Dekratomshop Kratom Vendor Review

There is no denying that the popularity of Kratom spans different countries and continents. What was once an herbal supplement used only in Southeast Asia has become an increasingly popular recreational substance in the U.S., Europe, and Canada.

In the Netherlands where Kratom consumption is legal, Kratom vendors are popping up across the country. One vendor that is making Kratom accessible to the Dutch population is Dekratomshop, a company that specializes in selling Kratom powder and capsules, and other organic plant-based supplements.

In this review, we will take a closer look at some of the different types of Kratom products that Dekratomshop sells and see how the company compares to some of the leading Kratom vendors in the Netherlands.


Dekratomshop Products and Services

Dekratomshop sells Kratom powder and capsules that are made from some of the most sought-after strains of Kratom in the market today including Malay, Thai, Sumatra, Borneo, VB, Motan, Horn, and more.

The company claims that its Kratom products are organic, freshly ground, and tested for additives, chemicals, and adulterants. All of their products are sold in resealable mylar bags, which is a pretty common practice among Kratom vendors. Dekratomshop’s Kratom powder can be purchased in 50g, 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g, and 1kg while their Kratom capsules are sold in 100g and 200g.

One great thing about Dekratomshop is its commitment to advocating the responsible use of Kratom products. They regularly publish blog posts highlighting the potential health benefits of Kratom, the dangers of substance abuse, and other interesting topics related to Kratom.

A large part of Dekratomshop’s business model is based on retail sales but they also sell Kratom in bulk, so you can order large quantities of their Kratom powder and capsules at discounted prices.

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Dekratomshop Product Cost and Price Comparison

There is no question about the quality of Kratom products from Dekratomshop, but one issue that does arise is their pricing, which is way more expensive than other Kratom shops in the Netherlands.

Here is a quick run-through of Dekratomshop’s prices:

Kratom Powder

  • 50g – EUR12.00 (disc) – EUR14.50 (Orig)
  • 100g – EUR20.50 (disc) – EUR25.00 (Orig)
  • 200g – EUR37.00 (disc) – EUR46.00 (Orig)
  • 300g – EUR53.50 (disc) – EUR66.00 (Orig)
  • 400g – EUR68.00 (disc) – EUR85.00 (Orig)
  • 500g – EUR82.00 (disc) – EUR102.00 (Orig)
  • 1kg – EUR157.00 (disc) – EUR194.00 (Orig)

Kratom Capsules

  • 100g – EUR24.00 (disc) – EUR27.00 (Orig)
  • 200g – EUR44.00 (disc) – EUR47.00 (Orig)

Dekratomshop is on the premium side of the market. Their prices are more expensive than other Kratom shops in the Netherlands like Kratom Gardens and Gaiana. If you are on a budget, Dekratomshop’s pricing will probably be a deal-breaker.

image of dekratomshop cost

Dekratomshop Customer Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, Dekratomshop is pretty well-received. Most of their products have an average, positive rating, which is in stark contrast with some other Kratom vendors in the Netherlands.

Below are a few reviews of Dekratomshop’s products that we found on the Internet:

“Someone on Reddit told me about this website. I have been using it without complaint for 18 months now. I stick mostly to Red Thai and Red VB, I use them to treat chronic pain. They have been a lifesaver and have enabled me to return to work after three years off. Not only does the Kratom help with the pain, but it also improves my mood. This website offers an amazing and helpful service and a great product. I’m very glad I found it.” – Stephen, Dekratomshop website

“I’ve been ordering from this place for 3 or 4 years every few weeks. Originally I would order from the UK and the shipping would take about 5 days. However, now that I live in the Netherlands, the shipping takes 1 to 2 days. Every time we have had issues (which has not been often), the customer service has been great.” Anais, Trustpilot

In general, Dekratomshop’s customer reviews are positive, even though they are more expensive than other Kratom shops in the area.

image of customer reviews

Dekratomshop Customer Complaints

Just like any other Kratom vendor online, Dekratomshop also receives complaints from its customers. It is something that you need to look into if you are serious about buying Kratom from them.

Here are some of the complaints from customers who purchased from Dekratomshop:

“After ordering a 100g bag two times, I was pleased with the quality. Energetic and fresh. When soon after I ordered a 200gr bag, however, it contained a different batch, a much darker color, more like a red strain, and more like attic dust. Not pleasurable at all and a waste of money. Will not order again.” – Quinten, Dekratomshop website

“Everything was well for years, now they might have gone to the dark side. My order is missing, I did not receive any emails, and Customer Support won’t help.” Quantus, Trustpilot

There is a substantial amount of customer complaints about Dekratomshop, most of them seem to be related to the inconsistent quality of their products. It is also worth mentioning that some of their products are more well-received than others, so we recommend checking out Dekratomshop’s product reviews section before buying anything from them.


Dekratomshop Coupons

image of dekratomshop coupon code

We did not see any coupon codes on Dekratomshop’s website but they offer free insured shipping for orders more than EUR125.00, free standard shipping within the Netherlands, and a 5% discount for orders more than EUR95.00.


Is Dekratomshop Legit?

Dekratomshop is a reputable Kratom vendor in the Netherlands. There is no denying that they are a legitimate company and a great source of Kratom products. However, there have been a number of complaints about them being a little shady. This is something you should be aware of if you are looking to buy Kratom from Dekratomshop.



While there are cheaper alternatives to Dekratomshop, we can say that the company has already established a great reputation and is a safe choice if you are looking to buy Kratom in the Netherlands. However, their prices are a bit more expensive compared to other Dutch Kratom vendors, which is a disadvantage when it comes to the price-value ratio. If you are willing to pay a bit more for a well-established company, Dekratomshop is an option worth considering.

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