Botanical Boulevard Vendor Review

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It’s been featured on Groupon and Trustpilot, and if you’re active on social media you’ve surely come across its popular Instagram account (3,215 followers and counting). Botanical Boulevard was the self-proclaimed “intersection of handpicked selection” and it was shaping up to be the kratom vendor of tomorrow.

So, what happened? Some believe that Botanical Boulevard has changed its name, while others insist it has gone out of business. We’ll tell you all about it in our Botanical Boulevard Kratom Vendor Review.


Botanical Boulevard Kratom Review

Botanical Boulevard rose to prominence in 2020. At the time when the public health crisis was forcing many kratom vendors out of business, others were rising up to take full advantage of the situation. There were reports of COVID hucksters marketing kratom as some sort of snake oil for the virus.

Botanical Boulevard appears to have been founded as an alternative to this kind of dubious sales from dubious sources. What distinguished Botanical Boulevard from day one was its promise of carefully hand-selected kratom leaves and secure, superior packaging. Every bottle was airtight and simply designed.

After more than a year in business, Botanical Boulevard’s website has ceased functioning. At the same time, the Botanical name appears to be thriving. Five-star reviews continue to appear on platforms like Trustpilot, while the company itself may be carrying on under a new name.

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Botanicalboulevard.com is no longer a working URL, but Botanicalkratom.com is 100% active. We were unable to confirm to our satisfaction that Botanical Kratom is the same company as Botanical Boulevard, but we can say without reservation that the former’s business model doesn’t exactly ape the letters.

Botanical Kratom is an American kratom vendor with offices in Canada and the U.S. It promises kratom that is fresh and completely organic. Like its predecessor, Botanical Kratom also promises to package its kratom with care and thoroughly inspect each batch of its kratom leaf.

The two appear to diverge from one another when it comes to pricing and discounts. Neither Botanical Kratom’s kratom powder nor its kratom capsules are particularly affordable. On the other hand, Botanical Boulevard was renowned for its wide selection of clearance items and regular promos. More on this in a moment.

Botanical Kratom carries a clutch of essential oils and exotic herbs, but it’s the pure kratom that has kept it popular since its inception. Botanical Kratom’s collection consists of Green Horn, Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, Red Horn, Red Vein Blend, Signature Edition Blend, Super Green Indo, and Super White. If you’re not sure which strain is right for you, check out our guide to the best kratom strains.


What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start at $49.99 for 66 grams of kratom powder, with 178 grams going for $79.99, and 346 grams selling for $129.99. This is the most significant drawback to buying from Botanical Kratom. These prices are obscenely high by any metric.

When you consider the average price point of online kratom, you’ll see that this is more than simply cost-prohibitive. It is downright greedy. To put this into perspective, sites like New Dawn Kratom charge under $80 for a kratom kilo (1,000 grams), which is more than eight hundred grams over what you’d get from Botanical Kratom for $79.99.

Botanical Boulevard was known to be much cheaper than this. It was able to deliver affordability without sacrificing potency. One reviewer said, “Always quick and they even throw in some freebies… Appreciate the low prices and quick turnaround.” Another reviewer said, “Great prices, shipped promptly…”

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Botanical Boulevard Coupon Code and Discounts

At the height of its popularity, Botanical Boulevard provided 20% off coupon codes on its Instagram. Other deals could be found on its Facebook profile or homepage. Unfortunately, Botanical Kratom does not show similar signs of generosity. There are no discounts advertised on its website.


Botanical Boulevard vs Botanical Kratom Customer Reviews

As we said earlier, Botanical Boulevard was wildly popular for a time, with dozens of reviews on Trustpilot alone. One customer said, “Not only am I saving tons of money by going straight to the source for my kratom needs, but I also can depend on a high-quality product that is consistent every single time!!”

Another reviewer said, “Botanical Boulevard has been the best source for a while. I’ve dealt with them for a while and their service is better than any I’ve had with anyone. Quick response and they take care of customers. Their kratom is also the best quality you can find anywhere else.”

Botanical Kratom has had less luck with consumers. One customer said, “It was some of the best I’ve ever had,” but another said, “So far it’s nice but not any better than cheaper vendors I’ve tried…Nothing awesome like with some other vendors…I can get the same…from other strains I have from less costly vendors.”

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Bottom Line

Based on our research, Botanical Boulevard is a brand worth trying (if you get the chance), but Botanical Kratom does not seem to be worth your time. The two are similar in name, but there is a gulf separating them in terms of savings and strength. Botanical Kratom simply doesn’t come close to the Boulevard at its best.

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