Bewitched Botanicals Review – Beware of This Kratom Brand [Vendor Warning]

Bewitched Botanicals Review – Beware of This Kratom Brand [Vendor Warning]

Kratom vendors are notorious for employing hyperbolic language and making bold claims. But Bewitched Botanical Kratom represents a new low in this regard.

This mysterious company has caught the community’s eye in recent months for all the wrong reasons. We urge you to keep reading if you’re about to buy kratom online from this brand. Today’s review will deliver all the dirt on this alleged scammer.

What is Bewitched Botanicals?

Right out of the gate, Bewitched Botanical Kratom, AKA Bewitched Botanical LLC, committed the unethical act of naming itself after an established brand. To wit: Bewitched Botanicals is a high-ranking manufacturer of “supernatural soaps” and “magical botanicals.”

The latter is a long-established producer of handmade goods from Essex, England, while the former is the latest flash-in-the-pan kratom con job. In short, Bewitched Botanical Kratom only shows up in search engine results because of this obviously deliberate name similarity.

Brand infringement notwithstanding, Bewitched Botanical does everyone dirty, and we mean everyone – the Goth community, gullible emo kids, prospective customers, and even copyright holders (its homepage features a low-res illustration with an artist’s watermark at the bottom of the image).

image of what is bewitched botanicals

This unaccredited kratom vendor needs more than a semblance of transparency; there are no lab results, no About Us page, no satisfaction guarantee, no refund policy, and no seal of approval from any reputable industry watchdog group. This brand is not GMP-certified, nor is it professional in any regard.

The site is thrown together like something a child could design in school. The images are misleading in places, blurry in others, and smack of amateur hour. The company’s entire existence hinges on a gimmick.

Bewitched Botanical’s pages and products prey on people weaned on a steady Harry Potter and Twilight diet. Its pages include the Grimoire, Broom Closet, and Bewitched Coven. Grimoire is merely a product page, while Broom Closet/Bewitched Coven are member-only pages requiring a passcode.

What It Has to Offer

This disreputable seller carries ethnobotanical pre-rolls, all-natural bath salts, and herbal teas. However, its kratom products are front and center. Bewitched Botanical LLC deals in signature kratom blends with gimmicky names like Spell Caster, Bitchy Witchy Limited Edition Blend, Relentless Troll, and Witches Brew Blend.

Its most prominent blends feature laughable names meant to capture the imagination in the same vein as dispensary strains. For example, these guys have sale items with names like Dunkel Nonuts and Venomous Trust Fund Bitch. The latter is a mixture of Gold Bali, Gold MD, and Green Dragon.

Other items include Blend 4078, Commie Blend, Gothic Green, Green Dragon, Green Maeng Da, Phial of Mystery, Red Maeng Da, Red Raven, Signature Blend, Voodoo, White Maeng Da, Wicked White, and Yellow MD. Additionally, this vendor stocks gritty-looking kratom powder in vials, which it irresponsibly advertises as candy.

image of what bewitched botanicals cost and how it compares

What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start between five and seven dollars for 15 grams of kratom powder. You can score 50 grams for $13 or 125 for $16.00. These prices are relatively affordable, but do not conform to the industry standard. Most online vendors charge around five to eight dollars for a full ounce (28 grams).

For comparison, Mitragaia charges five bucks for 28 grams, with a gram of its Maeng Da Extract selling for just $1.50. Meanwhile, Kona Kratom charges $5.99 for 30 grams or $29.99 for 250.

Bewitched Botanicals Customer Reviews

Members of the online kratom forum community have been vociferant in their warnings about this brand. One user on Reddit said, “F**k that place and f**k that owner. She is selling other people’s s**t and not lab testing it.”

Others agreed, alleging the owner was all over the small batch kratom Subreddit, asking hundreds of questions before suddenly becoming a moderator and a vendor. At this point, they are accused of banning people for busting them and failing to properly label their products.

image of bewitched botanicals customer reviews

One member accused the owner of buying kratom from other sources and repackaging it. Of course, opinions vary wildly, and several members have supported the brand. One reviewer said, “Amazing products and overall, one of the nicest people I’ve EVER done business with. Can’t say enough good things about Bewitched Botanicals.”

Elsewhere, a longtime user wrote of its Red Borneo, “Okay, so this one was a bust for me… at first. I tried it again the other day and then today. It’s actually damn good leaf. I’m… really glad I went back to it again… Legit had one of the best and longest burns I’ve had in a few days. Nice long legs.”

Bottom Line

In short, Bewitched Botanical LLC is everything that’s wrong with the kratom industry. This brand needs to improve in all areas, including accreditation, compliance, and honesty.

Fortunately, there are other options when buying kratom online. You can compare products, pricing, and quality control by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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