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Herba Rosa is a Northern Californian kratom vendor with indie roots and an honest approach to consumer engagement. If you’ve grown tired of getting burned by bulk kratom suppliers, you may find Herba Rosa Kratom a welcome relief. Read on to learn all about this singular brand.

What is Herba Rosa Kratom?

Herba Rosa is a Sonoma County kratom company founded in 2020. After two years in business, the brand earned hundreds of likes and follows on social media. Once we delved into the company’s origins, it was easy to see why people love it.

Owner Anthony Rosa decided to start Herba Rosa after the 2020 public health crisis compromised the kratom industry. Rosa endeavored to give consumers a viable alternative to the inconsistency of bulk kratom vendors. He continues to achieve that goal by specializing in small-batch kratom.

Herba Rosa Kratom’s mission statement may sound pretty ambitious. According to an exhibitors page for the brand, its mission is to “improve people’s lives by enhancing their well-being, with sensitivity to environmentalism and community.” The brand succeeds at this by engaging with customers via Instagram and DM.

This seller sources its kratom from Fiji, contributing to its early success. Herba Rosa came along at the height of the pandemic. By establishing a relationship with farmers in the South Pacific, this small-batch kratom vendor could avoid the supply chain problems that disrupted International business.

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It is this small-batch model that has distinguished Herba Rosa from its competitors. While others offer incentives on five-kilo bundles, Herba Rosa limits its catalog to a single kratom strain and caps things off at a single key. In this way, the brand has kept a close eye on the consistency of its kratom strains.

Looking at its Instagram page, you can clearly see the genuine passion Mr. Rosa has for his craft. In post after post, Rosa happily introduces us to the products and partners he’s forged. We have watched in real-time as he expanded his network of brick-and-mortar smoke shops.

Herba Rosa Kratom’s packaging is truly ingenious. By implementing plant-based bags, the company can appeal to the eco-conscious consumer in a way its competitors can’t. At the same time, this vendor can keep shipments lightweight due to the nature of its plant-based designs.

What It Has to Offer

Herba Rosa Kratom carries kratom and other botanicals. As of this writing, its product page is stocked with Blue Lotus, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da Kratom. Additionally, you can order Blue Lotus Extract, Kratom Combo Crates, and Kratom Sample Packs.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start at $6.99 for 30 grams, with 90 grams going for $16.99. You can pick up 250 grams for $44.99, 500 grams for $69.99, or a single kratom kilo for $114.99. These prices are more than acceptable, especially given the demonstrable quality of Herba Rosa Kratom.

For comparison, Earth Kratom offers 30 grams for $12.99, while GLA Kratom charges $20 for the same. Others, such as Choice Kratom, charge as much as $89.99 for 250 grams. Companies like Krabot charge $119.99 for a split kilo, while vendors like Titan Kratom charge $160 per kilo for five-kilo bundles.

You can pay with Bitcoin, Cash App, credit card, or Zelle. You’ll likely save money if you pay with crypto. All packages are shipped discreetly via USPS First Class Mail. You’ll get free shipping if you order $99 or more.

Herba Rosa Coupon Code and Discounts

Anthony and the company offer discount codes and kratom tips to those who subscribe to the Herba Rosa mailing list. If you subscribe to its newsletter by sharing your email address, you’ll get Herba Rose Kratom coupon codes, life hacks, kratom news, and more. You can also follow it on social media.

Is Herba Rosa Kratom Legit?

Yes. Although it has yet to participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, this NorCal vendor has demonstrated its knack for exceptional sourcing. Customers across the country have posted online, sharing pics of its vibrant powders.

Where others refuse refunds based on tampered or opened products, Herba Rosa is upfront about the fact that it is still in its infancy. As its owner clearly states, “we would not hold such a policy if we were not completely confident that our product will satisfy you.”

Herba Rosa even encourages you to limit the quantity you buy, writing, “That way, you can verify whether or not a strain is right for you without taking a risk on a large order.”

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Herba Rosa Kratom Customer Reviews

Several Reddit posts are devoted to this West Coast vendor. Many have hailed its surprising potency and astounding color. Others call the brand a hit, with one community member calling it “amazing kratom.” Another said, “I’m very pleased with the quality … hoping to do a lot more with this company.”

Elsewhere, a forum member said, “I came across Herba Rosa from IG … I enjoy small batch vendors … His Green MD worked well … I enjoy the sustainability of the business cards and packaging, too.” Another user agreed, saying they were pleasantly surprised and writing, “Good products, and they seem like good people.”

Bottom Line

In summary, Herba Rosa is an authentic artisanal kratom brand with fair market pricing and verifiable quality. We look forward to seeing what it does in the future and intend to sample more of its goods at the first available opportunity. Still on the fence? Check out our complete list of the best kratom vendors.

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