five business days to arrive, depending on your location.

Khronic Kratom does not run a loyalty or rewards program, but its prices deliver built-in savings that should render special rewards unnecessary. Customers have praised its quality, price, and service, with one customer writing, “You will not be disappointed.”

This supplier’s website looks fairly low-budget at first glance, but you’ll soon realize that the simplicity of its design enables its creators to deliver a user-friendly experience. Its categories are helpful and displayed in an orderly fashion. All of its pages are easy to navigate, with minimal distractions and zero B.S.

Aside from its signature blends and unique kratom cultivars, Khronic Kratom has set itself apart from others in the industry by encouraging return business. According to its About Us page, this vendor is devoted to building long-term relationships with its customers.

Khronic kratom product review

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $20 for one hundred grams of kratom powder, with two hundred fifty grams going for $40, a ½ kilo selling for $60, and a full kratom kilo going for just $100.00. Where many vendors apply loftier price tags to their so-called “premium” strains or blends, Khronic Kratom keeps its prices standard across the board.

At $20 for one hundred grams, you will be paying at least $10-25 less than you would from many e-commerce sites. For example, Earth Kratom charges $34.99 for one hundred grams, while Choice Kratom charges $44.99 for the same.

This vendor’s kratom kilos are well within the industry low range; at $100 for one thousand grams, you’ll be paying ten cents per gram, which is well below the current marketplace standard. For example, Mitragaia charges $120 for a kilo, while sites like Smokey Shays charge $179.99 for the same.

Khronic Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Unfortunately for the more frugal consumer, Khronic Kratom does not provide kratom coupon codes. This vendor has parted with the industry custom of email newsletters, opting instead to factor all savings into its flat-rate pricing. Any discounts are listed directly on its e-commerce platform, as opposed to other vendors with their “exclusive” email notifications about samples and giveaways.

Khronic Kratom Customer Reviews

This seller has received a wealth of four and five-star reviews from the kratom community. Despite a lack of representation on traditional online kratom forums, Khronic Kratom has been praised by local customers on Google, with one consumer writing, “High-Grade Kratom. Jerry seems like a Chill Happy Fellow just trying to help out the world with his Superior Business in relation to other Kratom Vendors.  He even hooked me up with several sample packs. You are the Man, Jerry! Recommended to any and all kratom users.”

Another customer said, “I don’t usually do reviews, in fact, this is my first Google review because this place deserves to be recognized as the best kratom vendor I’ve ever come across. First of all, the owner Jerry is seriously awesome, helpful, and honest…even drove 30 min to deliver! The quality is excellent, can’t stress that enough, was very happy. And the prices are better than online bulk sellers too!”

Khronic kratom customer reviews

Still another customer said, “I have bought kratom from Oregon to New Jersey, from Florida to California, across the entire country. I’ve had good, bad, expensive, and cheap, but Kronic [sic] Kratom has the BEST kratom at the BEST prices. DO NOT waste your time with vape and smoke shops.”

“Amazing!” yet another user writes. “Always fast and great quality. The owner was so helpful and answers my questions…I’m grateful.” Elsewhere, a customer said, “I just got my order this morning and his products are amazing! I definitely recommend ordering! I’m looking forward to checking out his other products.”

Khronic Kratom Complaints

Based on our research it would seem that Khronic Kratom is free of any negative association. No bad reviews have been posted to platforms like Double M Herbals or Reddit. Furthermore, no formal complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau. This vendor has not been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.

Is It Lab-Tested?

Khronic Kratom makes no claims about third-party laboratory testing; no certificates of analysis are made available on its website, nor does it promise purity of any kind. The closest one comes to a purity guarantee is its ten-day refund policy, which assures customers that they can receive a refund if they are not satisfied with a portion of their product.

This is unnerving for the more discerning consumer, as most experienced users can tell you that lab results are the only way of knowing if your kratom is relatively safe. Third-party labs evaluate kratom plant matter for alkaloid concentration, presence of bacteria, and any potential contaminants or adulterants.

Is Khronic Kratom Legit?

Yes. Although Khronic Kratom has opted out of disclosing its labs, we believe this vendor to be trustworthy and dependable. Dozens upon dozens of customers have attested to the value of its products and the integrity of its staff.

Khronic Kratom may lack affiliation with the AKA (American Kratom Association) or ILK (I Love Kratom), but it has conducted itself well enough to curry favor with the community at large. More importantly, Khronic Kratom has kept its prices low and its quality high throughout an economic downturn and global health crisis.

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American Kratom Association

This vendor does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, which may be a deal breaker for some patrons. However, one should remember that the GMP program did not exist until a few years ago; plenty of vendors have been submitting their products to third-party labs for years.

The GMP program was established solely as a means to hold kratom processors accountable by way of third-party audits and broad guidelines. These guidelines extend from manufacturing and labeling to marketing and distribution. The GMP program was implemented in the wake of several industry controversies involving shady brands that disregarded consumer safety.

Today, a growing number of kratom vendors have stepped up their game in an effort to appeal to a wider clientele. This has included the implementation of in-house testing facilities, quality control protocols, and more. We cannot confirm or deny Khronic Kratom’s use of such facilities, but we can say this: every vendor’s lab results are their business and their business alone.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Khronic Kratom is an affordable and acclaimed Central Texas kratom supplier with an abundance of awesome strains and a number of distinct kratom blends. The owner is said to be a great guy to deal with and the product is purportedly unforgettable.

Still on the fence? You can find any number of viable alternatives by shopping around online. Check out our list of the best kratom vendors to compare brands, buys, discounts, and more. You’ll be surprised how many top-shelf items are right at your fingertips.

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