Kaptain Kratom Honest Review

Kaptain Kratom Honest Review

Kaptain Kratom is a Gulf Coast kratom vendor with years of experience in the industry and legions of supporters. So, why are its products so hard to find? If you’ve been looking to buy kratom online and you keep coming up short, you may be looking in all the wrong places.

In today’s complete review, we’ll explain why Kaptain Kratom is so elusive and where you should start if you want to get your hands on some of its high-quality kratoms. We’ll also break down everything that’s wrong with this brand so you have a better understanding of what to expect.

Kaptain Kratom Product Review

Kaptain Kratom should not be confused with Captain Kratom. The latter is one of the industry’s oldest kratom suppliers, while the former is a questionable company with a dismal track record. Kaptain Kratom was (or is, depending on who you talk to) located in Lake Worth, a historical beach city in Palm Beach County.

According to search engine results, you can find Kaptain Kratom online at https://kaptainkratom.com, but this website shows up as having been suspended. If we take this vendor’s word for it, you’ll find them at kaptainkr8tom.com, but this, too, proves to be a dead end. The page is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com.

The deeper we dive into this dubious vendor’s past, the more questions arise. Was Kaptain Kratom ever legit? The likely answer is negative, as we found when we attempted to locate any founding documents. No brand by this name is registered with the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations.

The closest registered equivalent appears to be KAPTAINPLANTIT LLC, a Miami-based botanical supplier with a polished online store specializing in sarsaparilla capsules, sea moss, and similar herbs. Their e-commerce platform does not appear to offer kratom powder or capsules, making the name similarity that much stranger.

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Here’s all we know for sure: Kaptain Kratom is not a registered business in its native Florida nor a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This program was conceived as a way to hold vendors accountable. Customer safety is central to AKA values.

Our research indicates that Kaptain Kratom does not disclose any proof of third-party laboratory testing. There is no evidence suggesting it complies with any kratom-related regulations or industry customs. Its lack of involvement with the AKA speaks to its outsider status.

This vendor appears to have gone underground, so to speak. Kaptain Kratom CEO Robert Mogavero’s Facebook profile invites customers to visit the brand on Mewe as an alternative to traditional platforms.

For those unfamiliar with Mewe, the site offers a privacy-conscious experience. Users can discreetly locate their preferred community.

What It Has to Offer

At the height of its powers, Kaptain Kratom carried a range of exotic kratom strains, such as Gold, Red Maeng Da, Super Gold, Super Green, Super Red, Super Red Jongkong, Super White Jongkong, and Super Yellow Kapuas. Our attempts at acquiring a current menu were unsuccessful.

We recommend private messaging Kaptain Kratom on Mewe or Facebook to inquire about availability and pricing. A source tells us that it is still in business and busy as a beaver. As such, responses to inquiries may be somewhat delayed.

What It Costs and How It Compares

This supplier was one of the first vendors to provide customers with access to split kilos and super packs. Its two-way split kilos usually sold for $120, which was pretty standard for the industry before the economic downturn of the pandemic. Prices started at $20 for 100 grams of kratom powder.

These prices do not conform to the current industry low, but they are close enough. Many online vendors are charging $90-100 for 1,000 grams. For example, Amazing Botanicals sells standard kilos for $89.99, while Titan Kratom charges $99.00.

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Kaptain Kratom Coupon Code and Discounts

Kaptain Kratom advises interested parties to keep their eyes on the brand’s social media accounts for discounts and upcoming events. You can request a Kaptain Kratom discount code by reaching out directly via private message or commenting on one of its posts.

You can also get Kaptain Kratom free samples, which may be pretty generous. In the past, Kaptain Kratom has advertised 100-gram kratom samplers on Reddit. It stands by its product to such a degree that it’s willing to put it in your hands for free to demonstrate its worth.

Kaptain Kratom Customer Reviews

The kratom community has been surprisingly kind to this brand, with many Reddit members extolling its virtues throughout the years. One member said, “This is some of the highest quality kratoms I have ever tried. I got the unfermented Red Maeng da, and it was amazing…Really cool people too.”

Another member said, “This leaf is phenomenal…this RMD is awesome,” while another said, “When I received a sample from KAPTAIN Kratom (green jong kong), I was legit blown away. I ordered more of the Green jong Kong around a month later, and let me tell you; it gets the job done. The staff shines, sticky, vibrant it’s just incredible.”

Top Kaptain Kratom Alternatives


If you’d prefer to buy from a business with proven credentials, MIT45 is as good as it gets. This GMP-certified brand is an industry disruptor known for its innovative kratom extracts and meager prices. You can get two servings of its game-changing MIT GO Black Kratom Gel for just $11.95.

New Dawn Kratom

New Dawn is another GMP-compliant company with a knack for robust strains and cut-rate prices. This Colorado kratom supplier offers an impressive assortment of lush strains, with standard kratom kilos for only $75.00. You can get a two-way split for $80 or a four-way split for $85.00.

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Bottom Line

In summary, Kaptain Kratom is a regional vendor with several supporters. However, it needs the credibility and transparency we have come to expect from a top-tier seller. If you’d like to compare this brand against others in the biz, we recommend visiting our Complete List of Kratom Vendors.

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