Grounded Organics Vendor Review

Grounded Organics is located in Portland, OR, where it seeks to cultivate a reputation as an organic indie vendor. This Pacific Northwest kratom supplier specializes in premium-grade akuamma, kratom, and kava, with a particular emphasis on kratom powders and kratom capsules.

Grounded Organics may sound like a down-to-earth and honest purveyor of all-natural goods, but does it have the goods to make it in an over-saturated industry? Find out where Grounded Organics lands vis-à-vis top kratom brands in our comprehensive Grounded Organics Vendor Review.

Grounded Organics Product Review

Grounded Organics is manufactured and processed in the Land of the Weird, but it’s hardly the strangest, smallest, or most rustic option in the area. There are approximately fifteen clinics, herb shops, wellness centers, tea stores, and tobacco shops offering kratom products in the City of Roses. Grounded Organics doesn’t even show up on Google’s list of kratom sellers in Portland.

In spite of its absence from Google searches, Grounded Organics has prices that compare nicely to those of industry leaders, and its buying options are solid if significantly limited. This vendor offers Bali Kratom and Maeng Da Kratom in varieties of green vein, red vein, and white vein.

Grounded Organics

Grounded Organics’ packaging is light-reflective, ideal for cold storage, and easy to conceal. Each sleek silver pouch is clearly labeled, though it lacks many key details that patrons look for; there is no QR code for looking up lab results and no information is provided about strain origins.

This supplier suffers from a lack of consumer recognition, both IRL and online; we were unable to find any smoke shop patrons who had heard of Grounded Organics and even fewer who claimed to have tried its kratom powder. There is a paucity of customer reviews at online kratom forums. In fact, there is nary a reference of any kind to this brand. More on this in a moment.

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) using Flat Rate Shipping. Expedited shipping does not appear to be available, although you will typically receive kratom same-day shipping on purchases made during business hours.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $14.99 for thirty grams of kratom powder, with sixty grams going for $24.99 or one hundred twenty grams for $39.99. These prices compare favorably to other e-commerce sites. For the sake of comparison, Choice Kratom charges $17.99 for thirty grams.

You can score a pound for $65 or a kratom kilo for $120.00. These prices are commensurate to those charged by leading vendors in the current marketplace. For example, Kona Kratom sells a high-quality kilo for $159.99, while Mitragaia offers discounted kilos at $120.00 plus shipping.

Grounded Organics also offers kratom capsules in varying sizes; you can get a fifty-count for $14.99 or a ninety-count for $29.99. One hundred eighty capsules sell for $44.99.

This vendor’s credit card processing is currently down, but it accepts cryptocurrencies and other alternative payment methods. Venmo and Zelle are both available as of this writing, though payment options have a tendency to change. 

You can check out via Coinbase, Venmo or Zelle. We would advise contacting this seller if you require an alternative payment option.

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Grounded Organics Customer Reviews

Brand recognition appears to be lacking where this vendor is concerned; there are no Google reviews plugging its products, no forum comments recommending this seller, and no seal of approval from the ILK (I Love Kratom) gatekeepers. 

The only mention of the brand seems to be an off-handed remark by a Reddit member in a comment covering multiple strains and outfits. A user who calls themselves Scabsandwich writes: “Grounded Organics brand was my driver for a little. It’s not bad at all. Plus the dudes usually hook me up.”

Grounded Organics Complaints

On a more positive note, Grounded Organics has not been named in any lawsuits, nor has it been the subject of any public contention. There are no formal complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau, nor have any unforgiving parties blasted this vendor on social media.

Is It Lab Tested?

No. Grounded Organics does not make any claims about lab testing on its website or social media accounts. As we mentioned earlier, there are no QR codes for looking up certificates of analysis. This is unfortunate, as many discerning consumers view laboratory results as something of a quality guarantee.

More alarmingly, Grounded Organics’ Returns page suggests that customers can request an exchange or full refund within fourteen days of receiving their order in the mail, but its Terms & Conditions page plainly states that all sales are final. Which one is it, Grounded Organics?

Is Grounded Organics Legit?

Based on our research this vendor does not meet the minimum criteria to qualify as a legitimate kratom processor. We were unable to find any business registration for Grounded Organics in the state of Oregon. On the contrary, we found a company by the same name operating out of South Dakota; this company appears to have no affiliation whatsoever with the folks behind

American Kratom Association

This brand is not listed as a GMP participant on the AKA’s website, nor does it claim to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices on its e-commerce platform. The GMP Standards program is something of a beacon for discriminating consumers who wish to procure safe, fresh kratom in an over-saturated marketplace.

GMP on Kratom

Those who participate in the GMP program are expected to submit to a third-party audit, while adhering to the program’s manufacturing, labeling, marketing and distribution requirements. Failure to do so may suggest an unwillingness to be transparent about business practices.

Closing Thoughts

Grounded Organics may be somewhat affordable, but its variety is virtually non-existent and its consumer reputation is even worse. The kratom powder advertised on its site is dirt brown in color and seemingly clumpy in texture. 

In light of Grounded Organics’ many shortcomings, we do not feel comfortable recommending this brand to our readers. For viable alternatives, you can shop around online and ask forum members for suggestions. You may also check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of legitimate companies.